That likes may be cured by likes has been believed for many long ages, but it was left for a genius of Hahnemann to prove that likes are cured by likes, implying that this is the way of nature. …

1. Arborivital Medicine

Study of Materia Medica. Boenninghausen saw and corrected the tendency of Homoeopathy to pay too much attention to subjective sensation while it lacked the firm support of etiologic factors and the modalities, which afford so many objective and distinctly certain criteria. …

2. Taking the case

Taking the case. We must not only diagnose sickness in its larger sense but the comprehension of its picture will most certainly limit our grasp of the remedies from which a choice may be made….

3. Location

Different drugs affect different parts, tissues and functions of the organism. The study of regions implies a discovery of the seat of the disease and of the remedies related thereto. …

4. Origin

Understanding the origin of the disease is important to cure a person. Things, in themselves apparently very trivial may become of the greatest import when related to the beginnings of disease….

5. Taking the case

Whether the causes come from without or arise from within, the homoeopathic simillimum cannot be chosen with safety without taking them fully into account. The great miasms belong to this class….

6. Modality

The importance of modalities in taking the case. The aggravations and amelioration factors are a clue to the choice of the remedy….

7. Mind

The mind symptoms are often the governing symptoms and decide what homeopathic remedies are suitable in a case….

8. Concomitants

The value of a concomitant symptoms is often fixed by its age. The acute or more recent ones are of course the most guiding, for within their genesis lies bound up the type of the similimum….

9. Peculiarities

Every sickness possesses a more or less definite individuality which is reflected by those symptoms which in their nature epitomize the various attributes of the whole case, the characteristics or the peculiar symptoms….

10. Time

There are certain other remedies which exhibit their action during a more or less definite time of the day; among the most prominent are Natrum mur., 10-11 a.m; Belladonna, about 3 p.m.; Apis, 3 to 5 p.m. and the well-known Lycopodium from 4 to 8 p.m….

11. In Conclusion

The food and regimen is as important as are medicines in the treatment of sick….

12. Observations of Prescribing

Only by means of its masterful materia medica, have homoeopathy doctors been able to meet every emergency and weather every storm without changing its basis of action….

13. Grading Symptoms

The final analysis of every case, therefore, resolves itself into the assembling of the individualistic symptoms into one group and collecting the disease manifestation into another….