Learn how to treat Sciatica with homeopathy. Acute emergencies like Sciatica can be managed with homeopathic remedies….


Then you get another type of neuralgia the sciaticas. And there again you can get helpful leads. In cases of sciatica, in which I can get no indications at all but the ordinary classical symptoms of sciatica, that is to say, acute pain down the sensitive to cold, more comfortable if kept quiet and warm, then it depends which leg is involved what drug I give. If it is a left sided I give colocynth. And you would be astonished how often one gets almost immediate relief from either Mag. phos or colocynth.

Some sciatica patients are frightfully uncomfortable the longer they keep still they have got to start moving and there are two drugs which seem to cover the majority of these cases. If the patient is warm blooded and the sciatic pains tend to be more troublesome when warm, particularly warmth of bed, and rather better when moving about in the majority of instances one gets relief from kali-Iodium

If on the other hand you have very much the same modalities with a chilly patient particularly if he is sensitive to damp as well as cold, and again more comfortable when moving about, Rhus will clear the majority of such cases.

Then three are one or two odd indications which some times help you in a sciatica where you can get no other distinguishing symptoms with the acute sciatic pain, marked numbness, there are two drugs which cover most of your cases. One is Gnaphalium, which has this sensation of numbness associated with pain and tenderness over the sciatic nerve more marked than any other drug Materia Medica.

The second drug which has this numbness associated with pain and tenderness of the sciatic nerve is plumbum, and the main indication which suggests this remedy is that. I have never seen a sciatica giving indications for plumbum which was not associated with extreme constipation as well as the pain and numbness.

Douglas Borland
Douglas Borland M.D. was a leading British homeopath in the early 1900s. In 1908, he studied with Kent in Chicago, and was known to be one of those from England who brought Kentian homeopathy back to his motherland.
He wrote a number of books: Children's Types, Digestive Drugs, Pneumonias
Douglas Borland died November 29, 1960.