Hot & Cold Remedies

Hot & Cold Remedies. Thermal reaction of important homeopathic remedies….

{ Fears: robbers (p.47).-Alumina ARS. Belladonna Conium Ignatia Mag.-c. { Nat.-c. Phosphorus Silicea Zincum met. { Fears: darkness (not included in robbers) (p.43).-Calcarea Camph. Carb.-an. Carb.-v. Causticum Rhus STRAM. Stront. Valer. Fears: suffocation (p.47).-Carb.-an. Phosphorus Stramonium Fears: crowd (p.47).-Aloe Arsenicum Baryta-c Calcarea Carb.-an. Causticum Conium Ferrum Graphites Hepar Kali-ar. Kali-bi. Kali-c. Kali-p. Nat.-a. Nat.-c. Nux-v. Phosphorus Plb. Rhus-t. Stann. Anxiety for others (p.7).-Arsenicum Baryta-c. Cocc. Phosphorus Suspicious (p.85).-ARS. BAR.-C. Baryta-m. Belladonna Borax Calcarea-p. Carb.-s. Cantharis CAUST. Chamomilla China Cimic. Cocc. Conium Graphites Belladonna Hyoscyamus KALI-ARS. Kali-p. Mur.-ac. Nat.-a. Nat.-c. Nit.-ac. Nux-v. Phosphorus Plb. RHUS-T. Ruta Sepia Silicea Stann. Staphysagria STRAM. Sul.-ac. Viol.-t. Offended readily (p.69).-Agaricus Alumina Arsenicum Aurum Borax Calcarea Camph. Caps. Carb.-s. Carb.-v. Causticum Chamomilla Chelidonium China China-a. Cocc. Cyclamen Graphites NUX-V. Petroleum Phosphorus Ranunculus-b. Sarsaparilla Sepia Spigelia Stramonium other way.


(Extracted from Dr. Kent’s Works, etc.)


Abrotanum Acet.-ac. Aconite Agaricus Agn. Alumen. Alumina Al.-ph. Alum-sil. Am-c. Apocynum Argentum-m. ARS. Arsenicum-s.-fl. Asarum europaeum Aurum Aurum-ars. Aurum- sulph. Bad. BAR.-C. Baryta-m. Belladonna Benz.-ac. Borax Bromium Cadm. Calc-ars. CALC.-C. Calcarea-fl. CALC.-PH. Calcarea-sil. Camph. Cantharis Caps. Carb.-an. Carb.-veg. Carb.-sul. Card.-m. Cauloph. CAUST. Chamomilla Chelidonium CHINA China-a. Cimic. Cistus Cocc. Coffea Colchicum Conium Cyclamen DULC. Euphras. FERR. Ferrum-ars. Form. GRAPH. Guaj. Helleborus Helonias HEP. Hyosc. HYPER. Ignatia KALI-ARS. Kali-bic. KALI-CARB. Kali-chlor. Kali-phos. Kali-sil. Kalm. Kreosotum Lac-defl. MAG.- CARB. MAG.-PHOS. Mang. MOSCH. Mur.-ac. Nat.-ars. Nat.-carb. NITRIC-AC. Nux-m. NUX-VOM. Oxal-ac. Petrol. PHOS. Phosphorus-ac. Plb. Podophyllum PSOR. PYROGEN RAN.-B. Rheum. Rhodo. RHUS RUMEX. Ruta SABAD. Sars SEPIA SIL. SPIG. Stann. Staphysagria Stramonium STRONT. Sul-ac. Therid. Valer. Viol-t. Zincum met.


Aesculus-h. Allium-c. Aloe Ambra. APIS ARG.-NIT. Asafoetida Aur-iod. Aurum-m. Baryta-iod. Bryonia Caladium Calcarea-iod. Calcarea-sul. Cocc.-cacti. Comoc. Crocus Drosera Ferrum-iod. FLUOR-AC. Gratiola Hamamelis IOD. KALI-IOD. KALI-SUL. Lachesis Ledum Lilium-t. Lycopodium NAT.- MUR. NAT.-SUL. Niccol. op. Picric.-ac. PLAT. Ptelia PULS. SABINA SECALE Spongia Sul. Sul.-iod. Thuja Tuberc. (Rabe) Ustil. Vespa. Viburn.


MERC. Ip. Nat.-carb. Cinnabar.

Ant.-cr. agg. by both heat and cold: agg. by overheating and radiated heat, though many symptoms amel. by heat. (MERC. in chronic troubles agg. by cold: in acute agg. by heat.)

SOME CASES TO SHOW THE METHOD OF WORKING CASE I Miss B., aet. 52. Been heavy tea drinker for twenty years; had much pain and discomfort in stomach; with flatulence immediately after eating; gradually got better till next meal; much rumbling in abdomen. Appetite poor; bowels fairly regular.

Desires.-Salt, sweets.

Averse.-Fats, acids.

Flushes of heat with sweating which relieved her. She was very thin; excitable person-a bundle of nerves. On further enquiry she was found to be very chilly.


Very chilly. (<)Spring. (<)Before and during thunderstorm.

Irritable in morning.

Anxiety for others.

Fears. Burglars; something going to happen; crowds; being suffocated, and therefore in tunnel.


Margaret Lucy Tyler
Margaret Lucy Tyler, 1875 – 1943, was an English homeopath who was a student of James Tyler Kent. She qualified in medicine in 1903 at the age of 44 and served on the staff of the London Homeopathic Hospital until her death forty years later. Margaret Tyler became one of the most influential homeopaths of all time. Margaret Tyler wrote - How Not to Practice Homeopathy, Homeopathic Drug Pictures, Repertorising with Sir John Weir, Pointers to some Hayfever remedies, Pointers to Common Remedies.

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