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Impotency Hypertension Obesity

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What the patient tells is just and mere cotton. No one can
wear cotton as such. We have to make thread out of cotton, then
weave cloth with the thread; and stitch a shirt out of that cloth.
Now only it is ready for wearing. So also, out of the symptoms
told by the patient we have to conceive and derive many things.
In the above case, the practitioner must work out the case as
The age of the patient is 33.
Point No. 1: He has impotency, hypertension. These two
symptoms, put together, should be viewed from a different
angle. These two normally appears in old age, i.e. above
sixty years of age. But we find this in a person of 33 years.
Therefore, the term pre-senility should at once come to our
mind. In other words, he should be treated as an old-age
Point No. 2: He is already an allopathic doctor and the medicines
he had taken fail to bring down the blood pressure.
Therefore, the term ‘lack of reaction’ should also come to
our mind.
The above two symptoms are ‘general symptoms.’
Wherever possible we must always work out cases on ‘general
symptoms.’ Craving for sweets, increased intake of food are secondary.
THERAPEUTICS: Constitution, Age…(page 233-234) –For
old people—aged persons get very fleshy: Kali carb., Aur-met.,
Op., Sec., Amm-carb., Fluor-ac. [We take this because, though
the patient is just 33 years old, he has pre-senility.]

These six remedies are studied in Boericke’s Mat. Med.
Only the first para or preamble under various remedies are useful
for confirming one out of the several remedies selected through
the repertory:
The remedy Ammonium carb. was selected because of the
following words found under that in Boericke’ Mat. Med.
The diseased conditions met by this remedy are such
as we find often in rather stout… have a slow reaction
generally,… Mucous membranes of the respiratory organs
are especially affected. Fat patients with weak heart…
the remedy selected by you is correct—the similimum, then the
symptom appears in the first sentence of that remedy in Boericke.
Or, if the symptom appears in the subsequent sentences, it is
either given in italics; or, it is preceded by an adjective or
followed by an adverb.
Again, let us read Ammon-carb. in the FINAL MAT. MED.
OF MIND SYMPTOMS and there we find the following to
further confirm our selection:
…makes frequent mistakes in speaking and writing;
…gloomy, depressed…[If the reader carefully read the letter

of the patient reproduced on page 5, he can notice the glaring
grammatical mistakes made by the patient. For this reason
alone we have reproduced his letter without correcting the
spelling and other mistakes.]
Amm-carb.10M, one single dose and placebo. Patient
shows much progress in his health and is under treatment.
One has to decide whether he would remain as a mere
symptom-coverer in his lifetime or he would like to be a
Homoeopathic Physician.

Case: [Letter from Mrs. XYZ, 27 years is given below]
“Respected Dr. Krishnamurthy
I am feeling depressed and getting angry very easily because
of my problems in the joint family. Frankly I am not enjoying
my (present) life. I am always worried of some or the other
I completed the previous medicine you have given. As
well I am now using them. The feeling of childlessness is always
worrying me a lot. It has been 4 years of our married life.
And, again coming to my problems the growth of unnatural
hair is a bit better, but no complete cure is seen. Hair fall, dry
skin, loss of elasticity of skin, stretch marks, joint pains are also
worrying me a lot. I am also having slight visual disturbances
and headache sometimes. Every day I wake up in the morning
that I am not active. I am having body pains, backache, due to
which the start of the day is lazy and uninteresting. This is all
about my problems sir. Kindly give the medicine accordingly.”
Symptoms from the above case to be taken for
1. Anger (a symptom of will)
2. Worried — Anxiety
3. ‘Every day I wake up in the morning that I am not
active’ — sleep, unrefreshing.
4. Lazy and uninteresting — Dullness.
Kent’s Repertory: Anger (top-grade remedies) + Sleep,
unrefreshing (top-grades) = Nit-ac. (we read this remedy in the
match with the patient. When you get no remedy or 1-2 remedies
(after repertorisation) and they do not match with the patient,
you must become alert! You have not chosen the correct rubrics.
Though ‘Sleep, unrefreshing’ is a general symptom, it has
no value in the case of dull patients (the start of the day is lazy
and uninteresting) there is another general symptom in this case.
She has (a) hair fall, (b) visual problems, and (c) headache.
Two or more complaints above the neck: for this take the
rubric Congestion in the Chapter Generalities in Kent’s
Top-grade remedies common to the rubrics ‘Anger’ plus
‘Congestion’ are: Acon., Nux-v., Sulph.
We now read these three remedies in the MATERIA
MEDICA OF MIND SYMPTOMS by the author and the
following lines under the remedy Sulphur agrees with the case.
… Venous lethargy, inclination to consume hours in
doing nothing, does not take any interest in anything…
being too lazy to rouse himself up…
Sulphur-10M one single dose was given.
Patient is improving and is under treatment.