Homeopathy Remedies for Obesity

Anshutz gives a useful therapeutic differential diagnosis of the condition Obesity, with the most useful homeopathic remedies. Therapeutic byways by E.P. Anshutz, published in 1900….

Graphites [Graph]

      A physician, name forgotten, once said that whenever a woman was fat and rather coarse in skin and physical characteristics, Graphites 3x was one of the remedies she surely needed, and one that would help her condition, though it might not reduce her weight. Possibly the same remedy applies to men. Two doses. 5 tablets, a day, for a week or two.

Pokeberries Years ago a physician in Western Pennsylvania wrote several letters to a medical journal strongly advocating the use of the frosted pockeberry Phytolacca berry as the best means of reducing fat with no injury to the health. The poke root from which the Phytolacca tincture is derived is poisonous, but the frosted berries do not possess any deleterious qualities. Birds feed on them and are healthy, but never fat when these berries are their food. This was the basis of his treatment, which is also said to be useful in cases of fat oppression and of the rheumatism that some times affects the overly obese. Some persons say that this treatment has cured their dyspepsia. Some pharmacists have this juice in tablet form, each tablet representing 1 drop of the juice.

E.P. Anshutz
Edward Pollock Anshutz – 1846-1918. Editor - Homeopathic Recorder and author of New Old and Forgotten Remedies. Held an Hon. Doctor of Medicine from Hering Medical College.