Excitement With Delusions Violence

Are you suffering from Excitement With Delusions Violence? Dr. Tyler tells us the BEST homeopathic medicines for the treatment of Excitement With Delusions Violence….

Rhus toxicodendron [Rhus-t]

      Great Restlessness: anxiety, apprehension (Aconite). Great fear at night (Aconite, Arsenicum).

Fear of poison (Lachesis, Hyoscyamus, Belladonna, Kali br., Phosphorus).

Despondent. Mental prostration.

Disgust of life and thoughts of suicide.

Wants to die, but lacks the courage (Nux vomica, China.).

Wants to drown himself, but fears death. (See p.40.).

Hyoscyamus [Hyos]

      Suspicious (Lachesis, Phosphorus, etc.). Says medicine is poisoned (comp. Lachesis, Rhus, Belladonna, Kali br.).

Non-inflammatory cerebral activity.

Jumps out of bed: tries to escape (Belladonna).

“In delirium midway between Belladonna and Stramonium Lacks the fever and congestion of Belladonna and rage and maniacal delirium of Stramonium”

Of the three, Belladonna has most fever, Hyoscyamus least. Stramonium is the most violent, Hyoscyamus the least.

All three have feat of water (Lyssin).

Wants to uncover: to go naked (Phosphorus)

Involuntary stool, from excitement-jealousy. (P.30.).

Belladonna [Bell]

      Remarkable quickness of sensation, motion.

Excitement: delirium, Raves. Spits.

Wants to bite, injure, strike, escape, (Crot. h.).

“The Mental symptoms active, never passive.”

“Delirium better by eating a little light food.”

Heat, redness, burning, with the fever and delirium, Sees ghosts, hideous faces, black animals (Aethusa): things on fire (Calf., Hepar, Pulsatilla).

Twitches and screams out in sleep. (See p.32.).

Stramonium [Stram]

      Young people, hysterical, praying (comp. Opuntia) and singing.

Fear alone, in the dark: or cannot bear light.

“Stramonium stands alone among deep-acting remedies in its violence of mental symptoms.”

The mind in an uproar, cursing, tearing, clothes, violent speech, frenzy, exposes person (Hyoscyamus, Phosphorus, Secale, Tarent., Veratrum, Phyto.).

Screams day and night. Violent laughter. Queer notions: dogs attacking him (Belladonna, etc.) Sees animals, ghosts, angels, devils. Has sinned away her day of grace (Psorinum, etc.).

Exhorts people to repent: prays. (See p. 34.).

Margaret Lucy Tyler
Margaret Lucy Tyler, 1875 – 1943, was an English homeopath who was a student of James Tyler Kent. She qualified in medicine in 1903 at the age of 44 and served on the staff of the London Homeopathic Hospital until her death forty years later. Margaret Tyler became one of the most influential homeopaths of all time. Margaret Tyler wrote - How Not to Practice Homeopathy, Homeopathic Drug Pictures, Repertorising with Sir John Weir, Pointers to some Hayfever remedies, Pointers to Common Remedies.