An excellent compilation of symptoms of homeopathic medicine Atropinum from the book Pearls of Homeopathy by M.E. Douglass, published in 1903….

Stiffness in left knee and lower leg, in right great toe.

Feeling as if the head was screwed up walking causes the most severe sticking pains.

Fine drawing, very sensitive stitches across the forehead and temples.

Dull pain in the temples, coming on at intervals of perhaps a quarter of an hour.

Very sensitive sticking in the left temporal region on waking in the morning.

Spasmodic winking.

Ovarian neuralgia.

Dark red or mottled efflorescent redness of the skin.

Anaesthesia of the skin.

Chills alternating with flushes of heat.

Melford Eugene Douglass
M.E.Douglass, MD, was a Lecturer of Dermatology in the Southern Homeopathic Medical College of Baltimore. He was the author of - Skin Diseases: Their Description, Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment; Repertory of Tongue Symptoms; Characteristics of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica.