An excellent compilation of symptoms of homeopathic medicine Asafoetida from the book Pearls of Homeopathy by M.E. Douglass, published in 1903….

Pressive pain in the forehead, from within outward.

A hysterical rising in the throat as if a ball or large body ascended from the stomach to the oesophagus.

Hypersensitiveness either moral or physical.

Food when partially swallowed, returns into the mouth.

Spasmodic tightness of the chest, as if the lungs could not be fully expanded.

Flatus passes upward, none downward.

Stools disgustingly offensive.

Hysterical spasms after suppression of habitual discharges as from an ulcer.

Melford Eugene Douglass
M.E.Douglass, MD, was a Lecturer of Dermatology in the Southern Homeopathic Medical College of Baltimore. He was the author of - Skin Diseases: Their Description, Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment; Repertory of Tongue Symptoms; Characteristics of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica.