Keynote symptoms of homeopathy medicine Pulsatilla Pratensis, described by A. L. Monroe in his book, Method of Memorizing the Materia Medica, published in 1882.


Patient good-natured, sighs, cries, has styes,

Unusually sad and foreboding;

Light hair, skin fair, bright azure eyes

Stomach weak after much overloading,

As by fat food, by pastry, by pork, or ice-cream*

Tongue coated with fur that tastes bad;

Intermittents with gastric or bilious complaints;

Leucorrhea the menses instead,

Late menses, bloody scanty and thin, or quite thick,

After Iron or Quinine have poisoned the sick;

Patient moods and his symptoms quite changeable area,

Running the “wind flower” through,

And patient while “airing” is better by far;

Thirstless and chilliness too;

Eruptions repelled, and Eruptions themselves;

Nasal and other catarrhs;

Suits “Dysmen, ” “Amen” and many “orrheas”,

If there’s a thick, yellow-greenish discharge,

Sequelae of Measles, or Testes enlarge.

A.L. Monroe
Dr Andrew Leight MONROE (1856-1935)
American homeopath - Louisville.
Chair of materia medica at Pulte College in Cincinnati.

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