Ustilago – Medicine

Ustilago – Medicine.




      Neuralgic pains in forehead, hands and feet.

Rheumatic pains all up and down left side, with cutting in left knee and calf if I pressed any weight upon toes or flexed knee with any weight upon it.

Rheumatic pains in muscles of arms, hands, fingers, and small of back, those in back agg. walking.

Symptoms of a cold.

Malaise as if I had taken cold; felt sick with a cold, continual watery flow from nose and eyes, with occasional chills.

Languor: during the day, with headache, agg. noon, and with burning frontal headache at 9 P.M.; in morning on rising; at 2 P.M.

Faint feeling at 11 A.M. in a warm lecture-room.

Faint spells beginning in epigastrium, with small pains in hypochondrium and bowels.


      Depression of spirits in afternoon.

Very sad, cries frequently; exceedingly prostrated from sexual abuse and loss of semen; sleep restless.

Could not bear to see or talk to any one.

Irritability, being asked a question or to repeat anything.

The day seemed like a dream.

Melancholia; depression of spirits; oppression and faintness in a warm room. An aversion to or agg. from warmth in general.

Partial or complete loss of control over the functions of vision and deglutition.

Great irritability, mental weakness and depression.


      Vertigo in attacks, sometimes with double vision, sometimes white specks blot out everything else, later attacks of vertigo with internal heat.

Vertigo at climaxis with too frequent and profuse menstruation.

Headache: all the morning; at 7 A.M.; in evening, agg. forehead; agg. walking.

Nervous headache from menstrual irregularities in nervous women.

Frontal pain: in morning; in forenoon, with smarting in eyes; all day, with aching distress in eyeballs and with fullness of head in morning; with distress in epigastrium.

Scalp dry, head congested, with loss of hair.

Scale-head, watery serum, oozing from scalp.

Prickling in left temple.

Loss of hair.

Bursting congestive sensation to the head; and various parts of the body.

Upward surging of blood with bursting in the head.

Vertigo from such causes, especially at climacteric.

Feeling of fullness with dull pressive headache agg. by walking.

The headache and vertigo appear to be reflex from ovarian or uterine condition.

Frontal headache, agg. by walking.

Violent frontal headache as if forehead would burst open.

Sharp flying pains in forehead, congestion of the brain.

Pain on top and side of head; climaxis.

Falling of the hair and nails; complete alopecia, not a hair on the head.

Headache in temples.


      Attacks of twitching in eyes, they appear to look (revolve) in circles and dart from one object to another.

Continual watery flow from eyes and nose with occasional chills.

Spasms, with vanishing of vision and head seems to whirl.

Aching in eyes and lachrymation.

Aching and smarting in eyeballs, with profuse secretion of tears.

Hot feeling on closing lids.

Weakness of eyes.

Lachrymation in open air.

Lids agglutinated in morning.

Vision of spots dancing to and fro.

Things whirl before the eyes, appear double; white specks come into view and blot all else.

Dull aching pain in right eyeball.


      Constant dull pain in left ear, caused by extension from inflamed tonsil.


      Boil in right nostril.

Dryness of nostrils in forenoon, with dry feeling in skin.

Bright epistaxis, amel. pressure.

Rhinitis, bitter taste, offensive odor noticeable to patient himself.

Dryness of nostrils as if he had taken cold.

Pains at root of nose, extending in toward canthi, and up and out at each eyebrow.


      Sudden pallor in face when sitting, and in evening.

Burning of face and scalp from congestion.

Flushes of heat; the face becomes red and hot.


      Tongue coated in morning.

Prickling in tongue, with feeling as if something were pressing the roots upwards, with dryness of nostrils.

Salivation: thin, bitter; profuse.

Taste: coppery; in morning; slimy coppery.

Slimy: slimy, with burning distress in stomach.


      Sometimes looseness of teeth.

Aching all day in decayed upper first and second molars, which have ached before.

Shedding of teeth (in animals).


      Tonsils congested, inflamed.

Left tonsil enlarged, congested, dark reddish, right painful on swallowing at 2 P.M.; left painful at 9 P.M.; next morning congestion of left extending along Eustachian tube and causing pain in ear.

Lancinations in right tonsil (fauces were somewhat inflamed when the medicine was taken), next day fauces more hot and sensitive to motion.

Roughness of fauces.

Dryness of fauces, with burning dryness in stomach; difficult deglutition.

Dryness of fauces with difficulty in swallowing, feeling of a lump behind larynx, later frequent efforts to swallow, with feeling as if something had lodged in fauces, afterwards irritation of fauces, and on swallowing feeling of a lump in larynx.

Burning in esophagus at cardiac orifice.


      Eructations: of sour fluid; of sour food.

Cutting in stomach.

Pain in stomach; frequently in afternoon; on full inspiration.

Pain in epigastrium with drawing pain in joints of fingers.

Burning in sternum and cardia.

Distress in stomach in forenoon; in afternoon, agg. by supper.

Hematemesis: passive, venous, accompanied by nausea, which is amel. by vomiting.

Weak, empty, all-gone sensation in the stomach.

Burning in esophagus and stomach; extends to ovaries, heart, face and scalp.

Faint feeling in epigastrium, with pain in region of liver and bowels.

Repeated fine sharp cutting pains in epigastrium.

Constant distress in region of stomach.

Burning distress in sternum and stomach, accompanied by fine neuralgic pains in same region, lasting about three minutes at a time; come on every ten or fifteen minutes for several hours; sharp cutting pain in stomach.


      Appetite: craving; poor.

Thirst at night.

Loss of appetite followed by canine hunger.


      Periodical cutting in umbilical and hypogastric regions at 6 P.M., agg. at 8 P.M. by a constipated stool, afterwards grumbling pain in whole abdomen. (Pain as if intestines were tied in knots.) Pain: in right lobe of liver; in umbilicus; in umbilicus before natural stool; in left groin while walking.

Drawing pain in right hypochondrium all day.

Distress in umbilicus and right hypochondrium.

Grumbling pains in abdomen all afternoon, followed by dry, hard stool, fine cutting colicky pains every few minutes all day, amel. by hard constipated stool, followed by dull distress in bowels.


      Natural stool at 4 A.M.

Loose stool at 4 A.M., with pain and rumbling in abdomen.

Light-colored diarrhoea.

Soft stool, next day, lumpy, two days later black, dry, lumpy.

Constipated: black, dry, lumpy stools.

Urinary Organs

      Tenesmus of bladder and incontinence of urine.

Urging, urine light-colored, increased.

No desire, but uneasiness.

Urine: increased; scanty, red; acid, high-colored; scanty and dark.

Frequent urination, with pain at meatus as the last drops were passing.

Male Genitalia

      Spermatorrhea after onanism; emissions every night, talking about women causes an emission; very sad; cries frequently; says he cannot break off habit, has no control of himself when passion is aroused; knows it is fast killing him; cannot work, is so prostrated.

Genitals relaxed.

Erections: when reading at 4 o’clock; frequently during day and night.

Scrotum relaxed and cold sweat on it.

Pain in testes, agg. r.

Pain in testes, sometimes neuralgic; in paroxysms, sometimes causing faint feeling.

Desire depressed.

Chronic orchitis, irritable testicle.

Erotic fancies.

Seminal emissions and irresistible tendency to masturbation.

Irresistible tendency to onanism; frequent emissions; is prostrated, dull, with lumbar backache. Despondent; irritable.

Irritable weakness and relaxation of the male sexual organs, with erotic fancies and seminal emissions.

Female Genitalia

      Yellow and offensive leucorrhea.

Tenderness of left ovary, with pain and swelling.

Burning distress in ovaries.

Intermittent neuralgia of left ovary; enlarged, very tender to touch.

Uterus: hypertrophied; prolapsed; cervix sensitive, spongy.

Menses: too scanty with ovarian irritation; too profuse and too early; blood clotted; as if everything would come through.

Between periods constant suffering under left breast at margin of ribs.

Vascular system of ovaries is most powerfully affected, producing congestion, enlargement, and great irritation, with ovaralgia, dysmenorrhea and especially menorrhagia.

Oozing of dark blood, highly coagulated, forming occasionally long, black, stringy clots.

Extreme pain during period; flow very profuse and did not cease entirely until next period; most of time confined to bed.

Suppression of menses.

Vicarious menstruation from lungs and bowels.

Constant aching distress at mouth of womb.

H. C. Allen
Dr. Henry C. Allen, M. D. - Born in Middlesex county, Ont., Oct. 2, 1836. He was Professor of Materia Medica and the Institutes of Medicine and Dean of the faculty of Hahnemann Medical College. He served as editor and publisher of the Medical Advance. He also authored Keynotes of Leading Remedies, Materia Medica of the Nosodes, Therapeutics of Fevers and Therapeutics of Intermittent Fever.