TABACUM symptoms from Manual of the Homeopathic Practice by Charles Julius Hempel. What are the uses of the homeopathy remedy TABACUM…


TABAC. Tobacco. See Noack and Trinks’ “Manual”.


Aconite, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Cicuta, Cocc., Conium, Helleborus, Hyoscyamus, ipecac., Kreas., Nux-v., Opium, Stramonium, Veratrum, Zincum met.


Camph., Ipecac., Nux-v., Vinum., (Ettmuller arrested with strong Wine the convulsions and cold sweats occasioned by Tobacco.


Great weariness, languor, and debility of the extremities. and trembling of the hands and feet. Trembling of the head and hands. Trembling of the whole body, after the nausea. General debility and coldness, great anguish and swoons. Apoplexy. Vacillation, trembling, general weariness of the muscles, spasmodic contraction of the muscles, spasms, general insensibility, relaxation. Fainting fits, trembling, loss of consciousness. Convulsive movements, with paleness and distortion of the face, staring look, stupefied expression of countenance, slow and small pulse. Spasms and convulsions. Epilepsy. Jaundice. Arthritis. Consumption, Emaciation, particularly on the back and cheeks. Complete insensibility, with loss of memory and consciousness. Sensation as if his vitality had left him. Death-like paleness.


The pains on the side predominate, he is better in the air.


Itching of the body. Red itching eruption on the whole back. Pustulous eruption on the nape of the neck and upper limbs. Increased turgescence of the skin, with itching and slight sweat. Unusual dryness and burning of the skin.


Drowsiness. Stupefying sleep at night. Deep sleep succeeded by profuse sweat. Sopor. Sleep, stupefaction, and profuse sweat. Restless night-sleep, with coldness and tossing about in bed. Starting during a slumber. Innumerable dreams.


Icy coldness of the legs, from the knees to the toes. Coldness of the extremities. Coldness and shuddering in the whole body, in the evening, with flushes of heat. Chill the whole day, with aching pain between the shoulders. Internal coldness, with feel- ing of heat. Warmth of the body, with icy-cold hands. Hot skin with great thirst. Heat and restlessness. Profuse sweat, with coldness of the extremities. Dry, hot skin, with thirst and quick pulse. Cold sweat. Night-sweat. Hard, quick pulse. p73.


Hypochondriac. Peevish. Muttering delirium. Stupid, is unable to collect his thoughts, with heaviness and dullness of the head, going off after vomiting. Lowness of spirits, despondency accompanied with a dying sickness of the stomach going off after vomiting. Anguish with general sick feeling. Great restlessness, anguish, melancholy, oppression of the chest. Vertigo. Vertigo, with qualmishness of the stomach. Vertigo, increasing to loss of consciousness. Intoxication, with violent headache.


Weariness of the head, headache, stupefaction, intoxication. Dullness of the head, with dull pressure from within outwards in the region of the root of the nose. Weariness of the head, she is scarcely able to keep it erect. Violent heaviness and pains in the nape of the neck. Feeling of heaviness in the head, after dinner. Violent headache, particularly a drawing in the left half of the forehead. Dull, aching pains deep in the frontal region, with pressure in the eyes. Dull aching pain in the forehead and root of the nose. Violent aching pain in the vertex. Wakes with a headache, and pressure in the vertex and temples. Aching pain in the parietal bones. Compressive pain in the whole head. Compressive -contractive sensation in the temples. Pain in both sides of the head as if dashed to pieces. Heat in the head. Congestion of blood to the head, with flushes of heat. Violent itching of the hairy scalp. Burning on the head, with formication, loss of appetite, violent sticking in the ears, succeeded by coldness and chills.


Pain of the eyes, and scintillations, on looking at a thing. The eyes are painful, as after long weeping. Pressure in the eye- balls. Violent digging, drawing pains in the eye-balls and temporal regions, increased by motion, with distention of the blood- vessels and increased beating in the same. Feeling of pressure deep in the orbits, with weakness of the eyes and vertigo. Heat of the eye-balls. Heat with lachrymation. Heat in the orbits. The cornea is somewhat reddened, with photophobia. Contractions of the eye-lids, with smarting pain in the eyes. The eyes closed, with photophobia. Dimness of the eyes, as from mucus. Vanishing of sight on looking at white objects. Obscuration of sight, with dilatation of the pupils. Scintillations. Great contractions of the pupils. Dilatation of the pupils. Staring look.


Painful lacerating in the ear. Sticking in the ears. Titillation in the ears. The ears are burning hot and red. Sensation as if the ears were closed.


Creeping in the nostril. Acute smell.


The face looks bluish and contracted. Death-like paleness during the sickness of the stomach. Red spots in the face. Violent lacerating in the facial bones and teeth, towards evening. Chapped, painful lips. Tensive pain in the submaxillary glands, as if swollen.


Sudden appearance of violent toothache, with heat in the face and reeling in the head. Drawing in the gums. Drawing pain in the upper teeth, abating on pressing upon the cheeks. Violent draw- ing-lacerating pain in the upper teeth, extending towards the forehead.


Stinging in the tongue. Swelling of a sublingual gland, painful when touched. Dryness of the whole mouth, with violent thirst. Bitter taste in the mouth. Sour taste.


Burning in the throat and mouth. constrictive pain and burning in the larynx. Scraping and burning in the pharynx. Slight catarrhal affection of the tonsils. Spasms of the pharynx.


Voracious appetite. Constant hunger.


Frequent empty eructations. Sour, hot eructations. Sour, hot eructations in the morning. Frequent eructation, sickness at the stomach, vomiturition. Hiccough. Spasmodic hiccough. Heartburn, from the stomach to the throat. Qualmishness of the stomach. Nausea. Nausea and accumulation of water. Loathing. Nausea, retching, nausea. Excessive nausea, on making the least motion. Disposition to vomit on hawking up mucus. vomiting. Spasmodic vomiting, singultus. Vomiting, with sweat, or with diarrhoea and pinching in the abdomen. Haematemesis and spasms. Violent vomit- ing, diarrhoea, anguish, debility, stupefaction and sweat.


Feeling of pressure in the stomach. Spasmodic pressure in the region of the pylorus. Cardialgia. Colic, followed by violent cardialgia, great nausea, and ptyalism. Violent lacerating in the stomach after a meal. Pain and inflammation of the stomach, and of portions of the intestinal canal. Burning in the stomach. Feeling of coldness in the stomach, with nausea and disposition to vomit.


Violent contractions of the abdominal muscles. Sinking in of the abdomen. Pain in the region of the liver on pressing upon it, extending to the pit of the hypochondria. Pressure in the hypo- chondria. Aching pains in the umbilical regions, with cramp-like retractions of the umbilicus. Violent aching pains in the hypo- gastrium, with nausea and disposition to vomit; or with chilliness of the whole body. Horrible pains in the abdomen, sensation of violent burning. Heat in the intestinal canal. Violent colic, p73 with vertigo, headache, nausea, contractions of the abdomen, small pulse, cold and damp skin, dilatation of the pupils. Colic towards evening, as of diarrhoea would set in. Pinching in the abdomen. followed by lacerating pain in the stomach. Cutting around the umbilicus. Spasm of the bowels, with diarrhoea.


Frequent urging, with little stool, soreness in the abdomen before and after stool. Urging to stool, with frequent tenesmus of the rectum. Violent tenesmus, with straining. Diarrhoea. Diarrhoeic stools, with emission of flatulence, colic and soreness of the anus. Tenesmus and violent pains in the small of the back during soft stool. Tenesmus and violent burning in the anus, during stool. Burning pain at the anus, after stool.


Enuresis. Frequent pressure on the bladder.


Discharge of prostatic fluid. Tingling on the glans. Nocturnal emissions.


Discharge of a serous liquid from the vagina, a fortnight after the menses.


Tickling and scraping in the throat. Dry cough, with sticking in the pit of the stomach.


Great difficulty of breathing, paroxysms of suffocation. Dyspnoea, anxiety, hurried, labored breathing. Hurried, anxious, irregular inspirations. Oppression of the chest, relieved by a deep inspiration. Violent constrictions of the chest. Pressure and stitches in the chest. Sore pain in the chest, during rest. Violent palpitation of the heart when lying on the left side. going off by turning to the right side. Irregular, generally slow beating of the heart. Violent beating of the heart and carotids.


Burning under the scapulae. Contractive pain in the small of the back, particularly violent after stool. Pain in the small of the back and loins, particularly when sitting. Intolerable pain in the small of the back, rendering it difficult to sit or lie. Throbbing pain in the region of the sacrum, in the evening.

Charles Julius Hempel
Charles Julius Hempel (5 September 1811 Solingen, Prussia - 25 September 1879 Grand Rapids, Michigan) was a German-born translator and homeopathic physician who worked in the United States. While attending medical lectures at the University of New York, where he graduated in 1845, he became associated with several eminent homeopathic practitioners, and soon after his graduation he began to translate some of the more important works relating to homeopathy. He was appointed professor of materia medica and therapeutics in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia in 1857.