GRAPHITES symptoms from Manual of the Homeopathic Practice by Charles Julius Hempel. What are the uses of the homeopathy remedy GRAPHITES…


GRAPH. Black Lead. See Hahnemann’s “Chronic diseases, ” III. Duration of Action: about fifty days.


Aconite, Agaricus, ambr., Ammon, ARs., Asarum europaeum, Belladonna,Bryonia, Caladium, Calcarea, Carb-v., Chamomilla, China, Con-m., Guai., Hepar, Hyosc., Kali, Lycopodium, Magn., Magn-mur., Mercurius, Nitr-ac., Nux-v., Phosph., pulsatilla, Rhus., Sabin., Selenium, Sepia, Silicea, Sulphur Graph is frequently suitable after Lycopodium


Arsenicum, Nux.v., Vinum., Graphites, Antidotes ARs.


Arthritic pains, with nodosities. Scrofulous affections. Occasional momentary pain in various places which are then sore to the touch. Cramp-like sensations, a afterwards these parts swell for a couple of days, become red, hard, and are sensitive when touched. Stiffness of the joints of the arms and of the knees, with liability to become strained. Stiffness of the limbs. Rigidity, here and there, as from muscular contraction. Cram, p and contraction of single parts. Painful drawing tension of the whole body, both when at rest and in motion, especially about the whole body, both when at rest and in motion, especially about he arms and trunk., Drawing in the whole body, as in intermittent fears, early into he morning after rising. Pain in the periosteum of all the bones, it is an aching rather than a drawing pain, and is momentary, at times in one, at times in another place, when at rest, especially when falling asleep. Violent twitchings in all the limbs. at times in one, a t times in another, also in the shoulder and scrotum. Pain, as from raises into the limb. Weary pain of the joints, when sleeping and sitting down. The arms and lower limbs go to when sleeping and sitting down. the arms and lower limbs go to sleep, particularly when sitting, with tingling in those limbs when walking, in the evening. Nightly pains, with are felt even during sleep. when walking in the open air the eyes begin to run and close, as from drowsiness. Weariness, even unto falling, during and after a walk in the open air, with retching and nausea. Dread of the open air, early in the morning. Sensitiveness to every drought of air, with hoarseness, chilliness, dryness of the nose, and anxiousness in the evening. Pains when the weather changes.

Liability to take cold, he has to avoid a daft of air. Liability to take cold, and consequent headache. Violent pulsations in the whole body, especially about the heart, increased by every motion. Tremulous sensation through the whole body. Tremor and slight twitchings about eh head, neck, and right arm. Shocks throat he whole body, occasionally, as if caused by fright, or by some electric shock, when at rest and in motion. Twitchings of the limbs, into eh evening, or inclination o twitch, almost every day. Frequent starting of hands and feet. Weight in all the limbs, with sad mood. WEary and uncomfortable, but the head is light. Weakness of all the limbs. Depression of strength in the whole body, as if owing to a cold. Great weakness, especially of the limbs, which he is scarcely able to dry along. Sudden failing of stretch. Emaciation (particularly after using Lycop, first). Sensation as of fainting. Paralytic sensation in all the joints.


The symptoms pass off when walking in the open air. The pains appear again in the beginning of a walk.


Chronic dryness of the skin. Itching of the back and arms. Itching pimple full of acrid water. Small, red, itching pimp’s. Spots, like flea-bites. Smarting pain in he limbs covered with hopes. Unhealthy skin, every little injury process suppuration. A number of small boils on the neck, back, and arms. Unhealthy ulcer. Proud flesh in the ulcers.


Excessively tired and drowsy. sleeplessness. Uneasy nights, with heat in the whole body. Frequent washing, at night. Frequent starting when asleep. Sleep disturbed by dreams Vivid, anxious dreams. Anxious dreams which arrest her breath Frightful dreams. Fanciful ravings at night. Anxiousness at night. REstlessness at nights, and anxious warmth and anxious dream’s. Bleeding from the nose at night. Toothache at night. Inclination to vomit at night., with weakness bordering on fainting. Water-brash at night.


Chilliness and drawing pain in the limbs, at night. chilliness, early when in head.. Slight chills, for several days previous to dinner. Sudden chilliness over the whole body. Cold hands and in a warmed bed violent thirst the whole evening and night, headache in the warmth bed. Violent thirst the whole evening and night, headache in the evening during the chilliness, accompanied by lacerating in all the limbs, and a coated tongue. Feverish shuddering, in the evening, with painful stitches in the temples. Violent feverish chills morning and evening, followed by heat and sweat. Intermittent fever, every day, shaking chills in the evening, in an hour after heat in the face and cold feet, without subsequent sweat. Night -sweat. Fetid exhalation from the body. Sour smelling sweat.


Dejection of spirits, sad mood. Grief about the smallest things, even unto repair. Sadness, with thoughts of death, Oppression of the mind, in the morning. oppression of the mind and anguish, with malaise about the stomach. Anguish, with headache, vertigo, and loss of cheerfulness. Anxiety during a sedentary occupation. Extreme scrupulousness. Great tendency to start. Irritable, vehement. Irritable and restless. Out of humor. very much vexed and wrathful. Want of dispositions o work.


Absence of mind. Continued forgetfulness. Violent painful dullness of the head, early in the morning, with nausea and sour vomiting. Gloominess of the forehead, with a contractive sensation. Feeling of intoxication in the head. Wildness and confusion of he head. Staging and dispassion to vertigo, with loss of consciousness, shuddering, and chilliness.


headache, early in the morning on waking. Semilateral headache, early in the morning, in bed, with inclination to vomit. Violent headache, early in the morning, on waking, with vomiting, Diarrhoea and icy-cold seat even unto fainting. headache when moving the head. Headache during and after a meal. Pain in the head, as if the head were numb and pithy. Pain, as from bruises in the head, with general sick feeling in the evening. Pain the fore part of the head, as if rent asunder, from morning until noon. Oppressive headache. Dull pressure in the forehead, worse after portion. Oppressive headache in the top of the head. Aching in the occiput. Violent, tight headache,, on waking from sleep, over the whole surface of the brain. Drawing pain in the forehead, with pain in the nape of the neck, as if stiff, Seething of the blood and feeling of heat in the head. Seething in the head., with compressive pain in the vertex, in the afternoon. Throbbing in the forehead. Feeling of looseness of the whole brain. Disagreeable warmth in the whole of the head. Burning on the top of he head. Roaring in the head. humming in the head. Humming in the head. Weakness of the head, as far as the neck. Coldness and spasmodic contraction of the scalp. Lacerating about the head, of a rheumatic nature, particularly on one side, extending to the teeth and cervical glands. Sweat about the head during a walk in the open air. Itching of the hairy scalp. A number of scabs on the head. Humid eruption on the top of the head, it is painful to the touch. Scurfy spots on the head. Single hairs turn gray. Falling off of the hair of the head, even on the side of the head.


Pain in the yes, when opening them. Pressure in the lids as from sand. Pressure in the right eye-brow, extending through the whole eye. heaviness of the eye-lids. paralytic pain of the eye-lids. Violent stitch through the right eye. Smarting in the eyes, with heat in them. coldness over they. Violent burning of he yes. Burning and running of the eyes on the open air. redness of the whites of the eyes, with lachrymation and photophobia, also with swelling and profuse secretion of gum. Redness and painful inflammation of the lower eye-lid and internal canthus REdness and inflammation for the eyes, with aching and a drawing pain. Inflamed margins of the eye-lids. Swelling of the eye-lids and the lachrymal gland. Suppuration of the eyes, with pressure in them and a drawing pain extending up into the head Weakness and reddish appearance of he eyes. Frequent lachrymation of the eyes, and pressure in them with stinging. Agglutination of he eyes, early in the morning. Short-sightedness. Intolerance of light. The light dazzles his eyes.


Painful pressure in the internal ear. like a painful dragging. Feeling of tightness about the ear. Stitches in the hears Ulcerative pain in the left ear. Pulsative throbbing in. the ears Feeling in the ear s f it were filled with water. Dryness of the inner ear. Red, hot ears. Swelling of the interior of the left ear. Swelling f he right parotid gland. Itching behind the ear. Herpes behind the ears Hard tubercle behind the right ear. The herpetic formations behind the ears scale off. Moisture and sore places behind both ears. Bloody discharge from the ear Discharge of pus from eh ears Bad smell from the ears. harness of the hearing. Tingling, afterwards humming in. heels. Roaring in the head, afterwards detonation in the ears, followed by an improvement of earning. Nightly violent roaring in the ears, with occasional obstruction. Pealing as of thunder. hissing in the ear. Detonation and report as of a gun, in the ear, when swallowing.

Charles Julius Hempel
Charles Julius Hempel (5 September 1811 Solingen, Prussia - 25 September 1879 Grand Rapids, Michigan) was a German-born translator and homeopathic physician who worked in the United States. While attending medical lectures at the University of New York, where he graduated in 1845, he became associated with several eminent homeopathic practitioners, and soon after his graduation he began to translate some of the more important works relating to homeopathy. He was appointed professor of materia medica and therapeutics in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia in 1857.