Equisetum Hyemale

Equisetum Hyemale homeopathy medicine, complete details of homeopathic remedy Equisetum Hyemale from Keynotes and Characteristics by H C Allen…

Equisetum Hyemale  has Sever dull pain in the bladder, as from distension, not > after urinating.Frequent and intolerable urging to urinate, with severe pain at close of urination ( Berberis, Sarsaparilla, Thuja ).

Constant desire to urinate; large quantity of clear, watery urine, without > (scanty, a few drops, Apis, Cantharis ).

Equisetum Hyemale has Sharp, burning, cutting pain in urethra while urinating.

Paralysis of bladder in old women.

Enuresis diurna et nocturna: profuse watery urine, where habit is the only ascertainable cause.

Equisetum Hyemale Relations. – Compare: Apis, Cantharis, Ferrum p., Pulsatilla, [Squilla.]

H. C. Allen
Dr. Henry C. Allen, M. D. - Born in Middlesex county, Ont., Oct. 2, 1836. He was Professor of Materia Medica and the Institutes of Medicine and Dean of the faculty of Hahnemann Medical College. He served as editor and publisher of the Medical Advance. He also authored Keynotes of Leading Remedies, Materia Medica of the Nosodes, Therapeutics of Fevers and Therapeutics of Intermittent Fever.