Bismuth homeopathy medicine, complete details of homeopathic remedy Bismuth from Keynotes and Characteristics by H C Allen…

In Bismuth Solitude is unbearable; desires company, Bismuth  child holds on to its mother’s hand for company ( Kali carb., Lilium, Lycopodium );

Anguish; he sits, then walks, then lies, never long in one place.

Bismuth  Headache returning every winter; alternating with, or attended by gastralgia.

Bismuth  Face, deathly pale, blue rings around the eyes. Toothache > holding cold water in mouth. ( Bryonia, Coffea, Pulsatilla ).

Bismuth  Vomiting: of water as soon as it reaches the stomach, food retained longer (vomits food and water, Arsenicum ); of enormous quantities, at intervals of several days when food has filled the stomach; of all fluids as soon as taken; and purging, offensive stools (watery stools, Verbascum ); with convulsive gagging and inexpressible pain, after laparotomy ( Nux, Staphysagria ).

Stomach: pressure as from a load in one spot; alternating with burning; pain crampy, spasmodic; with irritation, cardialgia and pyrosis.

Cholera morbus and summer complaint, when vomiting predominates; stools foul; papescent, watery, offensive very prostrating ( Arsenicum, Verbascum ).

H. C. Allen
Dr. Henry C. Allen, M. D. - Born in Middlesex county, Ont., Oct. 2, 1836. He was Professor of Materia Medica and the Institutes of Medicine and Dean of the faculty of Hahnemann Medical College. He served as editor and publisher of the Medical Advance. He also authored Keynotes of Leading Remedies, Materia Medica of the Nosodes, Therapeutics of Fevers and Therapeutics of Intermittent Fever.