Viola Odorata

Viola Odorata symptoms of the homeopathy remedy from Keynotes and Red Line Symptoms by Adolph von Lippe. What are the symptoms of Viola Odorata? Keynote indications and uses of Viola Odorata…




      Flying, burning pains, now here and then there, as if it was contracting and burning, as from a small flame.

Relaxation of all the muscles (Gelsemium).

Trembling of the limbs (Agaricus, Bel., Gelsemium, Kali-Br., tarent.).

Great excitability and nervous debility (Coffea, Nux vomica, tarent.).

HYSTERICAL AND HYPOCHONDRIACAL COMPLAINTS (Ignatia, Natrum carbonicum, Nux-M., Nux vomica, Sepia).

Nervous activity, then sudden exhaustion (B.).

FREQUENT SHEDDING OF TEARS (Natrum muriaticum, Pulsatilla, Sepia).

Great weakness of memory (Agn., Calcarea, Kali-P., Lac-C., Lycopodium, Natrum muriaticum).

Predominance of intellect–judgement over impulses (Lycopodium).

Congestion of blood to single parts (Belladonna, Gloninum, Sulphur). (G.).

Eczema capitis; cracks, exudes and wets the hair (Calcarea, Graphites, Mezer., Psorinum, Sulphur) (N.).

Troubles of, or on the left ear (G.).

Tense scalp (Apis, Carbo vegetabilis, Causticum) (Bl.).

OTORRHOEA (Graphites, Mercurius, Pulsatilla, Silicea, Tell.) (Bl.).

Deafness, with sharp stitching pains in the ear (Kali bichromicum, Pulsatilla) (Bl.).

Constipation (Bryonia, Causticum, Graphites, Hydrastis, Kali-M., Lycopodium, Mercurius, Natrum muriaticum, Sepia, Thuja).

STRONG URINE, LIKE CATS URINE (Aspar., Caj., Vib.) (N.).

Milky urine (Apis, Aurum, Hepar, Lycopodium, Acid phosphoricum.) (B.).

Enuresis (Calcarea, Kreosotum, Sepia) (B.).

Frontal headache (Belladonna, Bryonia) (Bl.).

Burning of the forehead (Kali-I., Phosphorus) (Bl.).

Vertigo (Calcarea phos., Conium, Ferrum, Gelsemium) (Bl.).

Oppression of the chest, awaking her at night (Grindelia, Lachesis Sulph.).

Sensation of weight on the chest (Bryonia, Phosphorus) (B.).

Pain over brows (Argentum nitricum, Kali bichromicum, Natrum muriaticum, Spigelia) (B.).

Cramp in the eyes (B.).

Craves meat (Ferr-M., Iodium, Kreosotum, Lil-T., Magnesia carb., Natrum muriaticum, Sanicula, Tuberculinum) (B.).

Itching at the anus (Calcarea, Graphites, Kali-S., Natrum carbonicum, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Teucrium) (Br.).

Dry skin, with moist palms (B.).

Cold shoulders (Argentum nitricum, Causticum, Hydrastis, Kali bichromicum, Kreosotum, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Sepia, Strych.) (B.).


      In cloudy weather; in cool air; from music; at night; during sleep; and in the left side.


      In warm weather.


      Remedies following: Belladonna, Nux vomica, and Pulsatilla

Antidote: Camph.

Adolph Lippe
Adolph Lippe (born near Goerlitz, Prussia, 11 May 1812; died in Philadelphia, 23 January 1888) was a homeopathic physician who worked in the United States. Adolph got a legal education at Berlin. After completing his legal studies, Lippe became interested in homeopathy, and emigrated to the United States in 1837 to further his study. In 1838, he enrolled in the North American Academy of Homeopathy at Allentown, Pennsylvania, from where he graduated in 1841. He settled in Philadelphia, where from 1863 until 1868 he was professor of materia medica in the Homeopathic College of Pennsylvania. Besides some essays and treatises from the French, German, and Italian which became standards, Lippe was the author of:
Comparative Materia Medica (Philadelphia, 1854)
Text-Book of Materia Medica (1866)