Sleep chapter from Joseph’s Repertory, based on Boericke’s Materia Medica. Symptoms related to Sleep….

After loss of sleep, night-watching, nursing—COCCULUS INDICUS.


Anxious dreams of pursuit, fire, erections, etc—KREOSOTUM.


Anxious dreams—AMBRA GRSEA.


Anxious dreams—SILICEA TERRA.


Anxious, frightful dreams with confused consciousness on waking, so that the dream cannot be rid of and fear of dream remains—CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Awaken terrified; screams with fright—STRAMONIUM.

Awakes at night with rush of blood to lower legs. Awakes in a fright, and feels as if suffocatingSPONGIA TOSTA.

Awakes tired and unrefreshed— THYMOLUM.

Bad dreams—ABIES NIGRA.

Bed feels so hot cannot lie on it—OPIUM.

Better after a short sleep, unless aroused—NUX VOMICA.

Brain irritation of children during dentition—CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA.

Can find no rest anywhere, but sleepy—COCA-ERYTHROXYLON COCA.

Cannot be fully aroused—HELLEBORUS NIGER.

Cannot get fully to sleep—GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Cannot get herself together, feels scattered about  bed—BAPTISIA TINCTORIA.

Cannot sleep after 3 am until towards morning; awakes feeling wretchedlyNUX VOMICA.

Cannot sleep between 2an 5 am—SULPHUR.

Cannot sleep from coldness in throat—CISTUS CANADENSIS.

Cannot sleep from worry; must get up— AMBRA GRSEA.

Cannot sleep on account of heat, especially in head—BORAX VENETA.


Catnaps; slightest noise awakens—SULPHUR.

Child dreams of cats, dogs, black forms—OPIUM.

Child gets on hands and knees in sleep; on abdomen—CINA MARITIMA.

Child is so exhausted, it falls asleep at once— AETHUSA CYNAPIUM.

Coldness of body and twitching of limbs, during sleep— AMBRA GRSEA.



Coma vigil—OPIUM.

Coma vigil—PHOSPHORUS.


Comatose drowsiness; awakens with hot head; dreams of death, mutilated bodies, anxious and terrible—ARNICA MONTANA.

Complaints cause sleepinessNUX MOSCHATA.

Constant drowsiness—COCCULUS INDICUS.

Continual drowsiness in old people–ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.

Continuous dreaming— INDOLUM.

Continuous sleepiness—DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Cri encephaliqueHELLEBORUS NIGER.

Cries out during sleep; body jerks; wakes frightened, stared—ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Cries out of sleep as if frightened (Bell)—BORAX VENETA.

Deep snoring sleep—STRAMONIUM.

Deep, comatose sleep—LACTUCA VIROSA.


Delirious on falling asleep—GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Delirium; busy with business matters and what he had  read—BRYONIA ALBA.

Distant noise, cocks crowing, etc, keep him awake—OPIUM.

Disturbed by itching of anus—COFFEA CRUDA.

Disturbed by violent startings; cold perspiration—AETHUSA CYNAPIUM.

Disturbed with much restlessness—TORULA CEREVISIAE.

Disturbed with tossing—KREOSOTUM.

Disturbed, anxious, restless—ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Disturbed, bad dreams and frequent waking; insomnia—MYRICA CERIFERA.


Dozing after vomiting or stool— AETHUSA CYNAPIUM.

Dreams about dead persons—ELAPS CORALLINUS.

Dreams all night—PYROGENIUM.

Dreams are full of care and fear—ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Dreams continuing a long time; troubling him—IGNATIA AMARA.

Dreams full of bustle and hurry—NUX VOMICA.

Dreams full of care and toil—APIS MELLIFICA.

Dreams horrible and vivid; lascivious—CENCHRIS CONTORTRIX.

Dreams of accidents—LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Dreams of cats, black cats—DAPHNE INDICA.

Dreams of fire—RADIUM BROMATUM.

Dreams of great exertionRHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Dreams of robbers—NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Dreams of snakes—LAC CANINUM.

Dreams of the dead—CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Dreams of the dead—CROTALUS HORRIDUS.

Dreams of travelling— JOANESIA ASOCA.

Dreams she is drinking (Ars; Phos)—MEDORRHINUM.

Dreams vivid and distressing—TUBERCULINUM.

Dreams vivid, busy—RADIUM BROMATUM.

Dreams, with nightmare—DAPHNE INDICA.


Drowsiness with moaning, weeping and wailing during sleep; anxious, frightened dreams, with half-open eyes—CHAMOMILLA.



Drowsy after eating—KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Drowsy after meals, and in early evening—NUX VOMICA.

Drowsy during day—LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Drowsy during day—NATRIUM CARBONICUM.

Drowsy in daytime— AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Drowsy in early part of evening—CALCAREA CARBONICA.



Drowsy, sleeping sickness—ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Drowsy; starting when falling asleep— BRYONIA ALBA.

During sleep constant rumbling in abdomen—CUPRUM METALLICUM.

Easily startled— PSORINUM.

Eating does not help sleep–APIUM GRAVEOLENS.

Entire inability to sleep; sometimes caused by aching in bones—DAPHNE INDICA.

Especially in the feeble, infants and the  aged—PASSIFLORA INCARNATA.

Excessive gaping—SILICEA TERRA.

Extreme drowsiness—KALIUM BROMATUM.

Falls asleep while answering a question—BAPTISIA TINCTORIA.

Falls into a heavy stupid sleep—OPIUM.

Fears to go to sleep again—CADMIUM SULPHURATUM.

Fidgety, wakeful, drowsy—SULFONALUM.

Frequent starts in sleep—SILICEA TERRA.

Frequent waking at night—CALCAREA CARBONICA.


Frightful dreams—CANNABIS SATIVA.

Frightful dreams—AURUM METALLICUM.

Full of dreams and anguish; jerking and starting during sleep, full of fantasy and illusions; difficult to go to sleep at night, cannot sleep enough in morning; trembling and weak on  awaking—BROMIUM.

Gaping in deep sleep— ALLIUM CEPA.

Generally worse after sleep, or sleeps into and aggravation  (Lach)— SPONGIA TOSTA.

Great drowsiness (Gels.Great drowsiness (Gels.;Nuxmosch)—OPIUM.

Great drowsiness (Indol)—NUX MOSCHATA.

Great drowsiness, especially after meals—PHOSPHORUS.

Great drowsiness, with unpleasant  dreams— SENECIO AUREUS.

Great drowsiness; in morning and before and after meals with  weariness—SCROPHULARIA NODOSA.


Great restlessness and little sleep—APOCYNUM CANNABINUM.

Grinding teeth in sleep—KALIUM BROMATUM.

Grits teeth—CINA MARITIMA.

Hard and unrefreshing; dreams of flying—XANTOXYLUM FRAXINEUM.

Heavy sleep, as from stupor—RHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Heavy, disturbed, unrefreshing— AILANTHUS GLANDULOSA.

Horrible dreams cause no horror—THEA CHINENSIS.

Horrible dreams—KALIUM BROMATUM.

Horrid visions when opening eyes—CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Horrors in the night— ARNICA MONTANA.

Ideas crowding in her mind prevent sleep—CALCAREA CARBONICA..

Increased desire to sleep; wakes unrefreshed, half doped feeling—SKATOLUM.

Insomnia from exhaustion; from uncontrollable thinking; tobacco—GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Insomnia from grief, cares, with itching of arms and violent yawning—IGNATIA AMARA.

Insomnia of aortic patients—CRATAEGUS OXYACANTHA.

Insomnia of drug and liquor habitudesSECALE CORNUTUM.

with tendency to convulsions—PASSIFLORA INCARNATA.

Insomnia of the aged— ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Insomnia with dilated heart, with cold, clammy skin and anxiety—TABACUM.

Insomnia with restlessness, fever, anxious  dreams—SECALE CORNUTUM.

Insomnia, hallucinations, horrid dreams—CHLORALUM HYDRATUM.

Insomnia, with cold limbs—CAMPHORA.



Intense sleeplessness—HYOCYAMUS NIGER.

Involuntary stools during sleep— ARNICA MONTANA.

Irresistible drowsiness—HYDROCYANICUM ACIDUM.

Irresistible inclination to sleep with nearly all complaints–ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM.

Irresistible sleepiness in afternoon—PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Jerking of limbs on going to sleep—IGNATIA AMARA..

Kept awake by pulsation of blood-vessels—BELLADONNA.

Languor and sleepiness—MANGANUM ACETICUM.

Lascivious and fantastic dreams—THYMOLUM.

Lascivious dreams with emissions— PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM.

Lascivious dreams—PHOSPHORUS.

Long dreams, with anxiety in chest— ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Loss of breath on falling asleep  (Grind)—OPIUM.

Loud screaming out at night in sleep without being aware of it—ZINCUM METALLICUM.

More tired in morning—CANNABIS SATIVA.

Nervous jerking during sleep—NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Nervous motion of feet when asleep—ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Nervousness and nightly restlessness during teething— COCA-ERYTHROXYLON COCA.

Nervousness and sleeplessness—SENECIO AUREUS.

Night sweats of anæmia—FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM.

Night terrors (Kali phos)—CALCAREA CARBONICA..

Night terrors of children; cries out, screams, wakes frightened—CINA MARITIMA.

Night terrors—KALIUM BROMATUM.

Nightly ravings— ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Nightmare and frightful dreams—BAPTISIA TINCTORIA.



Night-terrors; sleeplessness; sudden wakefulness; frightful  dreams—SCUTELLARIA LATERIFOLIA.

Night-walking; gets up while asleep—SILICEA TERRA.. Nocturnal cough—PASSIFLORA INCARNATA.

Nocturnal sleeplessness, with dry heat, inquietude—CAUSTICUM.

Not fatigued from loss of sleep– APIUM GRAVEOLENS.

Obstinate and intractable forms of insomnia—CANNABIS INDICA.

On falling asleep electric-like shocks– ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM.

On falling asleep, starts, twitches, and awakes often— AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Overpowering sleepiness in daytime—TUBERCULINUM.

Paralytic sensation in limbs on waking—KREOSOTUM.

Paroxysms of yawning— AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Patient sleeps into an aggravationLACHESIS MUTUS.

Persistent insomnia—THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Picking at bedclothes—OPIUM.

Pleasant, fantastic, amorous dreams—OPIUM.

Poor; wakes early—TUBERCULINUM.

Profound and long—SECALE CORNUTUM.

Profound coma—OPIUM.

Profound, like a log, with stertorous breathing, a typical reptilian state—NAJA TRIPUDIANS.

Profound, with shocks in body— CUPRUM METALLICUM.

Prolonged; sleepiness for several days— CARBONEUM OXYGENISATUM.

Pronounced sleeplessness; dreams of serious nature while asleep—BUTYRICUM ACIDUM.

Protracted sleeplessness—CADMIUM SULPHURATUM.

Protracted sleeplessness—CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Restless and sleepless—FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM.

Restless and wakeful, resulting from  exhaustion—PASSIFLORA INCARNATA.

Restless and waking, as if hands and forearms were swollen and heavy—ARANEA DIADEMA.

Restless from violent itching and burning— AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Restless on account of voluptuous dreams—BISMUTHUM SUBNITRICUM.

Restless sleep—KALIUM BROMATUM.

Restless, cannot sleep for hours after retiring—COCAINUM HYDROCHLORICUM.

Restless, crying out, gritting of teeth—BELLADONNA.

Restless, dreams of quarrel—OXYTROPIS LAMBERTI.

Restless, with frightful dreams; nightmare, awakes languid and  unrefreshed—PTELEA TRIFOLIATA.

Restless, with twitching, choking, and starting up  frightened—TEUCRIUM MARUM VERUM.

Restless; impossible to get to sleep—LACTUCA VIROSA.


Restlessness at night—EUPHORBIA LATHYRIS.

Restlessness, with horrible dreams—ADONIS VERNALIS.

Same disagreeable idea always arouses from light  slumberCALCAREA CARBONICA.

Screams and talks in sleep—CINA MARITIMA.

Screams and sudden starting during sleep—APIS MELLIFICA.

Screams out in sleep—BELLADONNA.

Seems to be in semi-sleep—PYROGENIUM.

Shaking chill; then heat, with sleep and sweat—OPIUM. Shocks in all limbs on going to sleep (Ign)— IPECACUANHA.

Short naps and frequent wakingsPHOSPHORUS.

Sleep disturbed, anxious dreams— EUPHORBIA LATHYRIS.

Sleep during day; restless at night on account of heat and shock: anxious dreams— MAGNESIUM MURIATICUM.

Sleep prevented by harsh cough—TARENTULA CUBENSIS.

Sleep prevented by pulsation in all vessels, worse abdomen—SELENIUM METALLICUM.


Sleepiness with lethargy—RADIUM BROMATUM.

Sleepiness during the day—AMMONIUM CARBONICUM.

Sleepiness, yet cannot sleep (Bell; Op)—LACHESIS MUTUS.


Sleepless and restless when over tired— ARNICA MONTANA.

Sleepless before midnight—RHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Sleepless from grief—NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Sleepless from intolerable itching—PSORINUM.

Sleepless from nervous irritation  (Coffea)—GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS.

Sleepless on account of pulsation in different parts of body— CACTUS GRANDIFLORUS.

Sleepless until midnight, awakens early and always same hour— SELENIUM METALLICUM.

Sleepless, from fancies before his imagination; horrible dreams of snakes, and of sexual gratification— ARGENTUM NITRICUM.

Sleepless, on account mental activity; flow of ideas, with nervous excitability— COFFEA CRUDA.

Sleepless, with nightly itching and muscular spasms—VALERIANA OFFICINALIS.

Sleepless, wakes very early in  morningKALMIA LATIFOLIA.



Sleeplessness due to nervous causes (Single dose of 5th or 6th potency)—CHININUM ARSENICOSUM.

Sleeplessness due to worry and grief and sexual excess—KALIUM BROMATUM.

Sleeplessness in neurasthenics— XANTOXYLUM FRAXINEUM.

Sleeplessness in old people—PHOSPHORUS.

Sleeplessness, with drowsiness—BELLADONNA.

Sleeplessness, with great orgasm of blood and heat in head—SILICEA TERRA.

Sleeplessness, with restless and tossing about (Use thirtieth potency)—ACONITUM NAPELLUS.


Sleeps in knee-chest position— MEDORRHINUM.

Sleeps till 3 am, after which only dozing—COFFEA CRUDA.

Sleeps with hands over head— ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Sleeps with hands under head (Ars; Plat)—BELLADONNA.

Sleeps with legs far apart (Chamom)—PLATINUM METALLICUM.

Sleeps with one leg drawn up, the other stretched out—STANNUM METALLICUM.

Sleepy during day—CANNABIS SATIVA.


Sleepy in daytime; sleepiness at night, with vascular excitement and restlessness, and dry skin— THEA CHINENSIS.

Sleepy in forenoon—NATRIUM MURIATICUM.

Sleepy in morning, a few hours after eating—BISMUTHUM SUBNITRICUM.

Sleepy in morning— ALUMINA.

Sleepy very early in evening—MANGANUM ACETICUM.

Sleepy, but cannot sleep (Bell)—STRAMONIUM.

Sleepy, but cannot sleep— MORPHINUM.

Slept better than usual, especially in early morning; it induces quiet, reposeful and refreshing sleep—ALFALFA

Smothering sensation when awaking—CROTALUS HORRIDUS.

Snoring, especially with children—CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Sobs aloud in sleep— AURUM METALLICUM.

Somnambulism (Kali phos)—ZINCUM METALLICUM.




Sopor, with convulsions—HYOCYAMUS NIGER.

Soporous sleep—HELLEBORUS NIGER.

Spasmodic yawning—COCCULUS INDICUS.

Spells of deep sleep, with snoring and stertorous  breathing—LAUROCERASUS.

Spells of sleeplessness lasting for several  nights– ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE.

Starting in sleep—CROTALUS HORRIDUS.

Starting in sleep—LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Starting on falling to sleep with chilliness and clamminess—DAPHNE INDICA.

Starting when closing the eyes or during sleepBELLADONNA.

Starts at every noise; fears that she will go crazy—CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Starts from sleep in alarm that he is falling from a height— DIGITALIS PURPUREA.

Starts from sleep strangling—AMMONIUM CARBONICUM.

Starts up frightened—HYOCYAMUS NIGER.

Starts up in sleep— ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

Stops breathing on going to sleep—CADMIUM SULPHURATUM.

Subsultus and extreme restlessness— CAMPHORA.

Sudden screams in sleep—HELLEBORUS NIGER.

Sudden starting when falling asleep—LACHESIS MUTUS.

Suffocative fits during sleep— ARSENICUM ALBUM.

Talking in sleep; awakens frequently; feels too hot— BARYTA CARBONICA.

Talks, jerks, and twitches during sleep—SULPHUR.

Terrifying dreams, nightmare—PAEONIA OFFICINALIS.

Thirst only during heat—OPIUM.

Thoughts of events of whole past life keep him awake— YOHIMBINUM.

Twitching during sleep—BARYTA CARBONICA.

Unable to sleep, with wild feeling in head— LILIUM TIGRINUM.

Uncontrollable sleepiness and heaviness of head, with flushed face after eating— GUARANA.

Unrefreshed; sleepless– APIUM GRAVEOLENS.

Unrefreshing or constant stupor—CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Unrefreshing sleep—CALCAREA FLUORICA.

Unrefreshing, with disagreeable dreams—LILIUM TIGRINUM.

Unrefreshing; more tired on rising than on retiring—MAGNESIUM CARBONICUM.

Unrefreshing; disturbed by lewd  dreamsCOBALTUM METALLICUM.

Very drowsy; can hardly keep awake— CAUSTICUM.


Very sleepy, but cannot go to sleep—OPIUM.

Very sleepy, but unable to do so—CANNABIS INDICA.


Vivid dream of water, fire, etc.Vivid dreams of fire; of hæmorrhage—PHOSPHORUS.

Vivid dreams, with sense of impending danger— CALCAREA FLUORICA.



Vivid dreams—SULPHUR.

Vivid, incoherent dreams—HYDROCYANICUM ACIDUM.

Voluptuous dreams—BORAX VENETA.

Wakeful; on a constant move—COFFEA CRUDA.

Wakefulness and morbid vigilance with inordinately active, but weak circulation— LYCOPUS VIRGINICUS.


Wakes about two o’clock and cannot sleep again— KALIUM CARBONICUM.

Wakes at 2 am— ALLIUM CEPA.

Wakes early in morning and cannot get to sleep again—BELLIS PERENNIS.

Wakes frequently, and becomes wide awake suddenly—  SULPHUR.

Wakes from 1 to 3 am– APIUM GRAVEOLENS.

Wakes languid, unrefreshed—PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Wakes too early in morning—NATRIUM CARBONICUM.

Wakes up singing—SULPHUR.

Wakes up suffocating—CADMIUM SULPHURATUM.

Wakes with a start, sleep disturbed by dreams—COFFEA CRUDA.

Wide awake in the evening; first sleep restless—PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Wide-awake in evening—LACHESIS MUTUS.

With eyes half open—IPECACUANHA.


Yawning when walking in open air—EUPHRASIA OFFICINALIS.

Yawning with headache and drowsiness—ALLIUM CEPA.

Yawning with shivering—HYDROCYANICUM ACIDUM.

Yawning, followed by involuntary laughter— AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Yawning, drowsy; prolonged, deep sleep, Sleepless; restless sleep, with frequent startings—MORPHINUM.


Joseph Fernandez
Joseph S Fernandez started his career as an assistant in the High Court of Kerala after obtaining a master’s degree in English language and literature. Later, he opted for a banking career.
Even as a student, Joseph was deeply interested in homoeopathy and made an in-depth study of the subject. He uses his expertise for the management of an occasional minor ailment in the family or among friends. It is in this context that he decided to compile a handy and easy-to-use repertory. The task required deep study and a sentence-by-sentence analysis of Boericke’s Materia Medica. Joseph’s Repertory is the result of this work.