Neck chapter from Joseph’s Repertory, based on Boericke’s Materia Medica. Symptoms related to Neck….

Bruised and ulcerative pain between the shoulders, with a feeling as of a lump as large as the first, on which account she could not lie upon her back or side; relieved by rubbing — MAGNESIU147M SULPHURICUM.

Chronic lumbago; aggravated on beginning to move, and ameliorated on continued motion — CALCAREA FLUORICA.


Drawn over to one side in sore throat — LACHNANTHES TINCTORIA.

Needle pricks from within outwards in chest; also on forehead, right side — ARSENICUM SULPHURATUM FLAVUM.

Osseous tumors — CALCAREA FLUORICA.

Pain in nape, as if dislocated — LACHNANTHES TINCTORIA.

Pain lower part of back, with burning — CALCAREA FLUORICA.

Rachitic enlargement of femur in infantsCALCAREA FLUORICA.

Rheumatic pain from draught of air, with stiffness and dullness of head — CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA. Rheumatism of the neck — LACHNANTHES TINCTORIA.

Skin chafed about genitals — ARSENICUM SULPHURATUM FLAVUM.

Soreness in sacro-iliac symphysis, as if broken (Aesc hip) — CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA.


Stiffness of neck — LACHNANTHES TINCTORIA.

Violent pain in the small of the back, as if bruised, and as before menstruation — MAGNESIUM SULPHURICUM.

Joseph Fernandez
Joseph S Fernandez started his career as an assistant in the High Court of Kerala after obtaining a master’s degree in English language and literature. Later, he opted for a banking career.
Even as a student, Joseph was deeply interested in homoeopathy and made an in-depth study of the subject. He uses his expertise for the management of an occasional minor ailment in the family or among friends. It is in this context that he decided to compile a handy and easy-to-use repertory. The task required deep study and a sentence-by-sentence analysis of Boericke’s Materia Medica. Joseph’s Repertory is the result of this work.