Ears chapter from Joseph’s Repertory, based on Boericke’s Materia Medica. Symptoms related to Ears….

Acute and subacute conditions of Eustachian tube—BELLADONNA.

Acute otitis; when Bellad fails, prevents suppuration—FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM.

Agglutination  in morning—NATRIUM ARSENICOSUM.

Arterio-sclerotic vertigo—THIOSINAMINUM.

 Auditory canal dry and sensitive—NUX VOMICA.

Auditory vertigo—CROTALUS HORRIDUS.



Aural vertigo (Aur; Nat sal; Sil; Chin)—BRYONIA ALBA.

Aural vertigo, with intense noises in ears—IRIS VERSICOLOR.


Autophonyhearing one’s voice in ear—BELLADONNA.

Aversion to music—VIOLA ODORATA.

Bad effects from the suppression of an otorrhœa—SULPHUR.

Blood from ears—ARNICA MONTANA.

Blood oozes from ears—CROTALUS HORRIDUS.

Boils in external canal (Calc pic)—MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS.

Bones about ear painful (Capsic)—CANTHARIS VESICATORIA.

Boring pain in ears—KALIUM IODATUM.

Burn and itch, as if frozen—AGARICUS MUSCARIUS.

Burning and itching in auditory canals—ARUNDO MAURITANICA.

Burning and stinging in ears—CAPSICUM ANNUUM.


Buzzing and singing noises like an æolian harp—CARBONEUM SULPHURATUM.


Calcareous deposits on tympanum; sclerosis of ossicula and petrous portion of temporal bone, with deafness, ringing and roaring— CALCAREA FLUORICA.

Caries of mastoid—SILICEA TERRA.

Caries of ossicles in ear of syphilitic origin—SYPHILINUM.

Caries of ossicula and of mastoid— AURUM METALLICUM.

Catarrh of middle ear, discharge acrid, smells like  fish-pickle—TELLURIUM METALLICUM.

Catarrh with deafness—ASARUM EUROPAEUM.

Catarrhal conjunctivitis and blepharitis marginalis—NATRIUM ARSENICOSUM.

Catarrhal deafness with cicatricial thickening—THIOSINAMINUM.


Cerumen black and hard, with difficult hearing, or serous greenish discharge, offensive; buzzing, and illusion of hearing—ELAPS CORALLINUS.

Child cries out in sleep; throbbing and beating pain deep in ear, synchronous with heart beat—BELLADONNA.

Chronic Eustachian catarrh—PETROLEUM.

Chronic nerve deafness; Labyrinthine disease due to syphilis—AURUM METALLICUM.

Chronic otitis; discharge purulent—THUJA OCCIDENTALIS.

Chronic otorrhœa—PSORINUM.

Chronic suppuration of middle  earCALCAREA FLUORICA.

Chronic, catarrhal conditions of the middle  earKALIUM MURIATICUM.

Comparative deafness to sound of voice, but great sensitiveness to sound, as of passing vehicles and also a shrinking from low tones—CHENOPODIUM ANTHELMINTICUM.

Cracking in ears when chewing—NITRICUM ACIDUM.

Cracking in ears when eating—GRAPHITES.

Cracking in left ear with headache—FORMICA RUFA.

Cracking noises in ear—CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Cracking when chewing—ALOE SOCOTRINA.

Crackling in ears and low-pitched voice—FERRUM PICRICUM.

Crackling noise—BARYTA CARBONICA.

Cramp-like twinges—PLATINUM METALLICUM.

Creaking when swallowing—THUJA OCCIDENTALIS. Deafness after scarlet fever—HEPAR SULPHUR.

Deafness before menses—FERRUM PICRICUM.

Deafness due to some fibrous change in the nerve—THIOSINAMINUM.

Deafness due to suppressed discharges or eczema—LOBELIA INFLATA. Deafness from working in water—CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Deafness in damp weatherMANGANUM ACETICUM.

Deafness, preceded by exceedingly sensitive hearing; catarrhal  deafness—SULPHUR.

Deafness, with discharge of matter from the middle ear, sometimes mixed with blood—CALCAREA SULPHURICA.

Deafness, with vertigo—SALICYLICUM ACIDUM.

Deafness; comes suddenly and  varies—MAGNESIUM CARBONICUM.

Deafness; worse in damp surroundings and with eczematous conditions—CALENDULA OFFICINALIS.

Deafness;  otorrhœaVIOLA ODORATA.




Deep stitches beneath ears—VIOLA ODORATA.

Deep ulcerated auricle—SCROPHULARIA NODOSA.

Defective hearing; discharge from ear blood colored—CONIUM MACULATUM.

Dental neuralgia, radiating towards ears and eyes—FERRUM PICRICUM.

Desire to bore fingers in—MEZEREUM.

Detonation in ear like report of a gun—GRAPHITES.

Difficult hearing and buzzing— KREOSOTUM.

Difficult hearing, with whizzing and ringing in ears— RHODODENDRON FERRUGINEUM.

Difficult hearing; better by riding in carriage or train—NITRICUM ACIDUM.

Difficult hearing—CICUTA VIROSA.

Digging and scratching in ears—CINA MARITIMA.

Diminished hearing—MAGNESIUM CARBONICUM.

Diminished hearing—PETROLEUM.

Diminishes acuteness of hearing—PULSATILLA PRATENSIS. Discharge of bloody pus—RHUS TOXICODENDRON.

Discharge of fetid pus from the ears—HEPAR SULPHUR.. Discharge of fetid pus— ZINCUM METALLICUM.

Discharge of yellow matter (Hydr)— KALIUM SULPHURICUM.

Dry catarrh, with deafness and noises—PETROLEUM.

Dry, painful, burning; soon tire—NATRIUM ARSENICOSUM.

Dry, scaly condition of meatus (use locally)—VERBASCUM THAPSUS.

Dryness of inner earGRAPHITES.

Dullness of hearing after concussion—ARNICA MONTANA.

Dullness of hearing after typhoid—PHOSPHORUS.

Dullness of hearingRHAMNUS CALIFORNICA.

Ear affections with pain in eyeballs—VIOLA ODORATA.


Earache from exposure to draughts and coldVALERIANA OFFICINALIS.

Earache with headache—SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS.

Earache, buzzing, stitches, and swelling of parotids—DULCAMARA.

Earache, shooting in eustachian tube—ALLIUM CEPA.

Earache, with soreness; swelling and heat driving patient franticCHAMOMILLA.

Earache; better sipping cold water—BARYTA MURIATICA.


Ears feel stopped—CHAMOMILLA.

Earwax hard, dry—LACHESIS MUTUS.

Eczema about and behind ears—LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.

Eczema around ear—SCROPHULARIA NODOSA.


 Eczema behind ears—CHRYSAROBINUM.

Eczema behind ears— ARUNDO MAURITANICA.

Eczema, intertrigo, etc, in and behind ears, with intense itching—PETROLEUM.

Enlargement  of tonsils—CHENOPODIUM ANTHELMINTICUM..

Eruption around and pimples within—KREOSOTUM.

Eruption on and behind ear (Petrol)—CALCAREA CARBONICA.

Estachian catarrh, with high-pitched voice—HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS.

Eustachian catarrh (Hydr;Merc dulc)— ROSA DAMASCENA.

Eustachian deafness—KALIUM SULPHURICUM.

Eustachian  tube  feels plugged— ALUMINA. Every little noise distresses—BUFO RANA.

External ear hot, red, painful, swollen— ACONITUM NAPELLUS.

External ear red, inflamed, sore; stinging pains—APIS MELLIFICA.

External ear sensitive to touch—CHINA OFFICINALIS.

External ear swollen and red—PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

External meatus bathed in pus— AURUM METALLICUM.

Extreme sensitiveness to noise—CANNABIS INDICA.

Eyes feel weak, stiffness of balls and tendency of lids to close—NATRIUM ARSENICOSUM.

Feel heavy and droop—NATRIUM ARSENICOSUM.

Feel obstructed— AETHUSA CYNAPIUM.

Feel stopped; cracking on blowing nose—MANGANUM ACETICUM.

Feel too much open, as if tympanum was exposed to the cold air and it blew into the earMEZEREUM.

Feeling of distention of middle ear—MAGNESIUM CARBONICUM.

Feeling of stoppage in right ear—CROTALUS HORRIDUS.


Fetid discharge—SILICEA TERRA.


Filthy, scabby condition with tendency to form thick crust—CHRYSAROBINUM.

First stage of otitis—FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM.

Fissures in and behind the ear—GRAPHITES.

Fissures  in meatus—PETROLEUM.

Glands about the ear swollen—KALIUM MURIATICUM.

Glands around ears painful and swollenBARYTA CARBONICA.

Great effusion about the  auricle—KALIUM MURIATICUM.

Hæmorrhage from earsCICUTA VIROSA.


Hardness of hearing; tinnitus—ROSA DAMASCENA.

Hardness of hearing—BARYTA CARBONICA.

Hardness of hearing—GRAPHITES.

Hardness of hearing— AMMONIUM CARBONICUM.

Hearing acute; noise painful—PLANTAGO MAJOR.

Hearing better for high-pitched sounds—CHENOPODIUM ANTHELMINTICUM.

Hearing better in the morning; noises come on after patient has been up a few hours—RHODODENDRON FERRUGINEUM.

Hearing difficult, as if the ear were stuffed—PULSATILLA PRATENSIS.

Hearing difficult, especially to human voice—PHOSPHORUS.


Hearing sensitive to noise—CHINA OFFICINALIS.

Hearing very acute; burning, itching, and roaring in ears—STRYCHNINUM PURUM.

Hearing very acute—BELLADONNA.

Hears best on a train, and distant sounds— CALENDULA OFFICINALIS.

Hears better in noiseGRAPHITES.

Heat of external ear— ASARUM EUROPAEUM.

Hematoma  auris—BELLADONNA.

Herpes behind ears on nape of neckSEPIA.

Herpes from temples over ears to cheeks—PSORINUM.

Hissing and ringing otalgia—TEUCRIUM MARUM VERUM.

Hissing in the ears—GRAPHITES.

Hissing sound— AETHUSA CYNAPIUM.

Humming and buzzing in the earsKALIUM PHOSPHORICUM.

Humming and roaring with hardness of hearing; every noise causes peculiar echo in ear—LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM.


Humming in ears as from telegraph wires—FERRUM PICRICUM.

Humming noises—BELLADONNA.

Humming; roaring—ALUMINA.

Hyperæsthesia of auditory nerves; loud sounds are painful, and anger him—NUX VOMICA.


Illusions of hearing; otalgia; chronic otorrhœa, black discharges; smells like herring brine—NAJA TRIPUDIANS.

Inflammation about auricle—SCROPHULARIA NODOSA.

Inflammation of mastoid—CAPSICUM ANNUUM.

Joseph Fernandez
Joseph S Fernandez started his career as an assistant in the High Court of Kerala after obtaining a master’s degree in English language and literature. Later, he opted for a banking career.
Even as a student, Joseph was deeply interested in homoeopathy and made an in-depth study of the subject. He uses his expertise for the management of an occasional minor ailment in the family or among friends. It is in this context that he decided to compile a handy and easy-to-use repertory. The task required deep study and a sentence-by-sentence analysis of Boericke’s Materia Medica. Joseph’s Repertory is the result of this work.