Homoeopathy claims to be able to find the remedy in accordance with the law of nature as invariable as the law of gravitation, and abundant clinical results have proven the claim to be well founded….


Here I have named a few remedies that have a particular affinity for these locations in the chest, and in all these cases, this is generally in connection with lung troubles, and further examination will disclose the one remedy most appropriate….


Different sensations like burning, sticking, stitching, cramping, throbbing, numbness etc with their appropriate remedies….


What aggravates or ameliorates? The time and circumstances that affect the symptoms are vital to individualize a case….


Boenninghausen’s includes Causes (like fright, exposure to cold or damp air etc) under the head of modalities, but they ought in my opinion to be separated, as they often equal in importance the other three (location, sensation, modality)….

Constitution and Temperament

Constitution and temperament must certainly come into the totality of the case. This method of taking the case is the one adopted by Boenninghausen, and the outcome was his celebrated Therapeutic Pocket Book….


The symptoms which go to make the choice of the remedy often stand outside those that go to make up the pathology of the case….