The aim of this booklet is to help women to understand their troubles, and to guide their daughters during the period of puberty. Right homoeopathic medication in gynaecological diseases, supplemented by the correct dietetic and hygienic measures….


THE aim of this small booklet is to help women to understand their troubles, and to guide their daughters during the critical period of puberty. Although the diagnosis and treatment of the gynaecological diseases should be left to the physician, my readers will be interested to learn the great efficiency of the right homoeopathic medication, supplemented by the correct dietetic and hygienic measures.

Any treatment, based only on symptoms without a careful examination of the patient is at lest in a great number of cases liable to be dangerous or useless. Take for instance the symptom : “Cold sweat on the forehead coupled with rapid, weak pulse”-a key-symptom for Veratrum album. Now, such a symptom may be due to the rupture of the Fallopian tube in a case of tubal pregnancy, followed by the most profuse bleeding into the peritoneal cavity. Only immediate operation can save the patient’s life in such a case. Would it not be a crime, if any layman, relying on the above mentioned symptom, should dare to treat such a case with Veratrum?

No layman should ever forget, that Homoeopathy is only a special branch of general medicine and it has its limits like all other methods, yet a knowledge of its application will always be to the good.

In the comparatively small space of a booklet I cannot deal fully with all gynaecological troubles, for further details I refer the reader to the larger textbooks, to which I am indebted as an aid to my practical experience, with due acknowledgment made, as well as having had occasional recourse to medical dictionaries. Especially do I refer to Dr. Ruddock’s Lady’s Manual.

Throughout the booklet all the remedies recommended are homoeopathic.

London, 1942. Dr. W. Karo.

Wilhelm Karo
Wilhelm Karo MD, homeopath circa mid-20th century, author of the following books - Homeopathy in Women's Diseases; Diseases of the Male Genital Organs; Urinary and prostatic troubles - enlargement of the prostate; Rheumatism; Selected Help in Diseases of the Respiratory System, Chest, etc; Selected Help in Children's Diseases; Diseases of the skin.