Wilhelm Karo gives a detail description of the female symptoms of homeopathy remedy Graphites, in his book Homeopathy in Women’s Disease, published in 1942….

      The Graphites patient is thick, stupid and voracious. Most of these women are scrofulous, their face pale, all their tissues lymphatic.

General Symptoms.

      Mental despondency and indecision; general weakness, low vitality, but craving for good meals. All symptoms aggravated by cold, light and during menstruation, better by movement in fresh air; great disposition to skin diseases.

Special Symptoms.

      Menstruation too late, too short, too scanty; often replaced by leucorrhoea.

Leucorrhoea accompanied with constipation, discharge being like water or like thin, white mucus. Cutting pains in the womb.

OEdema of the eyelids, the vulva and the abdominal walls. Sterility.

Wilhelm Karo
Wilhelm Karo MD, homeopath circa mid-20th century, author of the following books - Homeopathy in Women's Diseases; Diseases of the Male Genital Organs; Urinary and prostatic troubles - enlargement of the prostate; Rheumatism; Selected Help in Diseases of the Respiratory System, Chest, etc; Selected Help in Children's Diseases; Diseases of the skin.