Wilhelm Karo gives a detail description of the female symptoms of homeopathy remedy Aconitum Napellus, in his book Homeopathy in Women’s Disease, published in 1942….

      HOMOEOPATHY IN WOMEN’S DISEASES -Materia Medica by WILHELM KARO, M.D. The drug for sanguine, plethoric women, lively young girls of sedentary habits.

General Indications.

      Acute diseases. High temperature, due to catarrhal inflammation, coupled with the greatest unrest and anxiety, fear of approaching death, sleeplessness with constant tossing about.

Aggravation on the approach of the menstruation at night, in a warm.

Special Symptoms.

      Profuse and protracted menses, menstrual flow with bright blood, readily coagulating. Amenorrhoea in young girls of sanguine temperament. Copious, tenacious, yellowish or bloody leucorrhoea, accompanied by great irritability, fear, giddiness. White, offensive discharge after suppressed menses.

Wilhelm Karo
Wilhelm Karo MD, homeopath circa mid-20th century, author of the following books - Homeopathy in Women's Diseases; Diseases of the Male Genital Organs; Urinary and prostatic troubles - enlargement of the prostate; Rheumatism; Selected Help in Diseases of the Respiratory System, Chest, etc; Selected Help in Children's Diseases; Diseases of the skin.