In the Introduction of book Homeopathy for Mother and Infant ,Dr. Douglas M. Borland expressed his thanks to the believers in this therapy and Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital….


THE educational facilities in the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital have been designed to provide a comprehensive training in the principles of homoeopathy, and their practical application in the treatment of the sick.

For the establishment of this centre, which is the only one teaching homoeopathy in the country, we are indebted to the generosity of believers in this therapy. The funds are vested in the Honyman Gillespie Trust, the Compton Burnett Bequest, the Sir Henry Tyler Scholarship Fund and the Tutorial Fund of the hospital. Each of these concerns itself with part of the subject, and together they supply all that is necessary to equip any inquiring medical graduate for the practice of homoeopathy. That is what we are attempting to do.

Now let us consider why. Briefly, the reason is that we believe it is possible to do more for the relief and cure of the sick by treatment which is dictated by homoeopathic principles than by any other known form of treatment. That is the belief on which we act, and because of which we are eager to teach to others that which we ourselves have learned. I am convinced by experience in the treatment of the sick that this belief is well founded.

Douglas Borland
Douglas Borland M.D. was a leading British homeopath in the early 1900s. In 1908, he studied with Kent in Chicago, and was known to be one of those from England who brought Kentian homeopathy back to his motherland.
He wrote a number of books: Children's Types, Digestive Drugs, Pneumonias
Douglas Borland died November 29, 1960.