The object of this pamphlet is to bring to the attention of the intelligent layman homoeopathic methods which can use himself without harmful effects for many of the common complaints and minor illness of everyday life….


HOMOEOPATHIC medicines are derived from the mineral, animal and vegetable kingdoms. The vast majority, however, come from live plants and herbs, and are classified under BOTANICALS. …


Homeopathic remedies for first and second stage of coryza. cough and bronchitis that come with cold and also asthmatic breathing….

Sick Child

Homeopathic remedies for common ailments of children like delayed or retarded growth, dentition, cough, cold, coryza, sore throat, diarrhoea and constipation…….

Skin Diseases

Homeopathy medicines for skin diseases like acne, herpes, recurring styes, boils, eczema, poison ivy exposure etc….

Muscle & Joints

Treatment of arthritis in homeopathy. Role of Sulphur, Rhus, Calcarea, Pulsatilla and Actea spicata in the treatment of joint pains….

Gastric complaints

Homeopathic remedies for gastric complaints like acidity, flatulence, pain in stomach, indigestion, constipation etc. …