He was not only great as a scholar – linguist – chemist-chemist – sanitarian – physician, but he takes special rank as one of those to whom Law of Gravitation, so Hahnemann discovered the Law of Similars – dimly guessed at, but never realised – never understood – never demonstrate before his day….


As we said, the experiments of Homoeopathy have always been on healthy human beings. They have always been voluntary experiments. And they have never proved detrimental to health ….


Repeat the experiment, carefully and accurately and you will find the doctrine confirmed at every step… Homoeopathy insists on being judges by results….


May I here point out that these Doctrines of Hahnemann apply equally to such homoeopathic measures as vaccines; and that had hahnemann’s Laws been known and observed in regard to vaccine, X- ray and radium therapies….

Vital Force

Homeopathy’s object is to stimulate the patient to cure himself. Therefore it is never a question of quantity, where the vital stimulus is employed, but always of precise selection and quality, in the drug employed for the purpose….

Single Drug

Only a single drug should be given to the sick person because homeopathic remedies are proved individually and at any given point of time, only one drug could be the simillimum….


Hahnemann, when applying to hypersensitive diseased tissues the one stimulus to which they were most sensitive, viz. the drug of like symptoms – that is to say, the drug that was proved to irritate those particular tissues – was forced again and again to reduce his doses….

Infrequent Dose

In chronic disease the call to repeat varies with every case, The symptoms demanded a remedy,. and the return of symptoms modified will demand its repetition…….


Homoeopathy has reversed the old saying, “The science of to-day is the nonsense of tomorrow”; for here, the nonsense of one hundred years is proving to be the science of to-day….

Initial Aggravation

It was the initial aggravation that caused hahnemann, as we said to reduce his doses : and which led presently to the establishment of the fact, that when remedies are reduced again and again by repeated subdivision into the region of infinitesimals, there is no loss, but an augmentation of energy…


The poison of tuberculosis, which can produces some of the symptoms of tuberculosis, is here applied for the cure of tuberculosis through the production of immunity or resisting power in the tissues. Surely this a case of Similia Similibus Curentur….


Only that the artificial or drug-disease is vastly superior as a curative agent, to any natural disease : since natural disease are uncertain in action and leave many persons unaffected….


Many in the past have called this diluting and the resulting tinctures,”dilutions.” so did Hahnemann, till experience taught him that subdivision (and he never reached its limits ) meant more completely-liberated energy; when he substituted for “dilutions” the truer term, potencies. …

Opposite Effects

For, where large doses of a poisonous substances prove lethal and smaller doses inhibit minimal doses of the same poison actually stimulate the vital activities of the same cells….


With Hahnemann, when it comes to prescribing, “we know no disease, only sick persons” whose sickness has to be matched in Materia Medica. And this is only commonsense, since no illness, if we take trouble to enquire affects all persons alike….


Hahnemann says : ‘Whenever Aconite is chosen homoeopathically you must observe the moral symptoms, and be careful that it closely resembles them : the anguish of mind and body, the restlessness : the disquiet not to be allayed.”…