Nose, obstruction, forenoon: Sarsaparilla

Nose, obstruction, headache, with: Calcarea, Lachesis, Phosphorus, Sanguinaria, Thuja

Nose, obstruction, lachrymation, with: Borax

Nose, obstruction, leaflet, as from a: Ignatia, Kali-i., Mur-ac.

Nose, obstruction, left: Alumina, Am-c., Anacardium, Arum-t., Asarum europaeum, Bovista, Carb-an., Carb-v., Chin-ar., Chlorum, Cimic., Mag-c., Mag-m., Mag-s., nitricum acidum, Nux-m., Rhododendron, Secale, Sepia, Sin-n., Stann., Stramonium, Uran-n.

Nose, obstruction, left, with water dropping out: Bovista

Nose, obstruction, lying, while: Causticum, Chin-ar., Nux-m.

Nose, obstruction, menses, before: Mag-c.

Nose, obstruction, morning: Aethusa, Apocynum, Arnica, Arum-t., Belladonna, Bovista, Calcarea, Carb-an., Conium, Digitalis, Ferr-i., Hepar, Kali-bi., Kali-i., Lachesis, Lith-c., Lycopodium, Mag-m., Nat-ar., nitricum acidum, Par., Phosphorus, Phytolacca, Rhododendron, Sepia, Silicea, Trombidium

Nose, obstruction, morning, fluent during day: Silicea

Nose, obstruction, morning, on waking: Aethusa, Apocynum, Calcarea, Carb-an., Kali-bi., Kali-i., nitricum acidum, Phytolacca, Silicea

Nose, obstruction, night: Agaricus, Am-c., Am-m., Arg-n., Arsenicum, Bovista, Calcarea, Causticum, Ferr-i., Gloninum, Ip., Kali-p., Lycopodium, Mag-c., Mag-m., Nat-ar., Nat-c., Natrum mur., Nicc., nitricum acidum, Nux-v., Phel., Phytolacca, Sambucus, Secale, Sepia, Silicea, Stict., Tell.

Nose, obstruction, night, from uncovering head during day: Natrum mur.

Nose, obstruction, night, wakes him: Mag-c., nitricum acidum, Phytolacca, Stict.

Nose, obstruction, night, wakes him, 3 a.m.: Phytolacca

Nose, obstruction, one-sided: Alumina, Belladonna, Chelidonium, Ferr-ma., Ignatia, Lac-c., Mez., Nux-v., Phosphorus, Phytolacca, Platina, Rhododendron, Sabad., Staphysagria, Sul-ac., Sulphur, Teucrium, Vinc.

Nose, obstruction, one-sided, alternately: Lac-c., Mez., Platina, Rhododendron

Nose, obstruction, posterior nares: Anacardium, Calc-s., Hydrastis, Iris, Kali-i., Medorrhinum, Nat-ar., Petroleum, Pulsatilla, Staphysagria, Zing.

Nose, obstruction, pus, with: Calcarea, Chin-ar., Lachesis, Ledum, Lycopodium, Nat-c., Pulsatilla, Sepia, Silicea

Nose, obstruction, pus, with, night: Lycopodium

Nose, obstruction, reading aloud, while: Teucrium, Verb.

Nose, obstruction, riding in a carriage: Asafoetida, Phytolacca

Nose, obstruction, right: Alumina, Baptisia, Borax, Bromium, Camph., Carb-v., Chelidonium, Croc., Gelsemium, Kali-bi., Lac-c., Lil-t., Mag-c., Nat-ar., Nicc., Phytolacca, Sarsaparilla, Sepia, Stict., Teucrium, Thuja, Xan.

Nose, obstruction, right, fluent, left: Alumina

Nose, obstruction, right, then left: Borax, Bromium, Chelidonium

Nose, obstruction, rising from bed amel.: Nux-m.

Nose, obstruction, root, at: Arsenicum, Kali-bi., Kali-i., Lith-c., Lycopodium, Medorrhinum, Par., Sin-n., Stict.

Nose, obstruction, root, at, painful: Kali-bi.

Nose, obstruction, sensation of: Agaricus, Arsenicum, Arum-t., Aur-m., Aurum, Baryta carb., Bovista, Bromium, Cann-s., Chamomilla, China, Cob., Cuprum, Eucal., Ferr-i., Graphites, Hamamelis, Hydrastis, Kali-bi., Kali-i., Lac-ac., Laur., Mag-m., Meny., Merc-c., Nat-ar., Nat-c., Nat-s., Nux-v., Secale, Sin-n., Stann., Stramonium, Teucrium, Thuja, Zincum met., Zing.

Nose, obstruction, sensation of, posterior nares: Hydrastis, Lac-ac.

Nose, obstruction, sensation of, right nostril: Aurum, Teucrium

Nose, obstruction, sensation of, with watery discharge: Arsenicum, Arum-t., Bovista, Bromium, China, Cuprum, Graphites, Kali-i., Merc-c., Nux-v., Secale, Sin-n.

Nose, obstruction, sleep, during: Am-c., Arsenicum, Lycopodium, Stict.

Nose, obstruction, sneezing, when, nostrils stick together: Carb-an.

Nose, obstruction, stool, during: Hepar

Nose, obstruction, stooping, when: Agaricus

Nose, obstruction, sudden: Sepia

Nose, obstruction, swelling, from: Cadm-s.

Nose, obstruction, syphilitic: Phytolacca

Nose, obstruction, talking, while: Nat-c., Silicea

Nose, obstruction, walking in open air amel.: Kali-c., Pulsatilla

Nose, obstruction, warm damp weather: Kali-bi.

Nose, obstruction, warm room: Ant-c., Arg-n., Ars-i., Calc-p., Carb-v., Cyclamen, Iodium, Kali-c., Kali-i., Opium, Phosphorus, Pic-ac., Platina, Pulsatilla, Ran-b., Sabad., Sulph.

Nose, obstruction, wet weather agg.: Dulcamara, Elaps, Mang.

Nose, odors: Agaricus, Agn., Alco-s., Alumina, Anacardium, Anthracinum, Arg-n., Arsenicum, Asafoetida, Aurum, Baryta carb., Belladonna, Benz-ac., Bryonia, Cadm-s., Calc-s., Calcarea, Cantharis, Chelidonium, China, Chlorum, Chr-ac., Cina, Cob., Colchicum, Conium, Cor-r., Croto-t., Drosera, Elaps, Gambogia, Graphites, Hamamelis, Iodium, Kali-bi., Kreosotum, Lac-c., Laur., Lycopodium, M-arct., Mag-c., Manc., Meny., Mercurius, Nat-c., Nat-p., nitricum acidum, Nux-v., Par., Ph-ac., Phosphorus, Plb., Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Raph., Sabad., Sanguinaria, Sarr., Seneg., Sepia, Silicea, Sulph., Thuja, Valer., Veratrum

Nose, odors, agreeable: Agn., Pulsatilla

Nose, odors, almonds, bitter: Laur.

Nose, odors, animals, in back part of nose: Conium

Nose, odors, bad in the morning: Kreosotum, Pulsatilla

Nose, odors, beer, sour: Belladonna, Thuja

Nose, odors, blood, of: Nux-v., Psorinum, Silicea

Nose, odors, brandy: Aurum

Nose, odors, burning tinder in the morning: Anacardium

Nose, odors, burning, something: Anacardium, Aurum, Graphites, Nux-v., Sulphur

Nose, odors, burnt: Anacardium, Graphites, Sulphur

Nose, odors, burnt horn: Sulph.

Nose, odors, burnt, hair: Graphites, Sulphur

Nose, odors, burnt, sponge: Anacardium

Nose, odors, cabbage, of: Benz-ac.

Nose, odors, cancerous: Cadm-s., Sulphur

Nose, odors, cheese, of: Nux-v.

Nose, odors, chicken dung: Anacardium

Nose, odors, coffee, of: Pulsatilla

Nose, odors, corpse, like a: China

Nose, odors, drinks smell putrid: Nux-v.

Nose, odors, dust, of: Benz-ac.

Nose, odors, fermented beer, of: Agn., Belladonna, Thuja

Nose, odors, fetid: Alco-s., Arg-n., Asafoetida, Aurum, Belladonna, Calcarea, Chelidonium, Chlorum, Chr-ac., Croto-t., Elaps, Graphites, Iodium, Kali-bi., Kreosotum, Lac-c., Meny., Mercurius, nitricum acidum, Nux-v., Par., Ph-ac., Phosphorus, Plb., Pulsatilla, Sarr., Sepia, Silicea, Sulph., Veratrum

Nose, odors, fetid, blowing nose: Aurum

Nose, odors, fetid, breathing through nose, when: nitricum acidum

Nose, odors, fish-brine, of: Agn., Belladonna, Colchicum, Elaps, Thuja

Nose, odors, fish-brine, of, blowing nose: Belladonna

Nose, odors, garlic, sensitive to: Sabad.

Nose, odors, gunpowder: Calcarea

Nose, odors, horse-radish: Raph.

Nose, odors, imaginary and real, acid: Alumina, Belladonna

Nose, odors, lime and whitewash: M-arct.

Nose, odors, lobster, when expectorating: Lycopodium

Nose, odors, manure, of: Anacardium, Bryonia, Calcarea, Mag-c., Veratrum

Nose, odors, musk: Agn.

Nose, odors, musty, discharge: Nat-c.

Nose, odors, nauseating: Cantharis, Meny.

Nose, odors, offensive: Agaricus, Anacardium, Arsenicum, Asafoetida, Aurum, Benz-ac., Calc-s., Calcarea, Chelidonium, Cina, Drosera, Elaps, Hamamelis, Kali-bi., Kreosotum, Mag-c., Nat-p., nitricum acidum, Par., Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Sulph., Veratrum

Nose, odors, offensive, blowing nose, on: Aurum, Kali-bi., Sulph.

Nose, odors, offensive, evening: nitricum acidum

Nose, odors, offensive, lying down: nitricum acidum

Nose, odors, offensive, morning: Kreosotum, Nat-p., Pulsatilla

Nose, odors, old catarrh: Arsenicum, Graphites, Mercurius, Pulsatilla, Sulph.

Nose, odors, onions: Cor-r., Manc., Sanguinaria

Nose, odors, onions, roasted: Sanguinaria

Nose, odors, peas, soaked: Sulph.

Nose, odors, pigeon dung: Anacardium

Nose, odors, pine-smoke: Baryta carb.

Nose, odors, pitch: Arsenicum, Conium

Nose, odors, pus, of: Arg-n., Gambogia, Seneg., Sulphur

Nose, odors, pus, of, night: Arg-n.

Nose, odors, putrid: Anthracinum, Asafoetida, Aurum, Belladonna, Calcarea, Cob., Graphites, Kali-bi., Kreosotum, M-arct., Meny., Mercurius, nitricum acidum, Nux-v., Par., Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Seneg., Sepia, Sulph., Veratrum

Nose, odors, putrid, blowing nose, on: Aurum, Kali-bi.

Nose, odors, putrid, bread and milk smell: Par.

Nose, odors, putrid, eggs, of: Aurum, Belladonna, Calcarea, Kali-bi., M-arct., Meny., Mercurius, Nux-v., Phosphorus, Sepia, Sulph.

Nose, odors, putrid, food and milk smell: Nux-v., Par.

Nose, odors, putrid, morning on waking: Kreosotum

Nose, odors, sickly: Aurum, Cob., nitricum acidum, Nux-v., Silicea

Nose, odors, smoke, of: Baryta carb., Cor-r., Sulph., Veratrum

Nose, odors, smoked ham: Colchicum

Nose, odors, snuff: Graphites, Sulph.

Nose, odors, soot, of: Graphites

Nose, odors, sour: Alumina, Belladonna

Nose, odors, sour, morning, early: Alumina

Nose, odors, sulphurous: Anacardium, Arsenicum, Calcarea, Graphites, Nux-v., Plb., Sulphur

Nose, odors, sweetish: Aurum

Nose, odors, syrup, dislikes: Sanguinaria

Nose, odors, tallow: Valer.

Nose, odors, tar: Arsenicum, Conium

Nose, odors, tinder: Anacardium, Nux-v.

Nose, odors, tobacco: Pulsatilla

Nose, odors, ulcerous: Cadm-s., Seneg.

Nose, odors, whiskey: Aurum

Nose, oedema: Apis, Baptisia

Nose, oily: Calcarea, Hydrastis, Pulsatilla

Nose, open, sensation, posterior nares, on walking in open air: Fl-ac.

James Tyler Kent
James Tyler Kent (1849–1916) was an American physician. Prior to his involvement with homeopathy, Kent had practiced conventional medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. He discovered and "converted" to homeopathy as a result of his wife's recovery from a serious ailment using homeopathic methods.
In 1881, Kent accepted a position as professor of anatomy at the Homeopathic College of Missouri, an institution with which he remained affiliated until 1888. In 1890, Kent moved to Pennsylvania to take a position as Dean of Professors at the Post-Graduate Homeopathic Medical School of Philadelphia. In 1897 Kent published his magnum opus, Repertory of the Homœopathic Materia Medica. Kent moved to Chicago in 1903, where he taught at Hahnemann Medical College.