Gums Diseases

Homeopathy treatment for Gums Diseases from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Gums Diseases…

Alumen [Alumn]

Gums swollen and inflamed; spongy, covered with a gray dirty coating; teeth surrounded by proud flesh; stomatitis.

Alumina [Alum]

Swelling of the gums, they bleed easily and ulcerate; saltish blood seems to come from the teeth.

Ambra [Ambr]

Bleeding of gums which are painful and swollen; foetor oris; vesicles in mouth, with a burning pain; (<) morning, evening, on awaking, when talking, from eating warm things.

Anacardium [Anac]

Swelling of gums which bleed upon slight rubbing; flat, offensive taste in mouth.

Antimonium-crud [Ant-c]

Gums detach from teeth and bleed easily; toothache from decayed teeth.

Antimonium-tart [Ant-t]

Spongy gums, as if scorbutic, which bleed easily, with nosebleed; red gums.

Apis-mell [Apis]

Gums sacculated, look watery child awakens with violent screams; swelling and redness of gums and cheeks, with sore pain and stinging in teeth; gums bleed easily.

Argentum-nit [Arg-n]

Gums tender and bleed easily, but neither painful nor swollen; gums inflamed and stand off from the teeth in the shape of indentations; chronic irritation of gums.

Arnica [Arn]

Beating and tingling in the gums; toothache and swelling of the gums on left upper jaw.

Arsenicum [Ars]

Swollen, bleeding gums, painful to touch; gums and teeth covered

with brown or black slime (typhoid); jerking and burning pains in gums.

Arsenicum-hydr [Ars-h]

Sore bleeding gums around the remaining root of the right upper incisor; lips and tongue fuliginous, furred.

Aurum-met [Aur]

Gums swollen, dark-red, sore when touched or when eating gums bleed easily; metallic taste in mouth.

Aurum-mur [Aur-m]

Great tenderness of gums and slight salivation; gums inflamed, white or bluish, painful in spots, even ulcerated.

Baptisia [Bapt]

Teeth and gums sore, by pressing with finger large quantities of blood ooze out.

Baryta-carb [Bar-c]

Gums bleed, are swollen, pale-red, with a dark-red border, gums hurt when touched; gums swollen, pale-red, with a dark-red border, gums swollen around a hollow tooth.

Belladonna [Bell]

Extremely troublesome itching of gums, with pain in throat; vesicle in gum below one of the front teeth, with pain as if burnt or lacerated; bleeding of gums.

Berberis [Berb]

Pain as if gums were torn or tooth pulled out; dingy red edge of gums; small white nodules on gums, which bleed easily; sore gums during dentition.

Borax [Bor]

Inflamed large swelling on outer side of gum, which pains severely (gum-boil); dark redness in lower portion of gums beneath the roots of the teeth, along the lower jaw and sensation as if teeth were too long; redness of gums above roots of teeth in front of upper jaw.

Bovista [Bov]

Scorbutic gums, easily bleeding.

Bryonia [Bry]

Painful swelling of gums in teething children, teeth and gums sore.

Calcarea-carb [Calc]

Gums painfully tender with stitching, pulsating pains; swelling, bleeding, even at night, bleeding of gums after suppressed menses; gums eaten away, the exposed bones covered with callous membrane; foul breath.

Calcarea-sulph [Calc-s]

Gums bleed while brushing teeth; inside of gums swollen and sore.

Cantharis [Canth]

Scurvy, gums spongy and swollen: coagulated blood in mouth mornings on waking.

Capsicum [Caps]

Stomatitis; gums hot, burning, swollen, inflamed and sensitive; spongy, retracted from teeth, which are dirty and painful.

Carbo-an [Carb-an]

GUMS-BOILS, pustules gums; scurvy, gums bleeding, painful, red and swollen; vesicles in mouth, forming ulcers.

Carbo-veg [Carb-v]

Gums painfully sensitive when chewing, sore during day and retracting from lower incisors; when sucking gum pure blood flows into mouth; gum-boils; teeth and gum affections from abuse of mercury.

Causticum [Caust]

Swelling of gums, readily bleeding and tedious suppuration; frequently recurring abscesses in gums, which are painfully sensitive, without pain in teeth salivation.

Cistus-can [Cist]

Scorbutic, swollen gums, separating from teeth; easily bleeding, putrid, disgusting.

Cobaltum [Cob]

Gums swollen, tender, as if ulcerated, (<) from cold air.

Cuprum-sulph [Cupr-s]

Greenish tint along free borders of gums.

Dioscorea [Dios]

Soreness of gums, extending to roof of mouth; gums on inner side of front upper teeth swollen; tongue sore on sides, as if burnt.

Dolichos-pruriens [Dol]

Soreness and tenderness of gums, even in teething children; gums swollen, red, painful, can scarcely eat or drink; pain in gums preventing sleep; gums irritated, child wants them continually rubbed.

Dulcamara [Dulc]

Scurvy from cold; receding spongy gums; ptyalism.

Erigeron [Erig]

Profuse bleeding from gums.

Graphites [Graph]

Painful soreness on inner side of gums; swelling of gums and dryness of mouth; gums bleed readily when rubbing them, foetid odor from gums and mouth.

Hamamelis [Ham]

Gums sore, painful swollen, bleed easily; passive, dark fluid bleeding; bleeding and spongy gums; blisters on sides of tongue.

Hepar [Hep]

Gums and mouth very painful to touch bleed easily; gums ulcerated, tender and painful; aphthae on gums and roof of mouth; foul breath; mercurio-syphilis.

Iodum [Iod]

Gums puffed, red, inflamed, painful to touch, bleed easily; absorption of gums and alveolar process; softening and bleeding of gums; little blisters on gums or painful ash-colored ulcers.

Kali-bichrom [Kali-bi]

Stomach ache; gum of right lower jaw much swollen, dirty white and very tender to touch; profuse ptyalism; liquid food causes gums to feel very sore.

Kali-iod [Kali-i]

Ulcerative pain swelling of gums; gums recede from teeth; gums- boils; decayed teeth, bloody saliva, with sensation as if a worm were crawling at root of tooth.

Kali-mur [Kali-m]

Scorbutic, especially after mercury; ulceration of edges of gums which bleed easily; gum-boil, before suppuration; foetid breath.

Kali-phos [Kali-p]

Gums spongy and receding; breath foetid and offensive; stomatitis; noma.

Kreosotum [Kreos]

Gums bluish-red, soft, spongy, easily bleeding, inflamed, ulcerated, scorbutic; protruding gums infiltrated with dark, watery fluid; persistent oozing of dark blood after extraction of tooth; absorption of gums and alveolar process.

Lac-can [Lac-c]

Gums swollen, ulcerated, retracted, bleeding, teeth loose, caused by defective nutrition and exposure.

Lachesis [Lach]

Gums swollen and spongy, easily bleeding, aching (<) from warm drinks; protruding, dark-purple; haemorrhage from gums.

Lycopodium [Lyc]

Profuse bleeding of gums when touched or cleaning teeth; gums- boils; dental fistula; swelling of gums above front teeth, with swelling of upper lip.

Magnesia-carb [Mag-c]

Burning vesicles on gums, inside of cheeks, tongue, lips, palate, bleeding from least contact; looseness of teeth with swelling of gums.

Mercurius [Merc]

Gums painful to touch, swollen, receding from teeth; edges whitish; bleeding; foul breath; ulcers with dark-red edges; gum boil.

Mercurius-cor [Merc-c]

Swollen gums are covered with a false membrane, gangrenous, bleed freely.

Muriatic-acid [Mur-ac]

Gums swollen, bleeding, ulcerated, teeth rise from sockets; stomatitis with great adynamia.

Natrum-mur [Nat-m]

Gums sensitive to warm and cold things, swollen, bleed easily; are putrid; decayed teeth feel loose, burn, sting and pulsate; difficulty of talking.

Natrum-sulph [Nat-s]

Gums burn like fire, toothache lessened by cool air; blisters with burning pain on tip of tongue; mouth dry; thirst.

Nux-vomica [Nux-v]

Gum boils which seem about to burst; gums white, putrid, bleeding; roof of mouth, throat and gums inflamed and swollen; scorbutic gums and ptyalism; coagulated blood is spat out.

Oxalic-acid [Ox-ac]

Small ulcers on gums, painful in spots and bleeding.

Petroleum [Petr]

Stinging, burning pains in swollen gums, (<) when touched; foetid breath; numbness of teeth, which pain when biting on them.

Plumbum [Plb]

Swollen gums show a lead-colored line; painful, with hard tubercles; forth of sweetish saliva in mouth.

Sabina [Sabin]

Swelling of gums around broken tooth; offensive breath.

Sanguinaria [Sang]

Spongy, bleeding and fungoid condition of gums; tongue sore, pain like a boil, tip of tongue burns as if scalded.

Sepia [Sep]


Dark-red, painful swelling of gums, bleeding from slightest touch; sensation as if burned, early decay of teeth.

Silicea [Sil]

Gum-boils sore and inflamed; discharge of offensive matter from openings near roof of mouth or from gums; suppuration of salivary glands.

Staphisagria [Staph]

Gums, white swollen, ulcerating, spongy, bleed when touched.

Sulphur [Sulph]

Swelling of gums, with beating pain in them; bleeding of gums.

Tellurium [Tell]

Salivation, gums bleed easily and profusely.

Terebinthina [Ter]

Scorbutic affections, with haematuria.

Thuja [Thuj]

Gums swollen, inflamed, dark-red in streaks.

Zincum [Zinc]

Gums painful while eating, ulcerated, white, bleed easily.

Samuel Lilienthal
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.