Homeopathy treatment for Gastritis from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Gastritis…

Aconite [Acon]

Inflammatory fever with great pain; stitchlike, burning and pressing pain in the pit of stomach, with anguish and fear of death; great thirst and vomiting after taking cold or having taken a cold drink while heated.

Aesculus-hip [Aesc]

Subacute gastritis; the burning-aching distress in the stomach is almost unbearable; with weakness and faintness; retching and violent vomiting.

Antimonium-crud [Ant-c]

Subdural derangement of the stomach; total loss of appetite; tongue thickly coated, yellow or white; GREAT THIRST AT NIGHT; nausea; belching, with taste of what had been eaten; vomiting; after bad, sour wine; from bathing.

Antimonium-tart [Ant-t]

Persistent nausea and vomiting; loss of nervous energy; oppression and tightness in epigastrium; heaviness of head; distaste for food; putrid eructations; violent spasmodic vomiting, followed by great languor, drowsiness and weary feeling; loathing of food; pale and sunken countenance; unpleasant sensation of warmth and burning in gastric region; praecordial anxiety after eating; vomiting of pus tinged with blood.

Apis-mell [Apis]

ERYSIPELAS OF STOMACH; painful sensitiveness in pit of stomach with burning; great thirst, drinks little, but often; painless yellow diarrhoea.

Argentum-nit [Arg-n]

Incessant vomiting of food, with a smooth, dry tongue, as if it were destitute of papillae; anguish in praecordia small spot between xiphoid process and navel sensitive to pressure, and pain radiating in all directions; acid vomiting; pain in left side of stomach, below short ribs, more intense during inspiration and on touching the parts; ULCERATIVE PAIN IN STOMACH after eating perforating ulcer in stomach; flatulency in stomach.

Arnica [Arn]

Pressive cutting pains in epigastrium, with nausea and retching after blows on stomach; vomiting of dark-red coagula, mouth bitter; general soreness; pinching, spasmodic griping in stomach, sense of fulness in pit of stomach; feeling of nauseous repletion after eating; belching with taste of rotten eggs; hot head, remainder of body cold.

Arsenicum [Ars]

SUBACUTE GASTRITIS. Burning periodical pains, with sour, acrid vomit, violent thirst but vomits the water; extreme tenderness in pit of stomach and restless moving in spite of the pain; lamenting with agonized expression, despairing of his life, mouth dry; tongue white as if white-washed or red with raised papillae; least food or drink is vomited as soon as taken; distressing heart burn; diarrhoeic stools undigested, slimy, bloody, with violent tenesmus and burning in rectum; profound prostration; pale, hippocratic face, cool extremities. After abuse of ices, spoiled sausages, sour beer, alcoholic excesses, chewing tobacco.

Baryta-carb [Bar-c]

Sensitiveness of pit of stomach, on stepping hard he feels every step painfully in it; sensation of soreness in stomach even when at rest; while eating, it feels as if the food had to force itself through, (<) after eating, it feels as if the food had to force itself through, (<) after eating; waterbrash; vomiting, followed by prostration; nervous anxiety and restlessness.

Belladonna [Bell]

Pressive pains, extending to the chest and shoulders; pit of the stomach swollen, with tension in the abdomen, across and below the navel, worse from motion and pressure; difficult breathing anguish, with congestion of blood to the head, dimness of sight, faintishness, restless and sleepless; thirst, but drinking makes it worse, consequently the patient abstains from drinking.

Bismuth [Bism]

Vomiting of bile without effort, small pulse, vertigo and prostration; distressing burning and pressure in gastric region; intense malaise in stomach with burning; nausea after eating, (>) by cold water; vomiting, convulsive gagging and inexpressible pain in stomach, after operations on the abdomen; flatulency; white tongue, cadaverous smelling stools; patient wants company.

Bryonia [Bry]

Stitching pain in gastric region, extending to the chest, (<) from motion, and especially from a misstep; tongue coated, dry, without thirst or great thirst day and night and drinking large quantities. In summer, especially when caused by taking a cold drink after being heated, or after eating flatulent food.

Cantharis [Canth]

Vomiting, with violent retching and severe colic; stomach feels as if were screwed tight; heat and burning in stomach; tremendous burning pain through the whole intestinal canal; unquenchable thirst with disgust for all kinds of drinks, the sight of water brings on constriction of the sphincter muscles; pale wretched, deathlike look or anxious expression, urinary troubles; great restlessness, cannot keep quiet; after drinking coffee.

Capsicum [Caps]

Burning in stomach as if fire were there, (<) immediately after taking hot or cold food; soreness of stomach; itching, tickling in nose with red tip; burning and cutting pains in abdomen, (>) by bending double.

Carbo-veg [Carb-v]

Great deal of sour and rancid belching; burning in the stomach; sensation as if the oesophagus were constricted; the most innocent food causes pain; excessive accumulation of gas in the stomach and abdomen, with sensation as if it would burst, desire for acids, after debauching, (<) from ices.

Chamomilla [Cham]

Dull pains, not increased by external pressure, motion or respiration; sensation of pressure in the stomach, with tension on the sides of the abdomen; difficult respiration, yellow

tongue, bitter taste, yellowish color of the skin, vomiting of bile or green mucus; rumbling in bowels, hot and red face; much excited as if beside himself; sleeplessness; after offence, vexation, anger.

China [Chin]

Pains worse on left side, under the ribs, extending downward; vomiting of blood, and high fever from the very beginning, or at a later stage when the patient becomes indifferent to his pains and typhoid symptoms set in with great lassitude and weakness; fulness in the stomach and bowels, sour risings, cold feeling in the stomach.

Colocynthis [Coloc]

Acute gastritis after taking cold; colicky pains in abdomen; constant inclination to vomit; vomiting of bile without relief; sleeplessness; violent fever, skin hot and dry, pulse hard and quick; intolerable cutting pain or tearing, coming from different parts of chest and abdomen, (>) from pressure and bending double; urging to stool with constant colic; frequent watery diarrhoea; bitter taste; dislike of water.

Cuprum [Cupr]

Nausea, eructations, painful and long-continued hiccough; rumbling in abdomen, sensation of a round ball going to and fro under the ribs, (<) by fluid food; vomiting of bile;(>) BY TIGHT CLOTHING OR A BANDAGE AND FROM LYING QUIET; cold extremities.

Euphorbia-corollata [Euph-c]

Sudden nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea of watery fluids, with sinking, anxious feeling in the stomach; faintness; slow and weak pulse; cool skin; cold feet and hands; cold sweat on body and extremities; spasms of the legs and feet; from fright, overindulgence in ices, fruits etc.

Hydrastis [Hydr]

Dull aching pain in stomach causing a very weak, faintish feeling, a goneness in the epigastric region, acidity, constipation.

Hyoscyamus [Hyos]

Burning and inflammation of the stomach, with vomiting of blood; pit of stomach sensitive; stitches and dull pain in hepatic region; abdomen bloated; incoherent speech, stupor, the patient is insensible to the state of his situation.

Ipecacuanha [Ip]

Pain most severe in front of abdomen, extending to the left hypochondrium, to the sides, to the back, and the base of the chest, with swelling of the stomach, great agitation, constant nausea proceeding from the stomach, with empty eructations and accumulation of much saliva; easy vomiting; diarrhoea after eating sour acrid things, sour unripe fruit, berries, salads.

Iris-vers [Iris]

Great burning distress in the epigastrium, can hardly endure it; colicky pains every few minutes in the epigastrium; shocks of pain in the umbilical region up to epigastrium; nausea, straining, and belching of wind; vomiting, with diarrhoea, accompanied with burning in anus and great prostration; burning in the mouth, fauces and oesophagus; sick headache, with blur before the eyes.

Kali-bichrom [Kali-bi]

Vomited matter, sour, mixed with clear mucus or bitter from admixture of bile, renewed by every attempt at eating or drinking, with great distress and burning rawness about stomach; pain and uneasiness in stomach alternating with pains in limbs; heat in pit of stomach; and spitting of blood; vomiting of drunkards.

Laurocerasus [Laur]

Violent contracted feeling in the region of the stomach, and cutting pain in the abdomen; BURNING OR COLDNESS in the stomach and abdomen; green liquid mucous stools, with suffocative spells about the heart, forcing her to lie down.

Nux-vomica [Nux-v]

Bitter or sour taste, sour belching, fulness and pressure in the stomach, constipation, dizziness, headache, irritable, cross; after coffee, wine, condiments, after mental overexertion; in person leading a sedentary life.

Phosphorus [Phos]

Cutting burning pains in the stomach; severe pressure in the stomach after eating, with vomiting of food; unquenchable thirst; cramps in stomach, radiating to the liver; goneness in gastric region; haematemesis better from drinking cold water; great heat of the body, with cold extremities; frequent shudderings; convulsions; sinking of the reactive power.

Podophyllum [Podo]

Food turns sour after eating; belching of hot flatus, which is very sour, great thirst, vomiting; the stomach contracts so hard and rapidly in the efforts to vomit that the wrenching pain causes the patient to utter sharp screams; vomiting of bilious matter mixed with blood; distressing nausea.

Pulsatilla [Puls]

Pain in pit of stomach during inspiration and on pressure; stitching pain, worse when walking or making a misstep; perceptible pulsation in pit of stomach; tension from stomach to chest; gastric catarrh from ice-cream, fruit and pastry.

Rumex [Rumx]

Shootings from the pit of the stomach into the chest in various directions; aching pain in the pit of the stomach, and aching and shooting above it in the chest; fulness and pressure in the pit of the stomach, ascending to the throat-pit; it descends towards the stomach upon every deglutition, but immediately returns; flatulence, eructations; pressing and distension of stomach after meals.

Sanguinaria [Sang]

Nausea, with headache, chill and heat; vomiting, with severe painful burning in the stomach and intense thirst; red tongue, red and dry lips, hot and dry throat, tickling cough.

Sepia [Sep]

Sensitiveness of the pit of the stomach to touch; bloatedness of the abdomen; congestions and heat of the head; headache; tongue coated, without lustre, often sore and covered with little blisters on the edges and tip; sour smell from the mouth, and likewise of the urine, which is clear, like water, or pale yellowish; constant drowsiness; anxious dreams and great fever heat, especially in children, from taking cold when the weather changes.

Titanium [Titan]

Excessively severe pain and distress, only relieved by vomiting; great weakness and emaciation; during pains constant eructations of foetid gas from the stomach; bowels much distended, constipation.

Veratrum-alb [Verat]

Violent vomiting, with continuous nausea and great prostration, hippocratic face, icy coldness of extremities, anguish in pit of stomach; pains radiating from stomach upward and to both sides, reaching the back between lowest points of scapulae, becomes agonizing and then gradually subsides; haematemesis, with slow pulse, coldness, fainting fits, cold sweat; nausea when rising or moving.

Samuel Lilienthal
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.