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Homeopathy treatment for Heart diseases of from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Heart diseases of…

Abrotanum [Abrot]

Metastasis of gout or rheumatism to heart; endocarditis with piercing pains across chest, (<) in cardiac region; dyspnoea, profuse sweat; sinking as if dying, feeble pulse.

Aconite [Acon]

Palpitations of heart in young, growing persons and plethoric individuals; congestion to both heart and lungs, palpitation with anxiety, cardiac oppression and even syncope; palpitation (<) when walking; lancinating stitches prevent the patient from assuming the erect position or taking a deep inspiration; confused and nervous in a crowd, raises blood from least excitement without coughing; skin dry; fear of death. Attacks of intense pain (hypertrophy of heart) extend from heart down left arm, with numbness and tingling of fingers and fear and anxiety that he will drop dead in the street; valvular insufficiency of the aorta, with strong and abrupt pulse, pulsation of the peripheric arteries and dilatation of the capillary system. Hyperaemia preceding endocarditis, of rheumatic origin, with considerable thirst, dry, hot skin and full and rapid pulse.

Adonis-vernalis [Adon]

(No provings on hand). It is recommended by Dr. Hale in endocarditis with valvular obstruction, and in cardiac affections following Bright’s disease, when there are diminished action of the heart, pulse irregular and intermitting, passive venous stasis, oedema of legs and ascites.

AEsculus-hip [Aesc]

Palpitations, heart’s action full and heavy; darting pains, can feel the pulsations all over the body; dull aching burning in cardiac region, pulse quick, soft and weak; lameness and weariness in back; faintness at stomach; functional disturbances of heart from haemorrhoidal complaints.

Agaricus [Agar]

Sticking pain in apex of heart; stitches in cardiac region, through to the shoulder-blade, (<) from cough; sense of oppression in cardiac region as if the cavity of the thorax were narrowed; at night transient painful shocks at the heart, with anxiety; patient hears the heart throb, and it lifts the hand lying on the chest, (<) evenings, with redness of face, with anxiety breaking out in a sweat; trembling in pit of stomach; dull headache and vertigo; paretic feeling in left arm and hand; palpitation of heart in OLD PEOPLE, DUE TO SPINAL IRRITATION OR BRAIN DISEASE; weariness of limbs.

Ailanthus [Ail]

Organic diseases of heart WITH LIVID COMPLEXION; dull pain and a sense of contraction at the base of the heart and in the centre of left lung; swelling of left arm; formication in arms and fingers on waking; weakness and irregularity of the pulse.

Ambra [Ambr]

Palpitation of heart while walking in the fresh air, with paleness of face; violent palpitations, with pressing in chest as if a lump lay there; aching pain in cardiac region; he perceives the pulse in the body, it feels like the tick of a watch; anxiety about the heart, with obstruction of the breath and flying heat of the skin.

Ammonium-carb [Am-c]

Dilatation of heart; dyspnoea when ascending, (<) in warm room; cough accompanied by bloody sputa; crushing weight upon the sternum; palpitation with dyspnoea and retraction of the epigastrium; cyanosis, heart symptoms secondary to bronchial emphysema; ebullitions at night, seems as if heart and veins

would burst; when in warm room pale, cannot move, must sit quiet to breathe, on going to sleep starts in affright, cannot breathe; veins of hands swell and turn blue while washing (epistaxis while washing in the morning); debility and soreness of the whole body. Audible palpitations, with attacks of great anxiety, as if dying, cold sweat, involuntary flow of tears, unable to speak, loud, difficult breathing and trembling of hands; tendency to somnolence.

Amyl-nitrite [Aml-n]

Praecordial anxiety; cardiac oppression and tumultuous heart- action; flushing of face; feeling of constriction in the throat extending to chest; marked beating of heart and carotids; cardiac oppression and tumultuous action of heart; pain and constriction around heart; increased frequency of cardiac pulse; rapid circulation and dilatation of arteries, pulse quick and weak; sharp pain in cardiac region, (<) by belching (>) Argentum nit.); fluttering of heart from slightest excitement. Aortic insufficiency with excessive hypertrophy of heart and several frontal headache; tremulousness of hands and stiffness and slight numbness of fingers; cold feet, sometimes cold hands.

Anacardium [Anac]

Palpitation of heart, especially in aged persons, when it complicates such slight ailments as a coryza, often associated with defective memory. Rheumatic pericarditis characterized by sharp short stitches, one stitch quickly following another, and then an interval of rest, (<) at night; during inspiration; oppression of chest with weeping, which relieves it, pulse felt over the whole body after some slight exertion.

Angustura [Ang]

Violent palpitation in evening when lying on left side in bed, (>) when sitting up; (<) when bent over, with painful sensation as if heart were constricted; sudden attack as if heart were swollen, with great fear of dying, (>) when LYING ON LEFT SIDE, IN DYSPEPTIC PATIENTS.

Antimonium-ars [Ant-ar]

Needs proving. Chronic endocarditis and endarteritis.

Antimonium-tart [Ant-t]

Dilatation of heart, so warm about the heat that she lets the arms sink down, with great general weakness; dilatation from rheumatism with feeling as if the heart were strained; velvety feeling in chest, orthopnoea, cyanosis, oppression about heart and small, unequal pulsations.

Apis mell [Apis]

Cardiac inflammation and dropsy; sudden lancinating, darting or stinging pains just below the heart, soon extending diagonally towards the right chest; great FEELING OF SUFFOCATION, IT SEEMS HE WOULD SMOTHER FOR WANT OF AIR; oedema or sudden mucous swelling, dyspnoea, fidgety restlessness and anxiety; blowing sound with the diastole; chest feels as if beaten or bruised; every contraction of heart shakes the whole body; restless, but relief in no position; distress in paroxysms lasting half an hour or more, generally taking place in the morning; great prostration. Pericarditis and hydropericardium. Insufficiency of mitral valves; eccentric hypertrophy of heart; PULSE NOT STEADY, IRREGULAR, INTERMITTING EVERY THIRD OR FOURTH BEAT; anaemic aspect; absence of thirst and scanty urination; HEART FAILURE AS IN DIPHTHERIA, interrupted and feeble breathing, pale face, utter prostration, during which he lies stretched out; filiform pulse.

Apocynum-can [Apoc]

Hydropericardium, heart’s action scarcely perceptible; face bloated and anxious-looking; can hardly speak for the want of breath; great dyspnoea, wheezing breathing cough; pulse slow, small, irregular; general dropsy; urine scanty.

Argentum-met [Arg-m]

NEURALGIA CORDIS; sensation as if the heart were suddenly standing still, followed by trembling of heart, gradually passing into an irregular violent throbbing, passing away in a few minutes; frequent spasmodic though painless twitchings of the whole cardiac muscle, especially on lying on the back; pulse intermitting and very irregular.

Argentum-nit [Arg-n]

Constant anxious feeling in cardiac region; anxiety, with palpitation and throbbing through the whole body, especially head and abdomen; WHEN SITTING QUIETLY HE THINKS HIS HEART STOPS BEATING; violent palpitations from slightest mental emotion or sudden muscular exertion, (<) in horizontal position, in bed, while riding in a carriage, (>) while walking fast; heart’s action irregular, intermittent, with an unpleasant sensation of fulness, (<) when noticing it, (>) when moving about; chest hurts when lying on it.

Arnica [Arn]

STRAIN OF THE HEART, producing uncomplicated cardiac hypertrophy, with swelling of hands from any exertion, hands turn red when hanging down; pulse full and strong; heart feels as if tightly grasped by hand, whole chest feels sore and bruised and cannot bear the clothing to touch it; COR ADIPOSUM, FAT IMBEDDED AROUND THE HEART and between the muscular fibres; sudden pain as if the heart got a shock.

Arsenicum [Ars]

CARDIAC CACHEXIA. Irritable heart, trembling, irregular action of the heart, intermitting; palpitations with anguish, (<) after stool, from going up-stairs; heartbeat too strong, visible to the person standing by and audible to the patient himself, (<) at night and when lying on back. Endocarditis and pericarditis with restlessness, agony and tingling of fingers of left hand, after suppressed measles or scarlatina; palpitation of suppressed herpes or foot-sweat. Valvular disease with intermittent pulse, dyspnoea, anasarca, (<) towards evening and at night, on going up- stairs, after deep inspirations or getting angry. General oedema, beginning with puffiness in eyes and swelling of feet. Hydrothorax and hydropericardium, with spells of suffocation, (<) after midnight and when lying down, skin cool and clammy with internal burning heat; urine albuminous with waxy casts; exhausting diarrhoea; burning thirst, with intolerance of water, pulse sometimes suppressed, with strong beat of the heart.

Arsenicum-iod [Ars-i]

Chronic weakness of the heart-muscle, whether the result of valvular disease or not; irregular fluttering of heart with tendency to faint; difficulty of breathing when ascending; praecordial anguish, dry cough, great pain in cardiac region going through to back.

Asafoetida [Asaf]

IRRITABLE HEART. Increased action on slightest excitement; beating of heart, with faintness, rush of blood to head, flushing of face, anxiety and slow breathing; at times heart feels bound together tightly, as if it could not beat; nervous palpitations, with small pulse from overexertion or suppressed discharge (in women); pulse small, rapid irregular.

Asclepias-tub [Asc-t]

Rheumatic pericarditis; slight dyspnoea aside form painful respiration; pain like a pricking of a needle in cardiac region; indescribable uneasiness in shoulder and arm; (<) inspiration, movements of arms, stooping forward or lying on left side.

Asparagus [Aspar]

CARDIAC AFFECTIONS OF THE AGED, with weak pulse and pain about left acromion, heart’s stroke twofold, irregular, quickened; disinclination to any work and languor, Hydrothorax with heart disease or gouty diathesis of old people.

Aurum-met [Aur]

PURE CARDIAC HYPERTROPHY without dilatation, with increased force of heart-stroke and hyperaemia of lungs, (<) from any exertion, as walking up hill, and feeling of a crushing weight under sternum and as if blood would burst through chest, if he does not cease walking; tearing in head, teeth and ears, (<) left side, anxious expression of face; uneasiness and hurried desire for mental and bodily activity; constantly in motion and feels sorry for his inactivity; great anguish, with suicidal tendency and spasmodic contraction of abdomen. Endocarditis with loud endocardial bruits of fluttering action of heart, or sudden jerks through the heart, pulse rapid, compressible and intermittent. In old people attacks of oppression of heart at night with palpitation and great debility. FATTY HEART (Arnica), the fat being imbedded around the heart and between the muscular fibres, but without destroying their structure (ARS. and PHOS., FATTY DEGENERATION OF THE HEART, WITH DESTRUCTION OF THE MUSCULAR FIBRES). Atheroma of the heart and blood vessels with its consequences.

Aurum-mur [Aur-m]

Endocarditis with violent, irregular palpitations and great oppression; peculiar sensation of heaviness and rigidity of heart, with sudden arrest of breathing; stitches directly above the heart; cardiac affections accompanying caries of bones; violent heart-stroke not synchronous with the pulse.

Badiaga [Bad]

Tremulous, vibrating palpitations upon slightest emotion of the mind; lying on right side heart is heard and felt to pulsate from chest to neck; (>) from change of position; CARDIAC DEBILITY.

Baptisia [Bapt]

Brain-fag; nervous exhaustion; palpitations with congestion to head; slow and faint pulse; restless, weary, feels as if lying on a board (Arnica); changes position; generally weak feeling.

Baryta-carb [Bar-c]

Heart affections of the aged, the weakly and scrofulous, palpitations when lying on left side, renewed when thinking on it, which makes him anxious; dull stitches under sternum, deep in chest, followed by a bruised pain in that spot; feeling of constriction in throat; SUDDEN ATTACK OF ANXIETY IN BED; palpitation of chlorotic and hysteric girls; pulse generally accelerated but weak.

Belladonna [Bell]

Congestion of blood to various parts, violent palpitations, reverberating to the head; pressure in cardiac region, which arrests breathing and causes anxiety.

Benzoic-acid [Benz-ac]

GOUT OR RHEUMATISM AFFECTING THE HEART and modular swellings in the joints; pains change place incessantly, but are more constant about heart; awakens after midnight with violent palpitation of heart and temporal arteries at times tearing rheumatic pains in extremities relieve the heart; palpitation and trembling while sitting, (<) after drinking, at night; undulating or intermitting beats of heart; dysuria senilis; urine dark and of an offensive odor.

Bismuth [Bism]

ENDOCARDITIS AND GASTRITIS, violent beating of heart and crampy pains in stomach alternating with pressure in stomach and spine, (>) bending backward; pulse spasmodic, small, intermittent.

Bromium [Brom]

OSSIFICATION OF VALVES, unbearable, violent cutting, left side, under last ribs, from below upward; CANNOT LIE ON RIGHT SIDE. Cardiac asthma from MUSCULAR ENLARGEMENT WITHOUT VALVULAR AFFECTIONS, cannot exert himself on account of oppression about the heart; palpitations on motion, pulse full, hard and rather slow, (>) on sea, especially in young growing persons; violent cardiac pains and palpitations, with headache deep in the brain, under crown of head; lameness of the left arm.

Bryonia [Bry]

Pericarditis and pericardial effusion with strong pulse, stitching pains in cardiac region, preventing motion and even breathing, wants to lie perfectly quiet; PERSISTENT FRICTION SOUND; oppression of chest with sense of suffocation; pulse weak and irregular when the heart-muscle becomes co-affected; heart beats violently and rapidly when rising up or going up-stairs; repercussion of measles.

Bufo [Bufo]

Sense of constriction about heart and chest, heart feels as if too large, as if drowned in a basin of water, (<) when walking fast; stitching about apex of heart.

Cactus-grand [Cact]

sanguineous congestion to chest. Endocarditis and pericarditis; sensation of constriction of heart, as if it were compressed or squeezed by a hand; constant pain in cardiac region, with sensation as if heart were bound down or had not room enough to beat, or as if bolts were holding it; painful sensation of constriction in lower part of chest, as if a cord were tightly bound around the false ribs, with obstruction to breathing; contractive pain in cardiac region, going down left abdomen and catches the breath, cold feeling in chest, at seat of pain; VIOLENT CONTRACTIONS OF HEART-MUSCLE, THROWING THE BLOOD WITH GREAT FORCE INTO THE AORTA, and determination of blood to head with intense headache, low spirited and weeping; pricking pains, impeding breathing and movements of body, cannot lie on left side, blue face, pulse quick, throbbing, tense and hard; heart pains come on slowly, gradually increase and then as gradually subside; IDIOPATHIC HYPERTROPHY OF HEART OF YOUNG PEOPLE. Chronic carditis, with oedematous and cyanotic face, suffocating respiration, continued dull pain in heart, dropsical effusion through body, unequal and intermittent pulse; cannot drink or speak, hands and feet cold. ENLARGEMENT OF LEFT VENTRICLE WITH GREAT IRREGULARITY OF HEART’S ACTION, intermittent at times and of varying character, great frequency of action alternating with slowness; enlarged right ventricle with increased praecordial dulness, endocardial murmurs and excessive impulse. Nervous palpitations from mental emotions, with fluttering sensation of hart like a bird’s wing, (<) at menses, easily frightened, often awakes in a fright; palpitation (<) at the beginning of movement, such as stooping, turning, but taking a walk does not bring it on. CACTUS MODERATES AND REGULATES THE ACTION OF THE HEART AND THUS ECONOMIZES IT.

Calcarea-ars [Calc-ar]

Dyspnoea from a feeble heart; pain in cardiac region and palpitation with burning and heat in chest and fear of suffocation, pale face and deep rings around eyes, palpitation and headache increase and decrease together.

Calcarea-carb [Calc]

ANXIOUS DREAD OF HEART DISEASE. Nervous palpitations with anxious restlessness, especially at night and after meals; when falling asleep, at night; on awaking; after least exertion, after suppressed eruptions; inclination to draw a deep breath; unequal pulse with tremendous palpitation; ANEURISM OF AORTA.

Camphora [Camph]

Diminished flow of blood to those parts remote from heart; great anxiety in praecordial region, with sensation of coldness and irresistible sleepiness; feels and hears throbbing of heart after eating, pulse weak and scarcely perceptible.

Cannabis-ind [Cann-i]

SENSATION AS IF DROPS OF WATER WERE FALLING FROM THE HEART; pressing pain and anguish at the heart, with dyspnoea the whole night; stitches in heart, with great oppression, (>) by deep breathing; painful sticking, as with the prongs of a fork, in the heart; palpitations awaken him from sleep.

Capsicum [Caps]

FATTY DEGENERATION OF HEART AND ATHEROMA IN FAT PEOPLE; clucking, rapid pulsations in some of larger arteries; pectoral anxiety; great desire to lie down and sleep; vital forces below par.

Carbo-veg [Carb-v]

Carditis, visible palpitations, internal heat, especially when sitting; anguish and great thirst; pulse very irregular, intermittent, frequent; excessive palpitations for days, after eating, when sitting. ANEURISMS, blue varicosities, fine capillary network having a marbled appearance. Praecordial anguish as if he would die. Impending paralysis of heart, complete loss of vitality, cyanosis, blood stagnates in capillaries, cold face and limbs, cold sweat, filiform pulse.

Causticum [Caust]

Chronic heart disease in young girls, occasioned by over lifting; sensation as if clothing were too tight around waist; stitches in sternum from deep breathing, singing or lifting; oppression at heart with lowness of spirits, cardiac anxiety and languor; backache during menses.

Chamomilla [Cham]

Palpitation and faintness; pain in heart as if something weighed it down; pulse small and uneven.

Chelidonium [Chel]

Valvular disease of heart; vertigo with confusion of head, (<) on closing eyes, as if everything were turning in a circle; fainting; sparks before eyes; violent stitches in cardiac region; cold extremities; great debility and lethargy; rigors followed by heat and sorrowful, anxious mood. Stenocardia.

China [Chin]

Nervous palpitations; melancholic feeling about heart with desire to take a deep breath; palpitation, with rush of blood to face, with cold hands; pulse frequent, small, (>) after meals.

Chininum-ars [Chin-ar]

Trembling of heart, with rumbling noise, unable to distinguish pulsations; sensation as if heart had stopped; beat of heart and pulse irregular and very frequent.

Chloralum [Chlol]

CARDIAC NEUROSIS WITH GREAT DYSPNOEA, a sense of suffocation, oppression at the base of chest in front; tendency to faint; intolerable sinking at stomach, livid lips, cold extremities; diminished force and increased frequency of heart’s beat. Dilatation of a weakened heart, with violent palpitation and dyspnoea, and peculiar feeling of tightness in chest.

Cicuta-vir [Cic]

Trembling palpitation of heart, feels as if heart stopped beating, sometimes faint feeling with it; twitching of extremities; feels more tired at noon than in evening.

Cimicifuga [Cimic]

CHOREA CORDIS. Myalgia cordis. Rheumatic endo- and pericarditis. Excessive impulse of heart over an extensive portion of left ventricle, with dulness on percussion; heart’s action ceases suddenly with impending suffocation; pains from cardiac region all over chest and down left arm; palpitations; unconsciousness, cerebral congestion; dyspnoea, livid face, cold sweat on hands, numbness of body; pulse weak, irregular, trembling; tumultuous, irregular, unexpected and choreic motions of heart.

Clematis [Clem]

Distinctly perceptible pulsations in whole body, especially about heart, sharp stitches in cardiac region, from within outward vibratory sensation through whole body after lying down.

Coca [Coca]

Violent palpitations from incarcerated flatus; angina pectoris and spasms in chest from overfatigue while climbing mountains; exhaustion of heart with irregular action, pulse intermits every fifth beat, weak and small.

Cocculus [Cocc]

Tremulous palpitation from quick motion and mental excitement, with dizziness and great tendency to fall and to faint; irregular murmuring action of heart. Occasional endocarditic attack after Aconite When there remain great fearfulness and anguish about heart, face of leaden hue.

Coccus-cacti [Coc-c]

Severe pressive pain in praecordial region, with palpitation at night; tumultuous action of heart while lying down after dinner.

Coffea [Coff]

IS FOR THE NERVES OF HEART WHAT CACTUS IS FOR THE MUSCLE; nervous palpitations with frequent urination; strong, quick beating of heart, with extreme nervousness, sleeplessness and cerebral erethism after excessive exultation, joy, surprise; pulse more frequent but less vigorous, even small, weak or intermitting; syncope from feebleness of heart; passive dilatation and a fatty degeneration of heart, especially in alcoholic insomnia.

Colchicum [Colch]

HEART DISEASE FOLLOWING ACUTE RHEUMATISM; HYDROPERICARDIUM. Violent cutting and stinging pains in chest, with great oppression and dyspnoea and sensation as if chest were squeezed by a tight bandage; fulness and oppression as from stagnation of blood in the heart, (<) at night, while lying of left side. Pericardial effusion, with sympathetic irritation of endocardium; on assuming upright posture vertigo, palpitation, stitches about heart, even loss of consciousness; heart’s action weak, muffled and weak, pulse threadlike, imperceptible; skin hard and dry.

Collinsonia [Coll]

Cardiac hyperaesthesia, heart’s action persistently rapid but weak, in patients subject to piles, dyspepsia and constipation, (<) from slightest motion or excitement; periodical spells of faintness and oppression, with difficulty of breathing. After heart is relieved, piles or menses return. Valvular disease, following a severe and prolonged attack of acute rheumatism.

Conium [Con]

WEAK HEART OF THE AGED, pulse one moment full and regular and the next soft, weak and irregular; sudden jerks and shocks about heart; intermission in beats of heart; palpitation after stool, when rising from bed.

Convallaria [Conv]

(Provings wanted). – Acute endocarditis, with intense nervous erethism and dyspnoea, out of proportion to the severity of the disease (E. M. Hale); intermittent pulse.

Crot.-hor [Crot-h]

Palpitation of debility, obesity or fatty heart; nervous palpitations in hysterical people; heartbeat feeble or imperceptible; PERNICIOUS ANAEMIA; haemorrhagic diathesis.

Cuprum-ars [Cupr-ar]

CARDIAC CHOREA (Cimicif.); irregular rhythm of the heart’s action, beats irregular and feeble and then again violent and irregular (Conium); paroxysmal attacks, and during intervals the heart may beat normal again.

Cuprum-met [Cupr]

CARDIAC ASTHENIA, slow pulse, often the sign of feeble muscular action of the heart; fainting fits, probably from stoppage of the action of heart; dyspnoea greatly increased by any exertion; marked irregularity of heart’s action. When quiet hardly any discomfort. Dilatation and fatty degeneration.

Digitalis [Dig]

SUBACUTE INFLAMMATION OF THE HEART, with spasmodic, but incomplete contractions and feeble, irregular pulse; vertigo, delirium, abnormal vision, vomiting, rapidly increasing dyspnoea, spasmodic cough with expectoration, mixed with blood, livid, turgescent face, cannot lie down or be moved without anguish from dyspnoea. ORGANIC DISEASES OF THE HEART, SENSATION AS IF THE HEART WOULD STOP BEATING IF SHE MOVED; heart’s action accelerated by the least motion, feels better when perfectly quiet; excessive uneasiness in cardiac region and feeling of goneness or sinking at the epigastrium; single violent, slow heartbeats, with sudden violent heat in occiput and transient unconsciousness, the whole lasting only a minute; patient irritable, taciturn, fails to remember, full of gloomy forebodings, so characteristic of heart trouble; breathing deep, sighing, slower than normal;suffocative spells with painful constriction of chest as if internal parts of chest were grown together, passive congestion of lungs with cyanosis, must sometimes sit up in order to get breath. PERICARDITIS, pericardial effusion with consequent dropsy; very feeble, irregular action of heart with small, feeble and intermittent pulse; great prostration, fainting on least exertion or movement, even lifting the arms, with palpitations, coldness of limbs and body and dreadful weak feeling in pit of stomach, with or without convulsions or fainting; skin cold and clammy, has a doughy appearance; hydropericardium, hydrothorax, ascites, infiltration of the tissues of scrotum and penis, anasarca. Digitalis regulates the contractions of the heart and increase intravascular pressure.

Samuel Lilienthal
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.