PREFACE to Health vs Disease by Dr. Kavita Chandak…

The world is God’s best creation. He created the Earth, Water, Fire, Air and sky, the five elements which we call ‘Panchatatvas‘. He designed ‘Human Being’ from the union of these Panchatatvas,. We ‘The human’ are blessed with the trinity of the life i.e. Mind, Body and Soul. Body is a type of structure which is made by bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels. As we know ‘Mind’ is the Prime Minister of the body who govern it. But whenever there is a structure, we obviously get some up and down, some plus and minus and some pain and relief associated with it. So, many pains are there which can be observed in the body.

In our day to day life we always face lot of patients suffering from different pains. With HOMEOPATHY a non violent weapon, we can treat and control these pains. Patient himself demands us his simillimum but we must know the art of reading it on his face and in his personality. Homoeopathy is known as science and art. Till first prescription it is science. To maintain the patient throughout the journey of recovery is an art. There is no place and permission for confusion. You have to put perfect ring in perfect finger. In this book I explained few cases of acute and chronic  pains which may help you to target the remedy. The importance of individualisation, clinical tips to judge the patients, hints for selection of remedy and the role of complete symptom is included in the book in a very simple language and examples. ‘HEALTH v/s. DISEASE’ is a treasure of magic clues which will save your valuable time and provides you more perfection


Dr. Kavita R. Chandak

Kavita Chandak
Dr. Kavita R. Chandak (BHMS, PGNIH, PG(HOM), MD [HOM]) is a Classical Homoeopath who has been practicing for 16 years. She runs two offices at Nagpurand and takes cases online from patients worldwide. She has published 127 Marathi articles, 42 Hindi articles and 61 English articles in various newspapers. She has a health column in G-Nine magazine and Ayurhomoeo magazine and presents a talk, “Diet in Different Diseases” in Nagpur Akashwani once a month. Dr. Chankak was interviewed on television regarding “The exact mechanism of Homoeopathy and its benefit to the Society”. She has been a Lecturer on Anatomy and Pathology in Anterbharti Homoeopathy Medical College. She was Guest of Honor at the 11th Cancer Cure Homoeopathic Conference at New Delhi in Dec 2014. Over the years she received various awards, including the International Status award in Health Excellence given by the Vice President of Nepal in 2009, and Outstanding Woman of the Year in 2011 by Dainik Bhaskar. Her book Health vs Disease is available on Amazon.