While listening to this history the cause of his head pains became very evident. Here was a man who took his work very seriously, a true artist who took a pride in his craftsmanship. But it was no longer possible for him to supervise every detail in his office; he had to interview his clients and leave more and more work to his assistants.

Mr. J. was unable to adjust his mind to these changing circumstances, therefore whilst he was interviewing an important client he could not give him his full attention because he was worrying about some other important work which he had been forced to leave to this assistants. He was trying to be two people at once, which , of course, is impossible, and this was the true cause of his eyestrain.

The advice and exercises given formerly to this patient were insufficient to meet his present difficulties; he had to be taught to adjust himself to his new life. In the early days when the treatment had helped him so much, he was working for a master who took all the responsibility; now the responsibility was on his own shoulders.

Mr. J. being a very intelligent man understood this clearly once it was pointed out to him, and determined to adapt himself to circumstances; he saw that he must confine himself to his work as head of the firm, and trust his assistants to do the same work for him as he, in his time, had done for his employer. We are glad to say that from this time forward his headaches cleared up completely.

Strange as the explanation of his case may appear, we are sure that readers will recognize similar troubles felt by themselves. The vital point to remember is that Mr. J. was cured because he recognized the value of mental poise.

It is not possible to put into these articles many cases of eyestrain, as there are many other eye troubles which are equally important to be dealt with in the future. But we do want to make it clear that each case is individual and each case has its own particular root cause, which must be found and eradicated to bring relief.

Glasses weaken the eyes and they cannot effect a cure.

Next month we will deal with Presbyopia (Old Age Sight) and how to prevent or cure it.

“Happy is he who has learnt the value of research”