By J.R.P.


MY wife and I were rather alarmed one evening at the end of S…

MY wife and I were rather alarmed one evening at the end of September, when John (aged six) came in from school complaining of “tummy” ache, and a sore neck. Only that day had we been informed that one of his school fellows had been put to bed with a severe dose of mumps. As may be imagined, we promptly thought of “mumps”, and on turning up The Prescriber, found that Parotidinum 30 was quoted as a prophylactic, and treatment. Two pilules were given, an hour between each, and Sonny was put to bed.

Chancing to meet our local G.P., who is an old family friend, and allopath. Johns condition was casually mentioned, and the following morning the doctor called in to see how he was. Upon inspection he startled us by saying, “Its not mumps-I wish it was.” We pressed for further information, and where told that it “might be diphtheria, but I will know better to-morrow when his throat has developed”, and with that he left us. We were now in a state of very real fear, as the three previous cases at Johns school had all proved fatal-two of them in the same form.

Further consultation, with The prescriber, and then Diphtherinum was given, one drop every hours of the 30th attenuation for six doses. During the afternoon my wife began to show signs of “a throat”, and after taking a dose of Diphtherinum 30 herself, she took a dose of Lachesis 6, as her pain was all left-sided. Within an hour her throat was so much easier that she looked up for something further for John, and found that Lycopodium was indicated, as johns pain was right-sided. She then suspended the Diphtherinum for one dose and gave Lycopodium 6 in its place.

From that moment John began to improve rapidly in every respect, and the following morning was demanding his normal breakfast, which he took without any sign of discomfort whatever. This was followed by slight nose bleeding, the discharge being dark.

Later the doctor called, and after a very minute inspection, pronounced “Diphtheria-I must inject immediately.” I felt very uneasy at the thought of this, but had not the courage to decline it. The minimum dose of 8,000 units was then injected, and John was very poorly for the rest of the day. Friday found him much better, Saturday right side clear, Monday morning-no trace whatever.

Now what had caused this remarkable clearing up? Diphtherinum, and / or Lycopodium, or the Anti-Toxin injection? The doctor was amazed at the rapid recovery-never having seen such a mild dose in forty years practice, etc. For various personal reasons he was not informed of the Homoeopathic treatment, and could only think that it was his prompt injection the moment the disease was confirmed. My wife and I are more than certain that it was the even more prompt administrations of the medicines mentioned above, during that vital twenty-four hours wait for the development.

It only remains to add that after a convalescence of a further two weeks, John was allowed to get up, and that within a mouth was living his normal life again. It is now four months since he first complained and the sequelae are entirely absent-thanks to Homoeopathy.

J. R. P.