It does not matter how good her heart, lungs, stomach, nerves and other essential organs are, if the reproductive organs are not functioning healthily and properly; she will be of all people most wretched – a doctors patient, a chemists consumer, and a surgeons case from puberty to the grave.

WHEN we consider the essential fundamentals of the weaker sex – I mean those functional peculiarities by which a woman is different from a man – we find that a woman has, as it were, “five lives to live”; and three of them, at least, are beset with dangers, trials and pain.

But, with a man, things are different – his transitions are more or less imperceptible, and not at all inconvenient or uncomfortable; he has little or no change of life – critical period, as it is called – that a woman has to pass through in order to reach a time of rest.

The space of time for her can be divided into : her life as a child (prepubertial), her life in adolescence (pubertial period), her life as a woman (productive period), her life as having reached the “Change of life” (Climacteric), and her life as being free from productive responsibility (menopausic period) – all of these periods have their own peculiar dangers and ailments incidental to her sex.

The function of the organs of reproduction – essentially womans have much, if not all, to do with her difficulties, and everything depends upon them for her comfort, happiness and well- being. It is a well-known fact that the “womb” is considered to be a womans second brain, and if anything abnormal exists in, or happens to, that organ, then she is essentially affected mentally with drowsiness and irritability, even to indifference to life and loved ones, until she gets Sepia, then she feels and functions better.

In order to get a right view of her, we will liken her to a clock, which essentially has two springs: viz. a main spring, or heart function, and a hair spring, or utero-ovarian function. It is not unusual for a clock or watch to stop working, and refuse to keep time with the universe, in spite of the fact that the main spring is intact, in good condition, and in its right place; but it will not go.

We argue this and that about quality, fitting, perfection and position, but still it will not function. But have another look! what about that insignificant thread of a spring? Ha! that will not function – yet it ought to, and must, all agree – but what relationship does that bear to the main spring and other essential works which to all appearance are normal? It is so small, frail, and weak-looking in comparison – what influence can it have on the working ability of the organism?

Very many more arguments may be brought into the question of function and non-function of our time-piece, but it will only amount to this – no matter how good it is apart form its refusal to function – if the hair-spring is wrong, there, and there alone is the obvious reason. The spring need not be broken, it only requires a strain to prevent its normal motion, as often is the case.

Thus it is with the maintenance of an harmonious life in a woman – utero-ovarian health is everything to her – especially during the puberty, productive, and climacteric periods of her life as being contributory to the happiness of the community, her husband, family, children and the future of the nation.

It does not matter how good her heart, lungs, stomach, nerves and other essential organs are, if the reproductive organs are not functioning healthily and properly; she will be of all people most wretched – a doctors patient, a chemists consumer, and a surgeons case from puberty to the grave.

Much is being attempted on the line of preventing the dangers of the “child-bed”; and it is about time too, because many chronic cases are traceable to the neglected and carelessness at such a critical time, many operations have to be performed in consequence of inadequate treatment “before,” “during,” and “after”. Yet there is available all the help necessary in all conditions and under all circumstances, as will be shown in the following pages.

It is essential to guard the health, mental and physical, of the other during pregnancy, if the best possible child is to be born. There are many disabilities from which the mother may suffer which have an adverse effect on the unborn infant. Conditions peculiar to pregnancy, such as excessive vomiting, albuminuria, constipation or diarrhoea; and on the mental side, morbid fears, irritability, depression, cravings, sleeplessness, etc., which, if allowed to go on, will influence the child in utero. All these conditions can be successfully obviated – gently, rapidly, and permanently – by Homoeopathy.

Much can be written, and much has been said about the importance of the “beginning of things”; much good work has been hindered through ignorance, carelessness, and indifference in the early stages of development. Often we may attempt to remedy our faults at a later date, but nature always adapts herself to environment, and as having adapted herself, the principle of compensation begins.

The laws of adaptation and compensation are immutable – and that makes; it impossible to recover a state that has not been allowed to exist – so it is eminently necessary to (1) preserve normality where it exists, (2) prevent abnormality, and (3) promote normality when and where it departs from its functions, in the safest, gentlest, and most agreeable manner. That is Homoeopathically.

During the first few years of life much can be done in the way of development, eradication of hereditary tendencies, malformations, etc., by proper diet and feeding. Sunlight, air, and water, regular habits, corrective and remedial exercises and positioning, breathing exercises, massage, and the indicated homoeopathic remedy in all complaints. Much suffering, anxiety and expense so frequent during the later periods of life can be avoided by observing these essentials early in life.

We cultivate various habits, and observe them forming in our children. Some are good, but many are bad and detrimental to nature – likewise we observe ills and ailments developing which, if not naturally checked, will be a legacy for life.

If a child is inclined to chest complaints, catarrhal conditions of eyes, ears, nose, and throat; or, if as often is the case, a bronchial condition arises during teething, this is not the cause, but the end product of a latent state, which is most frequently attributed to the teething, or an inherited taint. Why not encourage and teach the child to breathe properly, and give corrective exercises for the chest and lung development.

I have helped and cured many children of asthma and bronchial tendencies in this way, the exercises being auxiliary to the indicated remedy. Also the nervy child can be much helped by gentle massage of the back, and exposure to sunlight, air, and warm or tepid bathing regularly; of course after the right homoeopathic remedy has given its body stimulus. Chorea, rickets, catarrhal digestive constipation, diarrhoea, skin diseases, marasmus cannot exist long if homoeopathically considered. Every parent should know something of this simple and ready-to-hand method of cure and prevention of disease.

CASE 1. –

A girl, aged eleven, was suffering from marasmus; she had developed structurally, but could not walk, nor had a mind to walk, no desire at all when I saw her. She had had three operations with no result. Taking the case homoeopathically, I learned that she had been normal until she was vaccinated at eighteen months, after which she had epilepsy. This epileptic condition was “stopped” not cured, by bromides when she was five years old; then she could not walk any more, her brain did not develop, so she was left to go to a home for incurables.

I prescribed Thuja 200. A dose every other morning for seven days, and every other day four times; when the case was seen again the child was much brighter and more intelligent, so slight massage and corrective positioning was ordered with Baryta carb. 6 for fourteen days, with the result that the child wanted to walk, and was continually saying: “Daddy, I want to walk. Walk me! walk me!” Homoeopathy again was speedy, gentle and safe in helping that dear child, and will do so for others, no matter what the complaint.

CASE 2. –

Girl, also aged eleven, very thin, weak, and nervy, restless and bad-tempered; would not be touched, examined or looked at. Asthma as the sequel of measles at 3 years 4 months old. The attacks frightened the parents very much, as they were so very violent and lasted a long time. Her chest was very much emaciated, and presented a pinched-up appearance, the shoulders were much too forward, so lessening the chest capacity still more.

The peculiar symptom of the asthma was knee-elbow position during sleep, and this was the only amelioration during an attack. Now such a picture represents Eupatorium; and 15 pills of Eupatorium; and 15 pills of Eupatorium 6 cured the case, and Antim. tart. 30 altered the temperament marvellously, and allowed her to develop into a strong, normal girl; remedial and corrective exercises were also advised, which soon produced structural normality.

CASE 3 –

Lady, 43 years of age. Asthma left over from measles at the age of three years; no sign of cure from all kinds of empiric treatment, hospital, and orthodox medical treatments. From the age of 35 to 43 condition was often very grave; her daughter told me she had always been hypercritical, ultra-tidy, and very restless; so she was given Arsenic 30 – a weeks supply three times a day, because she was very weak and emaciated. This cured- not relieved-cured perfectly. Forty years of unnecessary misery were endured because the appropriate remedy had not been given.

G. D. Pettitt