As the poisons of unsuitable foods that are eaten by human beings enter into and form part of their system, thus necessarily decreasing their stamina and resistance to disease, it is not surprising that the inhabitants of this country have suffered for years to the extent they have.

IF mankind would live agreeably to the laws of nature there would probably be no such thing as inflammations, except that arising from bruises, burns, and other accidental circumstances not connected with food, and which would be sooner healed by applying appropriate remedies on Homoeopathic principles; but it is not so, neither can it be otherwise while we live on demineralized salt, sugar, bread, flour, and acid, acrid, putrid, corrosive, narcotic poisons, which are taken into the system through the food we eat and the medicines we take to “buck us up”.

As the poisons of unsuitable foods that are eaten by human beings enter into and form part of their system, thus necessarily decreasing their stamina and resistance to disease, it is not surprising that the inhabitants of this country have suffered for years to the extent they have. Can we be astonished at this when the sophistries advanced by the medical profession have been practised? Catarrh, indigestion, cancer, drug poison states with their awful train of attendants have become quite common.

Some individuals may say this is chimerical! I will refer them to the immense number of children that at their birth are candidates for practising upon, compared with any former age. By its methods of administration the medical profession is creating more disease and chronic conditions than it will ever be able to control, unless it alters the one ever failing factor Administration.

Let them contemplate the weak, nervous race of beings that now exists, and they will readily perceive that the “power” that once bowed to the will and impulse of a mob, can now awe and control the best organized body. These are incontrovertible facts, and to account for such evident degeneration, except upon such principles, appears to be impossible.

It may be argued that disease has increased in proportion to the increase of population; allowing this, for the sake of argument, how then is this difference and diminution of moral and physical strength to be accounted for: to my mind the prolific use of tobacco is an evident cause of this moral and physical deterioration.

With such a view of things before us, it will be asked: “What is to be done to restore the people to their former and proper energy?” Back to Nature for Everybody; both as regards to living and medically. “What,” it will be asked, “is there not in the present sphere of medical service, sufficient to ascertain the nature of, and to cure all disorders?”.

“No,” must be the reply; for according to open acknowledgments made by the first practitioners of the present day, they must look on the immense mass of disease that surrounds them, and lament their want of means to relieve, much less cure. Here we have an evident proof that the knowledge of the faculty is limited, and the system inefficient.

Here I come to the point of reason for penning the article. Someone will say, according to report published recently, the health of the nation has improved; if that is the case, it is not due to the regular medical service no credit is theirs to claim but is a triumph of “back of nature for everybody”, as taught and published by the Natural Healers of Mankind Naturopaths, Osteopaths, and Homoeopaths these are the healers who heal according to natures laws.

Now in the same report a call for a “cure” for a “common cold” was made. “Back to nature for everybody” I cry, substituting “What can I do?” for “What can I take?” for this cold, or sore throat. No “common cold”, indigestion, or cancer can develop if a “positive” condition is maintained.

A “common cold” is only the failure of the “Thermal system” to adjust and adapt itself to temperature variation, through indiscretions, such as leaving a heated atmosphere for a cold one, or undue exposure, the individual being out of condition primarily. This thermal system is only to be regulated by natural means, and certainly not by drugs, or neglect of “Natures laws” in regard to diet, exercise, and healthy habits; there is not a better “thermal system” regulator than the use of Sun, Light, Air, and Water.

If an individual is hypersensitive to cold or heat, these can be adjusted during the summer months by merely applying” natures quartette” of healthy life-giving elements; then the liability to catch cold will be lessened 90 per cent., but the “cure” of the cold is best accomplished by homoeopathy; the remedies individually indicated will cure rapidly, gently, and perfectly leaving no chronic after-effects such as end in “it is”, “algias” and “isms” in any and every part of the body.

To speak of the “common cold” as though it was an “untamable vixen” seems to me an exaggeration, when teaching the people how to avoid the “beast” is the surest method of dealing with it.

If our bodies are cared for externally and internally according to the intelligence given to each of us, the “common cold” will find no home there. Our bodies will readily adjust and adapt themselves to any environment, and be fully reinforced by the flow of uncontaminated body-fluids which will generously be present.

Now, nothing is of greater importance to the well-being of the human race than the enquiry: “What food is wholesome, and what is not?” Most diseased persons have a developed appetite, which is truly the cause of their malady, and are constantly teasing themselves about what is agreeable to their appetites but what sustenance is good for them forms no part of their enquiry. It was the opinion of the greatest masters of the healing art in every age that the study of the quality of food was a matter of utmost importance.

That oracle of wisdom, Hippocrates, observes that “he who is ignorant of the properties of vegetables, how can he understand the diseases of men for by every one of these the body is affected, either in one manner or another, and of them is the whole life composed, in health, in convalescence, and in sickness”.

In Germany the cry has gone forth, “Back to Hippocrates”; and now in England it is “Back to Nature for Everybody”, both in regard to living and to medicine.

G. D. Pettitt