The measure of Natural Immunity depends much upon our absorption of the natural elements that are available in the form of Sun, Light, Air, Water and Food, with one other valuable accessory, “Exercise”. Exercise. Physical activity is the law of life.

WHEN a person has real health, he does not need to protect himself against any specific germ. His pure and strong blood is his best and sufficient defence. Vaccines, serums and inoculations are not needed by him. If any trouble attacks him, he overcomes it, or makes a quick recovery through his capital inherent power of Natural Healing, the Vis Medicatrix naturae of Hippocrates.

Besides being organically sound and well developed he radiates health, he enjoys his work and his play, he is happy with a keen sense of humour, he radiates happiness and content, he is independent of external helps and has comparative immunity from external attacks.

It cannot be too clearly understood that the really healthy person would be free from ailments or troubles, or else would easily recover from them, while one who depends on a thousand external precautions has no immunity or a positive condition, powerful and nearly independent state of body and mind. A positive condition is free from the handicap of any disorders and maintains a tendency to keeping clean, sane, efficient and happy.

The positive condition has to be maintained and in order to do so we must observe certain Natural elements and laws.



The measure of Natural Immunity depends much upon our absorption of the natural elements that are available in the form of Sun, Light, Air, Water and Food, with one other valuable accessory, “Exercise”. Their value cannot be overestimated, because of their necessity for the maintenance of the health and life of the universe of mankind and all living things.

1. The value of a sun-bath is not to be exaggerated, if taken wisely, that is to say in a gradually progressive way, day by day. Catarrhal and dyspeptic conditions simply fade away under its influence.

Our bodies are externally cased in minute bodies called cells, which are like the big cell “man”. They breathe, assimilate, grow, multiply, age and die, like the man and attached to these is a prolific supply of nerves which have their roots in the great spinal and sympathetic systems, hence we feel, hot or cold, touch, etc.

What the suns rays are to the big cell “man” after a long dreary winter, they are to every one of those cells. If we are exhilarated, it is because they are exhilarated, even as we are depressed because they are depressed. Poor little cells, most of you never see daylight or breathe the fresh air or feel the life giving action of the great sun. So much is preached about the work room ventilation and lighting of the big cell man, but, what about the multitudes of living cells which make him up, and keep him together. I must spare you further, and leave the light of it to you, dear reader.

The sun has another action on life, “a chemical action”, which cannot be copied in any laboratory or produced in any other way. This is what happens during a sunbath. When the naked body is exposed to the suns rays, the ultra-violet rays act upon the product “cholesterol” which is found distributed throughout the body in the blood, bile, fats and nerve-fibres. The suns rays transform this “cholesterol” into vitamin D, or the “sunshine vitamin”. Also they have an anti-septic action the tissues and secretions of the body.

So, it is evident that, to maintain a “positive condition” and secure a measure of immunity, our exposure to the direct rays of the sun is a necessity.

2. The next two elements, Light and Air, can be considered together. They contain beneficial elements which cannot be “bottled” or obtained from any other source. If our bodies are always covered up with thick, burdensome clothing how can we expect to keep fit? A daily exposure for only half-an-hour in a room with wide open window will secure the benefits of light and air which contain in a small, but beneficial way ultra-violet, infra-red light rays and oxygen. Besides this a general light- hearted feeling will be secured which will last for a few hours.

3. The value of water to the body internally and externally cannot be overestimated, seeing that it is applicable to almost all kinds of chronic weakness. A healthy body simply revels in a cold tonic bath, and a weary body is soothed and comforted beyond all imagination by a warm bath, so, therefore, if we truthfully consider this quartette of “natures elements” we can say “our measure of immunity from disease acute or chronic, infective or epidemic, will be according to our exposure to Sun, Light, Air and Water.

4. Diet. Proper food and feeding is probably one of the most important factors to be taken into consideration for the maintenance of good health, and there is no topic pertaining to health that is of greater interest to the “Naturopath” than the question of Diet.

Not only the person suffering from disease must have proper food, but also the individual in good health must use the proper food in the right proportion, if he wishes to maintain a high standard of good health.

Natural living foods promote all natural functions of the body, they keep the stomach sweet and induce peristalsis of the intestines, carry off poisons and create a minimum of toxaemia, which, if allowed to remain, eventually bring about a condition of lowered vitality. Therefore a natural diet is essential to maintain a positive condition and obviate a “Negative State”.

5. Exercise. Physical activity is the law of life. It is absolutely essential to give strength to the muscles and tissues of various organs of the body, that they may properly perform their functions. Proper exercise is necessary to strengthen the muscular system, both internally and externally. It increases the absorption of oxygen in the body, produces a vigorous circulation, hastens elimination and regenerates the nervous system and vital organs.

How can one be in the best of health unless he takes a certain amount of physical, remedial and corrective exercise daily?.

G. D. Pettitt