We thus see that Homeopathy, Osteopathy and Naturopathy are built up on scientific foundations. They present a truth in the Art of Healing which has been confirmed by the most recent researches and discoveries. “Meet you with a challenge, it will be wise to suspend all judgment until they have been studied and applied.”

IF we look back on the history of Homoeopathy and Osteopathy from their beginning, we shall see that not only did they have a hard struggle to maintain their ideas and doctrines and to clear away errors and exaggerations, but that they frequently had to fight openly against attacks for the safeguarding of their existence.

The history of mankind shows us that every truth meets with violent opposition before it obtains general acknowledgment. Medical science is not exempt from this rule.

Whatever is contrary to prevailing scientific views will be attacked, ridiculed or hushed up. Homoeopathy and Osteopathy have shared this fate. Naturopathy has not come under the aggressive fire, because, it cannot be refused or denied that Diet, Sun, Light, Air, Water, Exercise, etc., have a fundamental part in assisting nature in her restorative efforts. Nevertheless they have not failed to prove their vitality and right to exist.

For over 130 years, during which medical science and systems underwent incessant changes, Homoeopathy and later Osteopathy, not only held their own, thus disappointing all prophecies about their end, but, have spread rapidly, surpassing the boldest hopes of their adherents and winning respect from many of their most bitter adversaries.

The extensive growth, the increasing spread of Natural Therapeutics despite all the obstacles in their path and the ever-growing numbers of supporters, may well be looked upon as the best evidence of their importance played in the treatment of the sick.

But in spite of the many opponents, by whom the teaching of Hahnemann and Still is being attacked, and the practitioners of both sciences are being ridiculed and despised the scientific methods of healing continue to this day. Why ? because their fundamental laws and principles are the same, the aims and objects are the same. “Vis Vitalis”, they draw their resources from the same inexhaustible store, “Nature”, and seek only to assist her, “Nature” , in her inherent activities of reconstruction.

We thus see that Homoeopathy, Osteopathy and Naturopathy are built up on scientific foundations. They present a truth in the Art of Healing which has been confirmed by the most recent researches and discoveries. Besides this, the combined power of good “A Trinity of Perfection” is a practical method of Specific Restorative Healing, to which, already thousands of sick folk are indebted for their restoration to health and happiness.

We have in evidence the necessity of surgery to Allopathy — a mechanized medical system must have a mechanical termination– so, why not Homoeopathy and Osteopathy, which, together were “born of necessity”, have fought a good fight, are built up on the same foundations and are growing and developing along the same “natural lines”, receiving nourishment and strength from “Natures Laws”.

Here it may be well to consider the unification of those laws as they apply to, and are used by the three therapies mentioned.

Hippocrates (400 B.C.) observed the “Vis Vitalis” vital force of nature and also the “Vis medicatrix naturae” or the natural healing power of the organic system, which enables the body to overcome disease by its own strength. This knowledge of natures healing power was gradually lost or neglected and instead of nature being assisted in her efforts to overcome the departures from normal, the fifth against disease, seeking to subdue nature instead of supporting her began, and has continued to obsess medical men up to the present time.

But, thanks to a few mighty men of valour, who were thinkers, observers and had a true regard for suffering mankind, we have the “legacy” an accumulation of usable observances which they based on “Natural laws” and worked hard to perfect and to prove the immutability of them.


The law of similars, first observed to be true by the “Father of Medicine” and afterwards appropriated by Hahnemann is based on and related to fundamental biological principles, “Whereby living thing automatically reacts to its surroundings in accord with its own inherent laws, in a manner suitable for maintaining its physiological and anatomical integrity” (Tasker, Principles of Osteopathy) and the machine is so beautifully adjusted as to right itself automatically through the natural action of its various parts, and “It is the force which perturbs that eventually restores”.


This observation is equally proper to Homoeopathy and Osteopathy as both sciences believe that “Jura naturae sunt immutabilia”, the laws of nature are unchangeable. To the osteopath the basis of treatment is ” If all the parts and organs function properly, health will result”, and jointly they believe in the lawful flow of vital energy.


“To him who knows how to use them all things are good.” The recognition of this vital energy, which is the sun of our individual economy, is true of the Naturopath, or Natural Healer as he is called, who believes that “Health comes from within”(Osteopathy and Homoeopathy), also that the vital energy in itself is capable of disturbance, and of self restoration under the proper circumstances, so here is the link in the “Trinity of Perfection” these are moved by the same fundamental laws ad as we believe ”

A fundamental science must work in harmony with all the natural realms, and the laws which apply to those realms must apply also, in some degree and relationship to each. Each must recognize that symptoms are the result of the bodys attempt to get well. A wise physician assists the body by increasing this natural effort and not by fighting the disease”.

It becomes us to provide all — not some — that is available to meet the need of the sufferer, and both Homoeopathy and Osteopathy “Meet you with a challenge, it will be wise to suspend all judgment until they have been studied and applied.” It is only on the ground of experience that they demand adherents.

The doctrines appeal not only chiefly, but solely, to the verdict of experience — repeat the experiments, repeat them carefully and accurately– and you will find the doctrines confirmed at every step and they do what no other medical doctrine, no other system of physic, no so-called therapeutics ever did or could do, “They insist upon being judged by results”.

G. D. Pettitt