The mother is, woman-like, waiting until the child is over six months old, and then she intends to show the doctor the live baby. The homoeopathic law could not be wrong, and she predicted a cure. Homoeopathy does that in the majority of the cases every day and all day.

MRS. R., on waking up from the anaesthetic after the birth of her sixth child found that her infant aroused unusual interest among the members of the hospital staff. It was examined and re- examined, X-rayed and so forth, shown to all the medical visitors until she got very much alarmed. Being the sixth infant she suffered under no illusions that it was just kindly interest in a particularly handsome baby, she thought there must be something serious the matter.

She got no satisfaction, but, like the importunate widow, she preserved, until one of the specialists, annoyed with her insistence, brutally told her the truth, or what he considered the truth, that her baby had got a certain disease, rare but very fatal, that it would not survive six months. She was to keep it in the hospital, until the time of its demise.

Mother like she was most indignant about this, and sought another opinion. She was more lucky than she knew, for she struck a homoeopath who cared not a hoot for specialists and their opinion, but only delved in the despised books of old masters, men greater than the present generation of bacteriologists, and other ologists who are lost in a welter of names, a maze of their own making, diagnosis-mad they are, and what is diagnosis after all but giving a pain or a discolouration a name, the more outlandish the better; and a specialist is a person who can invent a few new names and put new tags to old troubles.

Well, the indignant mother showed the stricken baby to this disciple of Hahnemann, who did not know the wonderful and fearful name of this rare and extraordinary disease, but what she did know was how to cure this medical puzzle.

The baby did present a weird picture. The infant was a deep purple-blue all over its spine. This purple extended right over the shoulders and right down the buttocks on to the thighs. The patch was as hard as a brick. You could make no impression on this hard solid substance, and the mother told how rapidly it had been spreading since its birth, three weeks ago.

In quite a short time the ugly deformity of the skin would have crept all over the body, and the poor thing would have died of this, as she would not have been able to breathe through the skin, a very important function and essential to life.

The doctor remembered reading the description of a fatal case of a snake bite, the Lachesis poison, and it corresponded in appearance to this rare skin disease. So very confidently she told the harassed mother that something could be done for the little mite, and gave dose of Lachesis 10m. There was no anxiety in the doctors mind. The homoeopathic law could not be wrong, and she predicted a cure.

The next week the child was seen again a definite improvement. The disease had been stayed. In three weeks there was no purple discolouration anywhere. In five weeks you would not have known that there was anything amiss with the child. It had grown wonderfully.

The mother, a rather stout, elderly party, was not able to feed her herself. So she was put on cows milk and water and throve. She is now six months, weight I6 lbs. and is teething, as she should.

The mother is, woman-like, waiting until the child is over six months old, and then she intends to show the doctor the live baby. He will probably say that his diagnosis was wrong, but not that this particular disease could be cured. The name of this disease is Sclerema Neonatrum, which translated means hardness of part of the skin of babies.

Would not the original doctor make a fuss if he had managed to cure this incurable disease! And all that was needed was one dose of snake poison.

There was no necessity to repeat the dose as the child was well. Isnt homoeopathy grand if it can do things like this? Just think if instead of a poor child out of a back street of London it had been the heir of an old well-known family. And this is not an isolated example of the power of this despised homoeopathy, but it is repeated again and again all over the world, wherever there are followers of this art.

A professor of medicine declared the other day that homoeopathy had done nothing for medicine except that one homoeopath had invented an instrument for measuring the pulse-rate. I say to that professor: “My dear man, you have forgotten the first duty of a doctor is to heal people of their ailments and afflictions.

Homoeopathy does that in the majority of the cases every day and all day, and those unfortunate individuals who are past curing, they are relieved of their pain without turning them into drug- maniacs,cocaine, and other horrors. They are given milk sleep-producing remedies, which do not lead to suicide, accidental or otherwise.

Isnt that a thousand times better than inventing a hundred and one instruments for looking into stomachs or other internal organs, which may be of interest to the medical pundit, but of no use to the poor sufferer.” Personally I myself should prefer to get rid of my agonizing pain without operation, without knowing that there is an ulcer at the internal or external curvature of the stomach, etc. What say you ?.

Bella Blank