HAHNEMANN AND CHOLERA.   DEAR MR. BARKER, A century ago Samuel Hahnemann was told that a mysterious disease calle…

  DEAR MR. BARKER, A century ago Samuel Hahnemann was told that a mysterious disease called cholera was sweeping along from the East and killing people by the ten thousand. He had never seen a cholera case, but on the strength of the description of the symptoms and sufferings of those attacked by the scourge, he published some pamphlets recommending Camphor, Veratrum album and Cuprum as the remedies.

He was amazingly correct in his prescription and these three medicines have remained the classical remedies for cholera ever since. The story has never been properly told. You are a trained historian and you should do justice to the wonderful foresight and ability of the founder than any homoeopath living. Let me therefore entreat you to tell this wonderful story. There is nothing like it in the animals of medicine.

You have done splendid work for homoeopathy, carrying the torch of progress, and you deserve the heartfelt thanks and the united support of all homoeopaths, who will surely sooner or later recognize the value of your propaganda and of the services which you are rendering to all homoeopathic doctors. Go to it, and all success to you. This is my earnest prayer and wish.

I am, very sincerely yours,


Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca, Spain.

“The patient very often will wonder at the great skill of the physician in removing an eruption from the skin and will go back again when the graver manifestations, the tissue changes, threatening death, have come on as a consequence, and will say to the doctor: You so wonderfully cured me of my skin disease, why cannot you cure me of my liver trouble ?

But this very scientific ignorant doctor has made a failure; he has driven what was upon the surface and harmless into the innermost precincts of the economy and the patient is going to die as a result of scientific ignorance.” DR. J. T. KENT.

Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle
BIO: Dr. Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle 1861 – 1955 was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. He served as editor of the International Homeopathic Medical Directory and Travelling Secretary to the International Homeopathic Society.