Menyanthes Trifoliata

Symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Menyanthes Trifoliata from the Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, a ten volumes comprehensive record of confirmed symptoms, published in 1879….

     Buck Bean ; Bitterklee. Gentianacea.

     A perennial which grows in boggy places, indigenous to America, Europe and Northern Asia. It blossoms in May and June ; flowers rose colored or whitish. The tincture is made from the fresh plant just coming into bloom.

     Introduced by Hahnemann and proved by himself and his provers (Materia Medica Pura, vol. 5, p. 15).


Headache, Dunham, Raue’s Rec., 1870, p. 287 ; Amaurosis, Teste, Hughes’ Pharmacod., p. 517 ; Pain in chest with nausea, Hering, MSS. ; Affection of chest, Wells, Trans. World’s Hom. Conium, 1876, p. 554 ; Jerking of legs, Rück. Kl. Erf., vol. 4, p. 581 ; Sciatica, Lilienthal, Times Retros., vol. 1, p. 121 ; Cramps in legs, Org., vol. 3, p. 269 ; Intermittent fever, Chargé, Trans. World’s Hom. Conium, 1876, p. 418 ; Wells, Trans. World’s Hom. Con, 1876, p. 554 ; Dunham, Raue’s Rec., 1870, p. 314 ; Quartan ague, Fisher, Allen’s Int. Fever, p. 171 ; Ague, Douglas, Allen’s Int. Fever, p. 172.


Taciturn, reflective ; sad, weeping ; likes to be alone.
Anxiety about heart, as if some evil was going to happen.
Indifference alternating with too great joy.
Ill humored, cross.


Constant heaviness of head.
Painful dulness of head after eating.
Pressure in head from above downward, > better during hard pressure with hand.
Pressive, stupefying headache, mostly involving forehead, during rest and motion.
Dull headache in room, with difficult flow of ideas ; > in open air.
Compressive headache in vertex from both sides, on ascending steps, sensation as if a weight pressed upon brain with every step.
Stitches in left side of brain extending toward vertex.
Stitchlike tearing in right side of forehead near temporal region.
Burning pain in forehead.
Pain in forehead, more severe in left side, eye and ear, extending through occiput ; much > by pressure with hands.
Headache < lying down, by sleep and application of cold water.
Cold feeling of head, as if cold wind was blowing on it.


External gnawing on vertex.


When reading everything becomes black before eyes.
Pressing in eyes.
Eyelids feel stiff as from tonic spasms.


Stitches in ears.
Feeling of coldness in ears.
Cracking in ear when masticating.
Otorrhoea, especially after exanthemata.


Tension in root of nose.
Subjective nauseating smell, as from rotten eggs.


Visible, though not painful twitching of facial muscles, especially of right side, < during rest than when walking.
Heat and redness of face when sleeping.
Heat in face with cold feet.
Pain and cracking in articulation of jaw when masticating.
Pimples on face.


Taste in mouth, bitter sweet.


Dryness of palate causing a stinging when swallowing.


Great dryness of throat without thirst.
Paralytic feeling on left side of throat when yawning and coughing.
Dryness and roughness in throat preventing deglutition.
Sensation of coldness extending up oesophagus, with great nausea, following pressure in stomach.


Empty eructations.


Throbbing in epigastrium like a pulse.
Continuous rumbling in stomach as from emptiness.
Constriction in stomach.
Weak stomach, with pressing in head and hard stools.


Sensation of coldness in abdomen, especially when pressing with hand on it, in morning when rising.
Sensation of soreness of abdominal walls.
Distension and fulness of abdomen, as if overloaded by food, all day, with undiminished appetite, together with a sensation as of incarcerated flatus and frequent ineffectual efforts to emit it ; in evening fulness much < by smoking.


Constipation hard stool, with pinching pain in abdomen.
Bleeding hemorrhoidal tumors.


Frequent desire to urinate, with scanty discharge.


Increased sexual desire, without amorous fancies or erections.
Both testicles are drawn up, right more than left.
Spermatic cord painful to touch.


Rough, hoarse voice, ears feel obstructed, as if something had been stretched across.
Stitch in anterior region of larynx, impeding deglutition.
Spasmodic contraction of larynx ; effort to inspire causes cough.


Sharp pain through middle of upper right chest to lower part of shoulder, causing nausea and faint feeling ; can scarcely move.
Pressure on both sides of chest, with sharp stitches, < on inspiration.
Constriction and stitches on both sides of chest.
Stitches in (r. side) of chest < during motion and when breathing.
A man about fifty years of age consulted me for a trouble in his chest ; great oppression of breathing, with violent and irregular action of heart, < from slight exertion ; feet and legs below knees habitually cold, < about 8 A. M., for an hour or two, during which time chest symptoms < θ Affection of chest.


Anxiety about heart, as if some evil was going to happen.
Stitches in region of heart.
Pulse slow during chill, accelerated during heat.


Heaviness and stiffness in muscles of neck and throat.
Dull, boring stitch on left shoulder blade.
Dull boring sticking in left scapula, extending across spine.
Extremely painful tearing between scapula, extending downward, especially on deep breathing.
Bruised pain in small of back, < when stooping, also when walking.
Pain in back, when sitting still, disappearing on touching ; pressure as from a thumb, and tingling in it, which increases pain, < on stooping, drawing upward.


Muscular twitches in right upper arm.
Cramplike pain in muscles of left forearm, extending to palm of hand, almost like paralysis.
^^ Tingling from elbows into hands and fingers, at 11 A. M., on walking in open air.
Tension and paralytic tearing in arms, hands and fingers.
Spasmodic stiffness of arms, fingers involuntarily clenched.
Painful jactitation of muscles of right upper arm and little finger.


Stitching, contractive pain in region of hip joint ; cramplike drawing in of anterior portion of thigh when sitting ; when sitting, thighs and legs are spasmodically jerked upward ; pain > by motion and pressure, < evening, during rest and when lying down ; after abuse of quinine. θ Sciatica.
Bruised feeling of thighs.
Right thigh and leg are spasmodically jerked upward while sitting, not when standing.
Legs constantly jerked up with cramps, preventing sleep.
Cramplike pain in muscles of right leg, extending from below upward, like a paralytic pain.
Painful spasmodic jerking of lower extremities in gouty persons, with calcareous deposits in joints.


Stinging, pinching pain in limbs. θ Arthritic affection.


Rest : pressive, stupefying headache ; twitching of facial muscles <; pain in thigh <.
Lying down : headache <; pain in thighs <; sweat in bed.
Sitting still : pain in back ; cramplike drawing in thigh ; thigh and leg jerked upward.
Stooping : pain in small of back <.
Slight exertion : irregular action of heart <.
Swallowing : stinging in palate.
Masticating : cracking in ear ; pain and cracking in articulation of jaw.
Motion : pressive, stupefying headache ; almost impossible, sharp pains through chest ; stitches in chest <; pain in thighs >.
Ascending steps : compressive headache.
Walking : twitching of facial muscles >; pain in small of back <; tingling from elbows into hands and fingers ; great debility.


Great debility, especially when walking, often with chilliness.
Painless twitching of muscles in different parts (face and thigh), principally when at rest.
Injuries to nerves (teeth broken when pulled, etc.).


Vivid unremembered dreams.


Morning when rising : coldness in abdomen.
At 8 A. M., for an hour or two : coldness of feet and legs <.
At 11 A. M. : tingling from elbows into hands and fingers.
All day : distension and fulness of abdomen.
Evening : fulness in abdomen < by smoking ; pain in thighs <; general heat ; sweat in bed.
All night : sweat lasting.


Warm stove : chill passes off.
Open air : dull headache >; tingling from elbows to fingers.
In room : dull headache.
Cold water : headache <.


Shivering on upper part of body, with yawning.
Shuddering without chill (like from hearing horrible tales), only on upper body.
Coldness of abdomen, especially on pressure with hand.
Chilly sensation in abdomen.
θ Intermittent.
Coldness of dorsal spine, with shaking.
General chill, which passes off near warm stove, remaining only on back.
Feet cold as far up as knees, as if they were in cold water.
Icy coldness of hands and feet, with warmth of rest of body.
Veins of lower arms and hands distended, while feet are icy cold.
Chilliness, especially of fingers and toes.
Heat without thirst.
Hot face, with cold hands and feet.
General heat in evening, most severe on head, attended with cold feet.
Sensation of heat, particularly in back, with intermingling coldness, particularly in abdomen.
Sweat in evening in bed immediately after lying down, frequently lasting whole night.
Intermittent fever, with chilliness in abdomen, lasting six days, when a disagreeable feeling of heat comes on, alternating or intermingling with chilliness, with cold feet and legs and slow pulse.
Paroxysm of fever daily at 9 A. M. ; heat, thirst, restlessness and redness of face and eyes lasted till 3 P. M.
Irregular intermittent paroxysm consists chiefly of a cold stage which is incompletely developed, hands or ends of fingers, and toes or feet, and end of nose alone becoming very cold.


Alternate : heat and chilliness.
Daily at 9 A. M. : fever.
Lasting from 9 to 3 P. M. : heat, thirst, restlessness and redness of face and eyes.
Lasting six days : intermittent fever, with chilliness.


Right : stitch-like tearing in side of forehead ; twitching of facial muscles ; testicle drawn up ; sharp pain through upper side of chest ; stitches in chest ; muscular twitches in upper arm ; thigh and leg jerked upward ; cramplike pain in muscles of leg.
Left : stitches in side of brain ; pain in side of forehead ; paralytic feeling on side of throat ; dull boring stitch in shoulder blade ; dull boring sticking in scapula ; cramplike pain in muscles of forearm.
From above downward : pressure in head.


As if some evil was going to happen ; as if a weight pressed upon brain ; as if cold wind was blowing on head ; abdomen as if overloaded by food ; as of incarcerated flatus ; as if something had been stretched across ears ; as if a thumb pressed on back ; as if feet were in cold water.
Pain : in forehead ; in articulation of jaw ; in back.
Sharp pain : through middle of upper right chest.
Jerking and pinching pain : in outer parts.
Stitchlike tearing : in right side of forehead.
Paralytic tearing : in arms, hands and fingers.
External painful tearing : between scapula.
Stitching contractive pain : in region of hip joint.
Stitches : in left side of brain ; in ears ; in anterior region of larynx ; in chest ; in both sides ; in region of heart.
Stinging, pinching pain : in limbs.
Stinging : in palate.
Burning pain : in forehead.
Pinching pain : in abdomen.
Cramplike pain : in muscles of left forearm ; in muscles of r. leg.
Cramplike drawing : in anterior portion of thigh.
Dull boring, sticking : in left scapula.
Bruised pain : in small of back ; in thighs.
External gnawing : on vertex.
Painful spasmodic jerking : of lower extremities.
Painful jactitation : of muscles of arm and little finger.
Muscular twitches : in right upper arm.
Throbbing : in epigastrium.
Anxiety : about heart.
Compressive pain : in vertex.
Pressive, stupefying headache.
Dull pain : in head.
Tingling : in back ; from elbows into hands and fingers.
Soreness : of abdominal walls.
Heat : of face ; in head ; in back.
Paralytic feeling : in left side of throat.
Spasmodic stiffness : of arms ; fingers.
Stiff feeling : in eyelids ; in muscles of neck and throat.
Dryness : of palate ; of throat.
Tension : in root of nose ; in arms, hands and fingers.
Constriction : in stomach ; in both sides of chest.
Pressure : in head ; in eyes ; in stomach ; in both sides of chest ; in back.
Heaviness : of head ; in muscles of neck and throat.
Fulness : of abdomen.
Coldness : of abdomen ; of dorsal spine ; of hands and feet ; of end of nose.
Cold feeling : of head ; in ears ; extending up oesophagus ; in abdomen ; in feet and legs.
Chilly sensation : in abdomen ; of fingers and toes.
Shivering : on upper part of body.


Touch : spermatic cord painful ; on back, makes pain disappear.
Pressure : pain in forehead >; coldness of abdomen >; pain in thighs >.
Hard pressure : > pressure in head.
Injuries to nerves.


Child, at. 22 months ; intermittent fever.
Man, at. 78 ; cramps in legs.
Man, at. about 50 ; respiratory and heart trouble.


Antidote : Camphor.
It antidotes chronic effects of Cinchon. and Quinia.
Compatible : Capsic., Lycop., Pulsat., Rhus tox., which follow well.
Compare : Mag. mur., Paris quad. and Pulsat. in headaches ; Carbo veg. and Lycop. in gastric symptoms ; Laches. in chills and fever ; Calcarea ostr. and Gelsem. in icy cold feet and legs.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.