Calcarea Arsenica

Symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Calcarea Arsenica from the Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, a ten volumes comprehensive record of confirmed symptoms, published in 1879….

     Arseniate of Lime. 3 Ca O2 Az O5

     Prepared and proved by C. Hg., in 1848, in the 4th centesimal trituration, and by five other well experienced provers, who did not know of each other until 1851. Some cures were published to induce more provings. The few given here contain elements of great promise. We want more cures, even reports of failures, but, above all, good provings of the higher potencies.


Mind seems dull and unable to digest any subject.
Unable to attend to any business, on account of headache.
Delirium evenings in dark. θ Typhoid with albuminuria.
Great depression of mind.
Mind much depressed with great anxiety, about still greater evils in future. θ Albuminuria.
With exertion of mind headache lessens but is much < afterwards.
The slightest emotion causes palpitation of heart. Comp. Lithium carb.


Vertigo when moving head.
In sudden attacks he feels as if he was flying or swimming in the air, as if his feet did not touch the ground ; feels indescribably well, as if in heaven, the most wonderful visions pass before his eyes, it seems to be a great many different things but lasts only a second, it passes like lightning, but is infinitely much.
A pressing heaviness first on top of head, then in occiput.
Head seems to get heavier and heavier.
Congestion to head before an epileptic attack.


Dull stupefying headache in different parts of head, but principally above and behind ears.
Head gets heavier and heavier, and quick movement makes him giddy.
Rush of blood to head before an epileptic attack.
^^ Violent pains over right eye.
The headache was worst in front and above left ear, most on a place where he had a headache before.
Between ear and right forehead a burning, lasting some months.
Boring-jerking in front over right ear and on lower border of acquisitiveness and in occiput in region of sociableness, with a chill, has to go to bed ; after getting cold outdoors in winter.
Stitches in left side of head, above neck towards region of temples and across forehead from right to left.
Pressing heaviness ; first in vertex, afterwards in occiput.
Mornings, going out-doors, very peculiar headache ; boring-shooting in occiput in regular measure, and simultaneously a sensation as if one was drawing on a thread in larynx from front backward, and repeated once soon afterwards.
Violent headache beginning at noon, < towards evenings, < after supper ; a digging, pressing beating throughout left half of head, from front backward ; lying on forehead it is < in occiput over nape of neck ; lying on back it is < in forepart of head, same lying on either side, always < opposite side. It causes a feeling of lameness in whole body ; it was followed by a tearing pain in upper and lower jaw, as if jerking down from head ; relieved by Pulsat.
Headache commencing very slightly, but gradually increasing to such violence that he is unable to do any business ; it is most in forehead, as if it would split the head and tear it to pieces. The beating of pulse gradually has increased from 80 to 100 ; each beat of heart he felt in head as if every beat was striking against a wedge. Stooping and going out-doors < he had to go home again, on the 7th day, could do nothing and felt exceedingly weak. From the 4th day of the proving it had increased gradually up till noon of 7th day.
Burning in head, first left then right.
Headache : > with mental exertion, but < after ; < after slightest error in diet ; and palpitation of heart < and > together ; with stiffness of neck, wakens him towards 4 A. M. ; he had no sleep after it and could not lie ; weekly, stitches in right forehead.
Beating in head and back drive him out of bed.


Temples oedematous. θ Albuminuria.
Head is hot.
θ Albuminuria.


Letters seem to run together.
Delirium in the dark.
Eyes have little brilliancy.
θ Albuminuria.
Violent pain in right eye and above it.
Headache over left eye.
Blue rings under eyes.


Headache and toothache extend into ears.
Benumbing headache is most above and behind ears.


Sneezing with fluent coryza in morning.
Sneezing with a jerking-shooting pain near left side of breast bone, region of 4th and 5th ribs.
Before breakfast, catarrh in head, spitting of mucus, which falls down from choana.
At 3 A. M., wakefulness, restlessness, sweat and running catarrh, next morning frequent sneezing.
No phlegm through nose, only from choana.
Crusts are formed in choana.


Tearing pain in upper and lower jaw ; jerking down from head ; after Glonoine taken for headache, Pulsat. relieved.
Heat in face with palpitation.
Pale face and blue rings under eyes with palpitation.
Looks pale and suffering.
θ Albuminuria.
Face swollen, especially about eyes.
θ Albuminuria.


Tearing pain in upper and lower jaw from head down.
Itching on upper lip.
Lips dry. θ Albuminuria.


Toothache in decayed molars, extending into ears, recurring weekly.


Flat unpleasant taste, sometimes metallic, sometimes alkaline.
Sour taste with sore throat.
Taste like garlic during swallowing.
Tongue dry. θ Albuminuria.
Burning on tip of tongue.


Saliva runs together in mouth like water, with a tasteless belching.
Sour taste.


Tickling in back of throat.
After belching a burning in oesophagus as from pepper, with garlicky taste when swallowing.
A roughness and scratching in throat as if he had eaten nuts.
A sensation as if a scab was in upper part of throat and occasioned tickling and cough, which shakes whole chest and feels as if bruised.
Copious hawking of tough white phlegm.
Dryness in pit of throat and roughness of voice.
Pressing pain in throat, in clavicular region, with sour taste and waterbrash.


No craving for food for body or mind.
No appetite during evening after fever, with thirst in afternoon.
No appetite, with pain in loins and groins.
Thirst for cold water.
No appetite, can enjoy only soup, eating which often causes eructations and vomiting.
Great thirst, but when she drinks too much, pain in belly and diarrhoea supervene.
θ Albuminuria.
Desire for wine or other spirituous drinks.


Can bear turnips now and cornmeal, even when costive ; had given him headache since 20 years and pain in sternum ; after sweet potatoes, diarrhoea in night.
After drinking wine, pain in groins or in spermatic cords.
After least error in diet headache increases.
Torpid condition of body and mind ; the food he eats seems to lie in stomach without digesting.


Pressing as if to belch, ending with a sudden beat of heart.
Belching, followed by burning in pharynx ; with a running together of saliva.
Nausea when sitting down.
Waterbrash with sour taste.


Acidity of stomach.
Burning heat in stomach.
Anxiety in pit of stomach.
Dull pressing stitches below stomach, with cutting across abdomen.
Digging in pit of stomach.
Painful stitches in pit of stomach, started by some movements of arm ; pain is followed by a cutting in right side.
Sensation as if stomach was expanded.
Region of stomach distended. θ Albuminuria.
Gastric ulcer, in a girl with scanty menstruation.
May be indicated in pancreatic diseases with albuminuria.
Cancer of pancreas, when there is burning pain.


Cirrhosis of liver in typhus with albuminuria.
Sensation of fulness below short ribs, at 1 P. M. ; feels weary and drowsy.


Sensation as if diarrhoea would appear ; soon after colicky pain around navel with pressure downward.
Colic and looseness of bowels.
Sensation in both groins and loins as if a hernia would be forced out, with loss of appetite after drinking some wine ; lasting ten weeks.
Bowels very tense. θ Albuminuria.
Swelling of inguinal glands, with tearing pain in legs.
Very painful shooting, cutting jerk across abdomen going from right to left.
Sensation as if abdomen was expanded, with fever.


Faintness ; cold hands followed by a stool without relief.
Urging to stool with palpitation and oppression of chest.
Burning with the passage.
Stool with ascarides, and itching at anus from evening until midnight.
Diarrhoea at midnight after sweet potatoes.
Looseness and colic ; also during pregnancy.
Infantile diarrhoea.
Stool tardy, but not hard.
Hard and difficult stool for months.


Great sensitiveness to pressure in region of kidneys. θ Albuminuria.
Must pass urine every hour ; urine containing very much albumen.
θ Albuminuria.
Burning with scanty urine.


Pain in spermatic cords after great exertion and drinking some wine ; has to go home ; hands turn cold ; faintness and stool without relief.


Scanty menses. θ Gastric ulcer.
Bearing down and prolapsus.


During pregnancy bearing down, prolapsus vagina and other complaints.
Albuminuria during pregnancy.


Drawing as with a thread from larynx backward, with headache.
Dryness in pit of throat and roughness of voice, followed by a feeling as if a crust was in upper part of throat, which caused a tickling and a cough, shaking the whole chest ; feeling all over chest as if beaten.
Loses voice and afterwards consciousness ; before an epileptic attack.


Kind of asthma, awakens soon after midnight with difficulty in breathing as from fulness in chest ; gets uneasy, turns all night in bed from side to side, falls asleep and gets awake again ; has such an attack every night, but each night somewhat later until it reaches the morning, after he rises ; breathing not free all day, but without palpitation.
Feeling as if he would suffocate, with palpitation.


Cough shaking whole chest, caused by a tickling from a crust in upper part of throat ; chest feels as if beaten.


In clavicular region pain in throat.
Dull pressure on chest, with roughness of throat.
Fulness in chest. See asthma, 26.
Chill extends from back towards chest.
Burning and heat in chest.
Precursory symptoms, with violent pains on left side. θ Epilepsy.


Immediately oppression and increased soreness of heart, with palpitation.
Rush of blood towards left chest.
Jerking shooting pain about 4th and 5th ribs, left, side, near breast bone. See sneezing, 7.
The prover never took a medicine which acted so strongly on the vascular system ; two nights in succession, throbbing in head and back drove him out of bed.
Pains in region of heart and fearful palpitation, with burning and heat in chest, followed by shooting in back, extending to feet and arms.
Attacks of pains in heart, with violent attacks of palpitation and fear of suffocating ; face pale, deep rings below eyes.
θ After suppression of intermittent by opium.
Pains in heart ; before epileptic attack.
Constriction of heart.
θ Before an epileptic attack.
Constriction of heart like from a rush of blood to left chest, with palpitation and urging to stool.
^^ His habitual palpitation, not caused by an organic disease, increases very much.
Beat of heart very strong. θ Albuminuria.
Frequent attacks of palpitation, with heat of face, lasting several days, after each, even slight emotion of mind ; before such an attack always heat of hands and tremulousness.
Violent palpitation, with an urging to belch and unable to get wind up, as if something in heart prevented it ; suddenly follows a violent beat, like an explosion, commencing in pit of stomach and extending up into head, after which he feels every beat of pulse. Carb. veg. antidoted.
Palpitation and headache increase and decrease together.
Palpitation, with oppression of chest, disturbing sleep. θ Before epilepsy.
Every fourth beat of pulse omits with great regularity.
Pulse increased in number continually from 80 to 100, is quicker and harder ; he feels with it all beats of heart during 3 to 4 days ; somewhat > on 5th day.
Pulse 120, easily compressed. θ Albuminuria.


Dull pressure on chest.


Pain very near nape of neck.
Stiffness of neck with headache, on waking in morning.
Shuddering over back extending into feet and arms.
Throbbing in back, drives out of bed at night.
Violent backache between shoulders and sacrum.
Could not straighten back.
θ Albuminuria.
Frequent shooting in small of back, after diarrhoea with colic ; in 6th month of pregnancy after 30 cent.


Lame pain as if beaten, in left shoulder and arm, morning in bed ; > after lying on it.
Lame feeling of left arm, with a painful drawing about 3 inches above wrist to upper arm and into shoulder ; later same feeling in right arm, but less marked.
Backache extends into arm.
Pains in left hand and arm before epileptic attack.
Cold hands and fainting after pain in spermatic cords.
Chill from back to arms.
Heat of hands before palpitation.
Back of hands oedematous. θ Albuminuria.


Pain in his left knee of a neuralgic character.
Backache extends into lower limbs.
Tearing pain in legs, with swelling in groin.
Lower extremities oedematous. θ Albuminuria.
Weariness in lower limbs, most in knees.
Weariness amounting to lameness of lower limbs.
Feet heavy.


Stooping causes headache, like pulse beating against a hedge.
Sitting down : nausea.
Lying down : throbbing in head and back ; sleeplessness ; causes headache on opposite side lain on ; on left arm >; pain as if beaten ; epileptic attack ceased.
Motion : of head causes vertigo ; giddy, from quick motion ; of arm causes stitch in pit of stomach and cutting in right side.
After great exertion : fainting ; pain in spermatic cord.


Weary, with fulness under ribs.
Lame sensation in whole body, with headache.
Great weariness and drowsiness.
Bodily and mental relaxation.
Collapse, in heart and kidney affections.
Very weak, with headache.
Restless in morning, with difficult breathing.
Tremulousness before palpitation.
Lightness of whole body, as if swimming or flying in air.
Fainting, after great exertions.
Epileptic attacks since 10 years, begin with a pain in l. arm, appear only at daytime.
Epileptic attacks, commence with a pain in heart or a constriction ; without any organic disease of heart.
Epileptic attacks, most at night, appeared first after total abstinence, in a drunkard, commenced with strong palpitation, rush of blood to head, loss of speech and consciousness ; every fourth beat of pulse omits regularly.
Epileptic attacks appeared earlier, more violent and at shorter intervals, and then ceased on lying down.
Strength pretty well gone.
θ Albuminuria.
Epilepsies proceeding from valvular diseases of heart.


Drowsy and weary, with a sensation of fulness under short ribs.
Desire to sleep in middle of day, with heavy legs.
Sleep at night very restless, disturbed by headache and palpitation ; he turns from one side to another.
Rolls about all night, sleeps and wakes, with asthma.
After 3 A. M., sleepless, restless and perspiring ; followed next morning by a running coryza and frequent sneezing.
For weeks nearly without sleep ; he could not bear to lie down.
Every night an attack of difficult breathing ; each night later.
Dreams of people he had not seen for twenty years and had not in his mind the day before ; often repeated.
Throbbing in head and back drives him out of bed for two nights.


Evening : delirium ; headache < after supper ; no appetite after fever ; until midnight itching at anus.
Morning : headache ; headache wakens him 4 A. M. ; sneezing, fluent coryza ; catarrh in head and choana ; 3 A. M., wakefulness, restlessness, sweat, catarrh ; pain in shoulder and arm in bed ; restless, difficult breathing.
Noon : headache towards evening ; chill, < towards evening and after supper.
At 1 P. M. : weary and drowsy ; fulness below short ribs.
Afternoon : thirst ; fever and distended abdomen.
Midnight : diarrhoea ; asthma, after, later each night ; throbbing in back.
All day : breathing not free.


Winter : chill after getting cold out-doors.
Out of doors : headache.


Chilly crawl over back towards arm and chest ; it originates always inwardly with a sensation as if skin and adjoining parts were hot.
Chill with headache from getting cold.
She feels a shuddering or shivering running over back ; sometimes has gooseflesh, especially at night, and is sleepless. θ Albuminuria.
Fever in afternoon, with sensation as if abdomen was puffed up ; much thirst for cold water and afterwards loss of appetite in evening.
Heat in chest, with palpitation.
Night sweat after 3 A. M.


Every hour : must pass urine.
Commencing slightly, increasing to violent splitting headache.
Weekly : headache ; toothache.


Left side is generally most affected.
From right to left stitches in forehead ; cutting jerks in abdomen.
First left then right : burning in head ; drawing in upper arms.
From front to back : headache.
Right : pain over eye ; burning between ear and forehead ; boring jerking front of ear ; stitches in forehead ; arm and shoulder, lame pain.
Left : above ear, headache ; stitches in side of head ; digging, pressing beating through half of head ; violent pain in chest before epilepsy ; shoulder and arm, lame pain ; hand and knee pain ; neuralgia.


As if flying or swimming in air ; as if feet did not touch ground ; as if a scab was in upper part of throat ; as if stomach was expanded ; as if diarrhoea would appear ; as if a hernia would be forced out in groins and loins ; as if one was drawing on a thread in larynx, from front backward ; as if beaten in left shoulder and arm ; as if skin and adjoining parts of back were hot.
Boring jerking : over right ear and in occiput.
Boring shooting : in occiput.
Jerking shooting : over left side of breast bone.
Jerking : from head to jaw.
Tearing : in upper and lower jaw ; in head ; in legs.
Digging : through left half of head ; in pit of stomach.
Cutting : across abdomen.
Stitches : in left side of head ; across forehead ; in right forehead ; in pit of stomach.
Shooting : across abdomen ; in small of back ; in occiput.
Colicky pain : around navel.
Splitting : in head.
Dull pressing stitches : below stomach.
Neuralgia : in left knee.
Drawing : of arms.
Soreness : of heart.
Burning : between ear and right forehead ; in head, first left then right ; on tip of tongue ; in oesophagus ; in pharynx ; in stomach ; in cancer of pancreas ; with passage ; with scanty urine ; in chest.
Bruised : in chest.
Pressing : through left half of head ; in throat ; in clavicular region ; on chest.
Bearing down : with prolapsus and during pregnancy.
Undefined pain : over right eye ; in right eye ; over left eye ; in groins or spermatic cords ; in left chest before epilepsy ; in region of heart ; in heart ; near nape of neck ; left hand and arm.
Stupefying : different parts of head ; behind ears.
Beating : through left half of head ; in head ; in back.
Throbbing : in head and back.
Pressing heaviness : on top of head, then in occiput.
Heaviness : of head : feet.
Fulness : below short ribs ; in chest.
Scratching : in throat.
Roughness : in throat.
Weariness : in lower limbs.
Constriction : of head ; of heart.
Tickling : in back of throat.
Stiffness : of neck.
Benumbing : headache above and behind ears.
Lameness : in whole body ; of left arm.
Itching : on upper lip ; at anus.
Heat : in face ; in stomach ; in chest ; in hands.
Shuddering : in back ; to feet and arms.
Chilly crawl : over back towards arms and chest.
Dryness : in pit of throat.


Emboli in albuminuria.
Obesity ; fatty degeneration.
Heart and kidney diseases.


Infantile diarrhoea.
Scrofulous, tuberculous diseases with albuminuria.
Complaints of drunkards after abstaining.
Complaints of fat women when approaching the climaxis.
In lymphatic, scrofulous and tuberculous persons after Conium.


Antidotes : Carb. veg. (palpitation), Glonoin (headache), Pulsat. (headache, tearing pains in face).
Compatible : Conium, Glonoin, Opium, Pulsat.
Compare : in mental symptoms, palpitation, Lithium carb. carb. ; in headache, Glonoin, Pulsat, Sepia, Sulphur ; in bad effects from drinking, Arsen. ; in desire for wine and alcoholic drinks, Nux vom. ; in gastric ulcer, Arsen., Kali jod., Phosphor. ; in asthma, Arsen., Ipec. ; in heart, beat intermittent, constriction, palpitation, spasms, Arsen., Carb. veg., Digit., Glonoin, Lithium carb. carb.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.