Symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Bovista from the Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, a ten volumes comprehensive record of confirmed symptoms, published in 1879….

     Puffball. Fungi.

     Hartlaub, Sen., proved in 1828 the spores of this fungus, following the example of Hahnemann, with Lycopodium. He published it in 1831 as an antipsoric ; 640 symptoms. It belongs to the most important remedies for the treatment of chronic diseases. agidi’s case of urticaria, Knerr’s translation of which was published in the May number of the North Amer. Journal, 1880, is a model cure, and the symptoms are decidedly corroborative, particularly those of the mind. The symptoms are included in our collection.


Absence of mind and difficulty in fixing his attention. θ Urticaria.
Misapplies words in speaking or writing.
Awkwardness, which makes him drop things from his hands. θ Urticaria.
Slowness of understanding and comprehension ; does not hear well.
Vacant, thoughtless staring.
θ Urticaria.
Sad, depressed and desponding when alone.
Doleful ; restless ; distressed.
Sensitiveness ; great irritability ; takes everything amiss. θ Urticaria.
Moroseness ; ill humor ; aversion to all things. θ Urticaria.
Quarrelsome and contentious. θ Urticaria.
Weak memory.


Absence of mind, abstraction.
Mental dulness.
Stupefying giddiness, with vanishing of senses.
Stares vacantly into space.
Vertigo early in morning, falls over to one side, loses his senses for awhile.
Sudden attacks of vertigo and feeling of stupidity in head while standing ; she loses consciousness for a moment ; preceding and following a headache in morning.


Great sensitiveness.
Sensation as if head was much enlarged ; headache, deep in.
Head seems bruised inside.
Beating in head as if there was an abscess there, attended with a sensation of wild confusion ; beating is excited by cold air, particularly early in morning, or only in r. side.
Stupefying pain, particularly in forehead and vertex.
Pressing pains in head.
Pressure from side to side.
Headache : right side in morning, left in evening ; at night ; at 3 A. M. ; < on raising head, with increased secretion of urine ; < from sitting up ; < from pressure.
Pains in head pressing inward ; pains from side to side pressing outward.
Dull headache with weariness.
Distensive pain in head.
Pain in occiput, as if a wedge would be pressed in.
Lacerating pain in sinciput and forehead.
On awaking, head aches, as from too much sleep.


Sensation as if head was enlarging.
Scalp tender to touch.
Sore spots on head.
Beating in a small spot on left side ; itching in hairy scalp, particularly on getting warm in bed, obliging one to scratch until parts bleed, but not > by scratching, particularly early in morning.
Itching over whole scalp, extending to neck, especially if he became warm, so that he was obliged to scratch forehead, which was not relieved by scratching.
Pimples or reddish vesicles on hairy scalp with itching ; painful blister on temple ; itching, suppurating blister on forehead ; objects seem too near eye.
Falling off of hair.


Blindness of right eye from paralysis of optic nerve.
Objects appear too near.
Perpendicular half-sight.
Pressure in orbits, in bones.
Staring at one point.
Eyes dim, without lustre.
Inflammation of eyelids, with nightly agglutination. θ Urticaria.


Hearing indistinct, misunderstands much that is spoken.
Itching in ears relieved by boring with finger in ear.
Discharge of fetid pus from ears.
Boil in right ear, with pain when swallowing.
Thick oozing scurfs on ears.


Every time nose is blown, drops of blood issue from it.
A few drops of blood from nose every time on sneezing.
Bleeding of nose in morning.
Nosebleed during morning sleep, with vertigo.
Watery coryza, with dizziness.
Stoppage of nose with fluent coryza.
Nose stopped up, cannot breathe.
Soreness and redness of septum narium ; scurfs and crusts about nostrils ; scurfy pustules under nose.


The face is very pale in morning on rising.
Marked alternation of color of face, now very red then pale.
Cheeks hot, feel as if they would burst.
Convulsive motions of facial muscles. θ Before asthma.
Pale swelling of cheek after toothache.
Eruption on face and cheeks.


Pale swelling of upper lip. θ After toothache.
Stitching like from a needle or splinter in lips.
Chapped or blistered lips.
Corners of mouth sore, broken out.
Lips cracked, in some places crusty. θ Urticaria.


Tearing in lower jaw anterior to ears ; glands under jaw swollen and throbbing.
Violent drawing-aching in carious teeth ; > in air and in warmth ; < in evening.
After toothache, pale, swollen cheeks.
Violent drawing pain in hollow back teeth of lower jaw for two evenings in succession in bed.
Scorbutic gums ; bleed easily. θ Urticaria.


Taste : putrid ; bitter.
Stammering, stuttering speech.
Cutting pain in tongue, like with a knife. θ Before asthma.
Sores or ulcers on edge of tongue.


Sensation, as if inner mouth was numb (pithy) and crisp early in morning on waking, sometimes with dryness of mouth and bitter, slimy taste.
Putrid smell from mouth.
Increased flow of saliva.
Great dryness of mouth, as if sand was in it ; burning in tip of tongue and numbness of posterior portion early in morning on waking ; deep ulcers in right border of tongue, painful like a sore ; stuttering, especially when reading, with inability to pronounce several words rapidly.


Burning in throat.
Sore throat, with scratching and burning in oesophagus.
Great dryness in throat ; when awaking in morning, tongue feels almost like wood.
Stitching in throat. θ Before asthma.


No appetite for breakfast, relish for other meals.
Little appetite. θ Urticaria.
Hunger, even after meals.
Longing for cold drink.
No appetite for cooked food, desire for bread only.
Loss of thirst.
Desire : for brandy ; for wine ; for milk.
Worse from : spirituous liquors, wine, cold food.
Better from hot victuals.


Better after breakfast. θ Diarrhoea.
Hiccough before and after eating.
While eating : stitches through chest ; tired ; sleepy ; crawls or flushes.
After eating : stitches in chest ; tired ; sleepy ; colic ; amelioration of gagging ; cutting in belly.


Hiccoughing before and after dinner.
Frequent empty eructations.
Nausea, with shivering all forenoon.
Nausea in morning. θ Diarrhoea.
Vomits a watery fluid ; nausea > by eating breakfast.
θ Morning sickness.


Pressure and fulness in pit of stomach ; tension in temples ; mental anguish.
Cold feeling in stomach, as if a lump of ice was lodged there, with pain, mostly mornings.
Intolerance of tight clothing around waist.


Stitches in region of last rib, either side.


Cutting pains around navel.
Griping ; > when at rest.
Stitches in abdomen.
Cutting colic, with coldness, teeth chattering, limbs tremble ; < after stool.
Colic ; with bright red urine ; relieved by eating.
Abdomen : bloated ; puffed up at single spots.
Bloatedness of abdomen ; with softness, flatulency, or rumbling ; with constipation.
Abdomen tender, most in mornings.
Coldness moving about in abdomen.
Distension of abdomen, with rumbling, shifting of flatulence and emission of much flatus. θ Diarrhoea.
Colic, which causes patient to double over ; sometimes voiding red urine (not in Coloc), and relief by eating (not in Coloc.).


Stinking flatus.
Disposition to diarrhoea, frequent attacks, each evacuation being followed by tenesmus. θ Urticaria.
Diarrhoea before and during menses.
Fruitless urging to stool.
Diarrhoea with cutting pains.
Stools first hard and difficult ; last thin, even watery. θ Affections of prostate gland.
Stool at first hard, last part thin, with pain in abdomen.
After stool, tenesmus and burning at anus.
Itching in rectum, as from worms.
Darting from perineum to rectum and genitals.
Itching on tip of os coccygis, has to scratch the parts raw and sore.
Stools : liquid, yellow, fecal.
Morning diarrhoea, with urging pain.
Before stool : urging ; colic. θ Diarrhoea.
During stool : twisting pain in abdomen.
θ Diarrhoea.
After stool : languid ; tenesmus ; burning at anus ; burning and itching in anus, as if worms were crawling.


Frequent desire to urinate, even immediately after urination, with emission of a few drops.
Urine : bright red ; yellow green ; becomes turbid ; bright yellow, with slowly forming cloud ; turbid, like loam water, with violet sediment.
Diabetes mellitus.
Stinging-itching burning in urethra ; orifice inflamed, feels glued up.
Hard node in urethra.


Seminal emissions.
After coition, reeling and confusion in head.
Complaints from sexual excess.


Voluptuous sensation in genitals.
Burning in genitals.
Menses : four days too soon and more profuse than usual ; every two weeks much dark and clotted blood ; too late and scanty ; only at night, or only in morning ; too late and scanty ; only at night, or only in morning ; during intervals occasional show of blood.
Ovarian cyst, tapped twice within a few months.
Every few days a show between the menses.
The menses flow most profusely in morning, but scanty during day and night.
After midnight painful urging towards genitals, with great heaviness in small of back, which was somewhat relieved next day with discharge of menstrual blood.
Diarrhoea frequently before and during menstruation.
Before catamenia : spasm in chest ; painful bearing down in genitals ; diarrhoea.
Before, during and after menses : pain as if bruised, and weary in loins, belly and thighs, impeding going up-stairs.
Leucorrhoea a few days before or a few days after monthly ; while walking like white of eggs ; yellow green, acrid, corrosive, leaving green spots in clothes ; thick, slimy, tough.
Soreness between labia and thighs.


Jaundice of newborn children.


Hoarseness in morning.
Roughness in throat, mornings, with catarrhal speech.
Scratching sensation in larynx, with viscid phlegm.


Shortness of breath from every exertion with hands.
Oppression of chest, desires to loosen clothes.
Spasmodic laughing and crying, with asthma, face dark red.


Evening, loose ; morning, dry.
Dry cough from tickling in throat.
Cough from tickling in chest, mornings, after coming into room from cold air.
Cough with so viscid an expectoration that it can scarcely be discharged.


Stitches in various localities of chest.
Stitches in left side, extending through to back.


Ebullitions, with much thirst.
Palpitation : with tremor of hands ; restlessness ; vertigo ; chilliness ; sick headache ; profuse catamenia.
Visible palpitation, after going up-stairs ; as if heart was working in water ; after overexertion.
Pulse accelerated.


Burning in outer chest.


Stitches in neck.
Stiffness of neck in morning.
Backache, with stiffness after stooping.
Shooting and other pains between shoulders, along borders of scapula ; has to “straighten up” to be relieved.
Intolerable itching at tip of os coccygis ; must scratch until parts become raw and sore.


Sweat in arm pits, smelling like onions.
Tension in shoulder joint, cannot write.
Stitching, boring and tearing pains in upper limbs.
Joints of arms and hands feel disabled and wrenched.
Itching on arms.
Affections of wrist joints.
Sharp stitches in right external malleolus.
Tremor of hands, with palpitation of heart and oppressive anxiety.
Great weariness in hands and feet the whole day.
She has no power in hands, especially in right, and almost allowed lightest objects to fall from weakness.
Hygroma on hand.
Moist tetter on back of hand.
The skin of fingers becomes unusually dented by the instruments with which she was working.
The hands are covered with small, dry, reddish pimples, which gradually disappear after a few days.
Runaround, or whitlow, on fingers.


Sensation of soreness in hip joints.
Limbs “go to sleep,” cannot stand on them.
Stitching pain in knees.
Muscles of calves feel too short ; cramp in morning.
Œdematous swelling of (r.) foot even years after a sprain.
Violent stitching in outer malleolus of right foot, with painfulness of inner.
Cramp in leg.
Eruption on both feet of small, red, rashlike pimples, with an itching burning pain, with which feet are covered, as far as half way up calves, lasting two days ; scratching does not affect them.


Great weakness of joints.
Sensation : as if beaten ; lame, aching ; tearing ; tension, stitches.
Rheumatic paresis and marked muscular atrophy of affected leg. θ Urticaria.


Rest : griping worse.
Sitting up : headache worse.
Must straighten up to relieve pains between scapula.
Colic causes patient to double up.
While stooping : head dull and heavy ; stitches in belly.
After stooping : backache and stiffness ; vertigo worse.
Exertion with hands : shortness of breath.
Walking : leucorrhoea like white of eggs.


Rheumatic lameness.
General languor and enervation, particularly in joints.
Drops things from hands, as from weakness.
Hysteria, with abdominal symptoms.


Great sleepiness early in evening.
Spasmodic gaping before asthma ; morning sweat in bed.
Great drowsiness in afternoon and early in evening.
Night rest disturbed by burning and itching of nettlerash.
Restless sleep, with many anxious, frightful dreams.
On awaking, head aches as from too much sleep ; on rising, face pale.


At 3 A. M. : headache.
From 5 to 6 A. M. : sweat.
Early morning : stools.
Morning : vertigo ; right-sided headache ; itching of scalp <; nosebleed ; face pale ; sensation as if mouth was numb ; tongue feels like wood ; nausea ; cold feeling in stomach ; abdomen tender ; menses most profuse ; hoarseness ; roughness in throat ; dry cough ; stiffness of neck ; cramp in calves ; sweat in bed.
Forenoon ; nausea and shivering.
During day : menses scanty.
Whole day : weariness of hands and feet.
Afternoon : drowsiness ; alternate shuddering and flying heat.
Evening : left-sided headache ; toothache <; cough loose ; great sleepiness ; chilliness ; stools.
At P. M. : chill with thirst.
Night : headache ; menses scanty ; rest disturbed by nettlerash ; agglutination of eyes ; stools.


Cold air : beating in head worse.
Air : toothache better.
Warmth of bed : itching of scalp <; toothache better.
Hot weather : red, scabby eruption appears on thighs and bends of knees, and again with the full moon.
Hot food : symptoms better.
Cold food : symptoms worse.
Coming in room from cold air : cough worse.
Very sensitive to draughts.


Chill predominating, even near a warm stove, morning and evening, and even at night ; generally with thirst.
Chill with the pains.
Shivering in evening, spreading from back ; drawing pains in bowels.
Chills : immediately after going to bed at night, commencing in back ; every evening at 7 P. M. with thirst, followed by drawing pains in abdomen. θ Intermittent.
Alternate shuddering and flying heat, most in afternoon, with burning thirst, more with shuddering.
Heat, with thirst, anxiety, restlessness ; oppression of chest.
Fever heat during sleep.
Sweat every morning, 5-6 A. M., most profuse on chest.
Sweat in axilla smells like onions.
Chilliness whole evening.


Full moon : red, scabby eruption appears on thighs and bends of knees ; also in hot weather.


Right : beating in head ; morning headache ; boil in ear ; deep ulcers on border of tongue ; stitches in external malleolus ; no power in hand ; oedematous swelling of foot.
Left : evening headache ; beating in a small spot in side ; pain in side ; swelling in groin.
Right to left : headaches, right in A. M., left in P. M.


As if head was enlarged ; as if there was an abscess in head ; as if sand was in mouth ; as if a lump of ice was lodged in stomach ; as if a wedge would be pressed in ; as if heart was working in water.
Lacerating : in forehead ; in sinciput.
Cutting : in tongue ; around navel ; in abdomen ; with diarrhoea.
Darting : from perineum to rectum and genitals.
Stitching : in lips ; in throat ; through chest ; in region of last ribs ; in abdomen ; in chest ; in left side through to back ; in neck ; in upper limbs ; in right external malleolus ; in knees ; in outer malleolus ; in limbs.
Stitches : in chest ; in neck.
Shooting : between shoulders.
Boring : in upper limbs.
Tearing : in lower jaw ; in upper limbs ; in limbs.
Beating : in head.
Twisting : in abdomen.
Griping : in abdomen.
Wrenched feeling : in joints of arms and hands.
Bruised feeling : in head ; in loins, belly and thigh.
Beaten feeling : in limbs.
Pressing : in head ; from temple to temple ; in orbits ; in pit of stomach.
Distensive pain : in head.
Wedge pain : in occiput.
Drawing : in lower molars ; in bowels.
Drawing-aching : in carious teeth.
Burning : in tip of tongue ; in throat ; in oesophagus ; at anus ; in outer chest ; nettlerash ; in genitals.
Stinging-itching burning : in urethra.
Soreness : in hip joints ; between labia and thighs ; of nose.
Cramp : in calves ; in leg.
Scratching : in larynx ; in oesophagus.
Roughness : in throat.
Throbbing : in head, as of an abscess ; in submaxillary glands.
Fulness : in pit of stomach.
Heaviness : in arms and hands.
Tension : in temples ; in shoulder joint ; in muscles of calf ; in limbs.
Stiffness : of neck ; of back.
Crawling : in anus.
Tickling : in throat ; in chest.
Numbness : in mouth ; of posterior portion of tongue.
Weariness : in hands and feet.
Coldness : in stomach ; moving about in abdomen.
Itching : over scalp ; in ears ; in rectum ; on tip of os coccygis ; in anus ; on arms ; nettlerash.
Dryness : in throat ; of mouth.


The phlegm from nose, bronchia, vagina, is very tough, tenacious ; also pus from ulcers.
Weakness of all joints.
As if muscles were too short in lower limbs.
Tettery constitution, eruptions moist or dry.


Touch : scalp tender.
Scratching : does not relieve itching of scalp ; causes soreness of os coccygis ; itching continues.
Pressure : headache worse.
Boring in the ear with finger : itching better.
Raising head : headache worse.
Exertions with hands : shortness of breath.
Overexertion : palpitation.
Unusually deep impression on finger from using blunt instruments (as scissors or knife).
Sensitiveness to touch, pressure with hand is painful.
Cannot bear clothing.
** In bleeding gums after extraction of tooth, apply pieces of fungus to cavity ; two or three applications will cure worst case of hemorrhage ; for any other kind of wound, a piece large enough to cover wound, held firmly on, or bandaged on, will arrest flow of blood ; in epistaxis, hold a good-sized piece of fungus close to nostrils, and direct patient to inhale with all possible force fumes arising from it under pressure of hand.


Urticaria covering nearly whole body ; some blotches nearly two inches in diameter, caused by tar.
Rash, pimples, with burning itching.
Warts and corns, with shooting pains.
Itching on getting warm, continues after scratching.
Red scabby eruption on thighs and bends of knees, appears with hot weather and with full moon.
Moist or dry herpes.
Tetter on back of hand ; after bright red pimples rough, dark red, moist spots.
Urticaria, with rheumatic lameness ; disposition to diarrhoea, each evacuation being followed by tenesmus ; scorbutic gums ; inflammation of eyes and nightly agglutination ; morning sweat in bed, together with ill humor, moroseness, irritability, sensitiveness, great excitability ; takes everything amiss ; aversion to all things ; quarrelsome and contentious ; stares vacantly into space ; awkwardness, which makes him drop things ; absence of mind and difficulty in fixing his attention.
Intolerable itching at tip of os coccygis ; he must scratch till the parts become raw and sore.


Woman, at. 36, married ; after inflammation of bowels, a swelling in left groin ; tapped a pint of fluid from ovarian cyst ; after some time again, five, six pints ; after some time a third tapping was considered necessary, but Bovista [6] cured. θ Unilocular ovarian cyst.
Old maids ; palpitation.
Children : stammering.


Antidote to Bovista : Camphor.
Bovista antidotes bad effects of tar, externally applied.
Useful when Rhus tox. fails in urticaria.
Alumina followed well in rheumatic pains after asthma. Calcarea ostr., Rhus tox. and Sepia follow Bovista with good effect.
Suffocation from carbon vapors.
The smoke from burning Bovista acts more on bees than other smoke. (How would smoke of Rhus tox. act on bees?)
Compare : Calcarea ostr., Rhus tox., Sepia, Phosphor., Pulsat., Staphis., Sulphur, Veratr., Bellad., Bryon., Carb. veg., Caustic., Kali carb., Lycop., Mercur., Natr. mur., Silica, Spigel., Strontian, Valer.
Incompatible : coffee.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.