Symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Angustura from the Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, a ten volumes comprehensive record of confirmed symptoms, published in 1879….

     Galipea Cusparia (U. S. D.). Rutacea.

     A bark from Angustura, South America, said to come from Galipea officinalis (Hancock), or Blonplandia trifoliata (Bonpland and Humboldt), but according to Schomburgk the tree is not known.

     Proved by Hahnemann and introduced on account of the horrible poisoning cases which filled the journals from 1804 to 1815. He published it in 1821, in Part VI. of his Mat. Medorrhinum His own symptoms, 93 in number ; those of his pupils, 209.

     A British wholesale druggist had sent a lot of unsalable bark, coming from the East Indies, to Holland, and from Holland it went all over Germany, under the name of Angustura, a bark which had come into fashion for fever and diarrhoea, until so many were killed by it that the sale of it was forbidden. It was then found that there were two kinds of the bark in trade, the one the vera, the other a falsa.

     Chemistry showed that the one called falsa contained strychnine. In our toxicologies we find eleven cases of poisoning with it. Hahnemann held the erroneous opinion, which he subsequently modified (Mat. Medorrhinum Pura, 2d edit., 1827), that the poisonings were due to the massive doses given the sick, and he did not include the symptoms of Angustura falsa, as did Boenninghausen some time later.

     In the last number of his Archives, 1848, Stapf published valuable observations of Dr. Schreter on a sensitive woman, with the 30th centes., in water ; a tablespoonful daily for sixteen consecutive days. Lembke made a proving in 1872. All are contained in Allen’s Encyclopedia. For symptoms of Angustura falsa, see Nucis vomica cortex (erroneously called Brucea antidysenterica.)


No confidence in use of voluntary muscles ; could not finish what he attempted.
Ill-humored, oversensitive to jokes, slight offenses fill him with bitterness.
The slightest offense, a more trifle, irritates. θ Caries.
Great gloom. θ Threatening paralysis of lower limbs.
Lively in afternoon.
Thinks about one project and nothing else, with great activity of mind.
A kind of waking dream in afternoon.
Kind of absence of mind, wants now this, then that thing.
Anxiety with outward pressing in abdomen, and outward cutting in chest, < in bed, at night.
Easily frightened and starts.


Vertigo : when crossing a running stream ; as if he was turned backward and around ; periodical ; from occiput forward, with pulsating in temples.
Heaviness in head, with dizziness.
When pressing head on pillow, benumbing dizziness.


Pressure in both temples, as if about to faint.
Pressure in forehead with heat in face.
Headache in evening until falling asleep.


Drawing of head to right side, later to left.
Could not turn head.
Tensive pain in temporal muscles, when opening jaws.
Pains in bones of head.


Dimness before eyes from obscuration of cornea, in morning.
Reading makes dizzy, sleepy, and causes quivering between brows.
Dull aching over eyes while riding (improved by Coffea).


Hearing more acute.
Sensation as of something sticking in ear.
Pains now in right, then in left ear.
Burning in region of tympanum.
Heat in ears and both cheeks ; in lobe of ear.
Cramp in external ear.
Behind ears a throbbing as from large artery.
Tearing pain in an abscess over right mastoid process.


Inner nose ulcerated.


Tension in muscles of face.
Drawing in facial muscles.
Crawls over face after stool.
Heat of forehead, during night.
Sweat on forehead, in morning.
Heat in face with headache ; heat in forehead at night.
Cold cheek while body is warm.
Feels heat in both cheeks and ears without external warmth.
The red cheeks turn cold.
Acute pains in both cheeks, occasionally darting through eyeballs and temples, < stooping, stepping, or by mental excitement ; debility, depression of spirits, frequent chilly sensations and occasional attacks of nausea and looseness of bowels.


Exostosis of lower jaw.
Trismus neonatorum in cases where much mercury had been given.
Tensive pain in temporal muscles, when opening jaws.
Pain in masseter muscles as if one had fatigued them by chewing too much.
Cramplike pain near articulation of jaw, in masticator muscles, especially when at rest ; pain > by opening or closing jaws.
Lips dry and warm.


Drawing in upper teeth palliated by a cold finger.


Stitches in tip of tongue, very painful even without moving tongue.
Burning like from pepper near left edge of tongue.
Tongue white, feels rough.
Bitter taste after dinner, from smoking.
Foul or flat taste in mouth.
Dry tongue, at night.


Dry, without thirst.
Tough, foul mucus in mouth during evening sleep ; could not drink enough.
Saliva runs out of mouth.
Spits an acidulated saltish fluid.


Roughness and dryness on palate and in fauces without thirst, < when swallowing.


Aversion to solid food, desires nothing but warm drink.
Thirst without desire to drink.
Irresistible desire to drink coffee. θ Caries.
Aversion to meat, especially pork.
Thirst for cold water, could not drink enough during evening.
Wants now one thing, now another, which are refused when offered.
He cannot get satisfied, without having much appetite.


Crawls and uncomfortable feeling before a meal.
On commencing to eat, a cutting pain in stomach, like a sore, disappears while eating.
Cutting and stitches in belly after taking warm milk.
Nausea while eating.
After dinner : bitter taste and belching ; cutting tearing in pit of stomach ; < when moving trunk.
Heat in face after supper.


Empty or bitter belching.
Hiccough after cough.
Nausea in morning with gulping up of a watery fluid.
Nausea while walking out-doors, with faintness and great weakness ; nausea seemed to rise up into head and he got hungry.
Incomplete eructation with a full feeling in chest.


Painful tension in pit of stomach and abdomen.
A contraction from region of stomach up to right shoulder.
After siesta, hollow and empty feeling in stomach, with rising of tasteless water.
Cutting pains on commencing to eat.
Spasmodic pinching below scrobiculum in evening while sitting.
Gastric derangements, indicated by acidity, coated tongue, pappy, unpleasant taste and loss of appetite.


Sensation as if something was too short in right hypochondrium, contracting pressure.
Cutting under short ribs in right side when moving trunk.
Fleeting dull stitches in left side, shaking him to and fro.
Sensation as if “asleep” in left hypochondrium.


Very loud rumbling ; in abdominal complaints.
Distension of belly. θ Arthritis.
Cutting in abdomen ; with diarrhoea ; after warm milk.
Indescribable pain extending in a line from navel up to scrobiculum and into sternum.
θ After inflammation of bowels.
Dull stitches near navel.
Stitches followed by drawing.
Pressure and cutting from within outward.
Feeling as if diarrhoea would set in.
Throbbing over left groin.
Right side of abdomen and lower limbs as if beaten, and in walking breaking down from rheumatic pains.
Cutting across os pubis, with a pressure towards rectum ; cutting and rumbling after drinking warm milk.
Spasmodic pressure while sitting as if something was boring outward ; periodic throbbing and contracting.
A drawing crampy sensation in pelvis when walking.
Cramplike pain on crest of ilium, towards spine.
Dull stitches at short intervals on left os innominatum, behind hip joint, < with every motion.


Diarrhoea, day and night.
Whitish discharges ; very copious thin stools.
Shivering passing over face, with gooseflesh, after every stool.
Cured whole families of diarrhoea preceded by cutting in abdomen and nausea in morning. θ Summer complaint.
Diarrhoea consisting of nothing but stools of slime.
Insufficient stool.
Offensive flatus.
Chronic diarrhoea, with debility and loss of flesh.
Urging in rectum, with crawls over face.
Pressing, contracting, tickling in rectum and anus.
With hard knotty stool, hemorrhoidal tumors come out with increased contracting pain, lessened by applications of wet cloths.


Frequent scanty urinations.
Urine frequent, copious and clear ; after it urging.
Urine becomes black.
While urinating pimples on vagina burn.


Seminal emissions two nights in succession.
Voluptuous itching of tip of glans, which forces one to rub, when walking in open air.
Violent itching on male organs.
Drawing and jerking in left testicle and cord, with a crawl in scrotum and thigh.
Itching on scrotum.
Stitches on foreskin.


Pressure in right ovary.
Occasional sensation as if uterus was swelling.
Sensation as if uterus was falling over.
Dull motions as if uterus was beating against right ovary, and in right hip.
A kind of emission in morning sleep ; afterwards vexatious.
Burning in all sexual parts.
Periodic throbbing and contraction above mons veneris, with a transient irritation in parts and a contraction seemingly in ligaments.
Uterus came down vagina in morning after rising, with quickly following stitches, > by cold washing.
A milk-like fluid passes from vagina.
Yellow discharge a day before catamenia.
Delayed catamenia.
Several nights before catamenia, very restless ; one leg on which the other was resting fell asleep, and little finger was as if dead, waking her after midnight.
On morning of her catamenia all her former symptoms appeared ; sacrum as if lame, could hardly move or stoop.
Unpleasant tickling in genitals, has to scratch ; after some blood appears it passes over.
Instead of catamenia, itching pustules appear on left outer labium, burning when urinating ; on inner labium some larger pustules, itching when touched.


Voice louder and stronger.
Hoarseness from mucus in trachea.
A slight stitch in epiglottis.
Tickling irritation, first in upper part of larynx, makes him cough, later lower down.


Chest feels very light, as if expiring with more ease.
Difficulty of breathing, with headache.
Intermitting spasmodic breathing.
Heaving, breathing, groaning and closing eyes.
With every inhalation, a sharp cutting pressure.
Oppression when walking fast, followed by backache and uterine symptoms.
Hiccoughing, pressing, cutting or shooting in chest, < with inhalation.


Dry cough, with scraping and rattling of mucus in chest.
Every afternoon, at three, loose cough ; in a very old woman.
Whooping cough.
Cough with belching.
A dry, hacking cough from a scratching in throat or from an irritation in windpipe or behind sternum ; later copious yellow expectoration.


Cramp in chest as if one had suddenly taken a violent cold.
Cutting pressure in both sides of chest, first only during inspiration ; afterwards changed to cutting thrusts, which continue even on holding breath.
Pressure in upper part of chest, like after violent running.
Constriction of lungs.
Contracting pressure on chest, on ribs above hypochondria.
Pressure on chest when lying on belly.
Constriction of chest < by slightest motion, on going upstairs, to a spasmodic asthma, with anxious palpitation.
Chest complaints with headache.
Irritation from behind sternum felt through to back, as if whole right side of chest and belly were pressed together front and back, with a sharp cutting all along sternum, in spine, < from inhalation and moving body.


Violent beating of heart, with oppression after going up-stairs.
Violent palpitation in evening when lying on left side, in bed, > when sitting up.
Violent palpitation when sitting bent over, with a painful sensation as if heart was constricted.
Sudden attack as if heart was swollen, with great fear of dying, better lying on left side. θ Dyspepsia.
A pushing pain like a concussion in region of heart.
Pulse accelerated, spasmodic, irregular at times, intermitting.


Painful spasm in pectoral muscles.
Painful sensitiveness of chest, even to slightest touch.
A spasmodic sensation like when chest is attacked after sudden exposure to extreme cold.
Burning pressure on sternum.
Cutting in sternum, stitches.
Pectoral muscles ache when she moves in bed, and when crossing arms.
Sharp stinging itching on last rib, right side.
Pain in right side of chest when lifting arm.


Drawing in neck.
Sensation of tremulousness and uneasiness in muscles of neck.
Painful stiffness in neck, and between shoulder blades.
Twitching and jerking along back, like electric shocks.
Burning in neck.
Quivering in muscles of neck, left side.
A tension in front of throat, right side, with sharp stitches.
Dull stitches between left acromion and between shoulder blades, near spine.
Right side of spine, a stitch going deep into chest.
Contracting pain under shoulder joint.
Cutting in spine, in vertebra, as if beaten violently all along back.
Stiff pain like drawing between scapula and nape of neck, early in morning when in bed ; when rising she was unable to move her arms on account of pain, nor was she able to turn her neck whole forenoon ; several mornings in succession, lasting till noon, with weakness of whole body.
Pain in cervical vertebra as if dislocated, when lifting arm.
Much pain in spine, at nape of neck and sacrum especially, < on pressure.
Pressure in sacrum all night, wakens her.
Small of back feels lame, cannot stoop.
Dull “guggling” in sacral bone.
As if beaten in small of back, laterally, while sitting.


Pressing cutting in axilla.
Cramplike drawing down arm to fingers.
After great exertion in posing for an artist, in a difficult position with uplifted and stretched arms, a weakness in arms, disabling him for any work ; complained of a stiffness in elbow joints and lamy heaviness of arms.
Cannot lift up arm on account of a tension in muscles, near axilla.
Sensation in bones of upper arm as if beaten ; rending in bone.
Heaviness in arm ; left arm in walking presses on bend of elbow as if drawing down arm ; when stretching arm, lameness, as after holding a heavy load.
Painless, quick throbbing and pricking or quivering in upper part of shoulder.
Stinging in right shoulder joint, with swelling of right side of throat, cannot turn head, followed by transient warmth through right arm.
Stiffness in elbow joint, with weakness of lower arm ; pain in elbow on moving arm ; pain in elbow joint, as after a concussion, < when moving arms and when resting on it.
Cramplike drawing in forearm and hand.
Stitches from hand up to elbow.
Heaviness of hands.
Hands swollen, cannot close them.
Sore pain in first knuckles.
In right wrist, sprained feeling and deep stitches.
In back of hand, rheumatic pressing and dull stitches.
Joint of thumb as if sprained, when bending it.
Pressing in ball of left thumb.
Drawing tearing or numbness in fingers.
Fingers of right hand cold.


Lower Limbs
Sudden heaviness and weakness in lower limbs, cannot walk quickly, limbs feel stiff.
Pressing, tearing, stinging in lower limbs.
Tearing in thigh on bending knee.
Heaviness in feet.
Cramp in feet, < in rest.
Pain on inner side of ankle, when walking, causing limping.
Pressing pain in heels.
Threatening paralysis of legs with trembling of feet. θ Arthritis.
Pain in knees.
Nodes on legs and feet.
Spavin with horses.
Hip joint as if exarticulated, can hardly walk.
Frequently in hip a cramplike pain when moving, as if stiff or dislocated.
Constriction in right hip.
In both hip joints, deep in tendons, a pressing drawing pain when rising from seat.
Boring laming pain along ischiatic nerve on posterior part of thigh.
Exceedingly painful stitches in thigh and crest of ilium, only when sitting.
Muscles of thigh as if lame ; when moving, a painful tension.
Tearing as if in bones, < in rest.
When stretching, a pressing tension in anterior muscles of thigh.


Drawing in limbs, with soreness.
Gets stiff after sitting a while.
Cracking in all joints.


Nausea when walking, as if she would faint ; she has to sit down.
Great difficulty in walking, with threatening paralysis of legs.
Very much disposed to stretch his limbs.
In rest : cramp in muscles of jaw, tearing in arms, pinching in loins, tearing in thighs, cramp in front part of foot ; cramps in feet <; tearing in bones of legs <.
After lying down : cutting stitches in ribs.
Lying on side : painful ; left side falls asleep ; prickling in calves.
Lying in bed : anxiety.
Lying on belly : contractive pressure in chest.
Lying on left chest : palpitation <; swollen sensation of heart >.
Sitting bent over : violent palpitation.
Sitting : vertigo from occiput to forehead ; heaviness in head ; cramp below pit of stomach ; pinching below scrobiculum ; cutting across pubes ; palpitation of heart > ; stitches on breast bone, below and near sacrum ; startling stitches in thighs and hip bone ; pressing on shin ; dull drawing in right foot joint ; burning heat on right ankle ; cramps in sole of foot ; tearing in sole ; stiffness ; falling asleep.
Rising from seat : pain in hip joint.
Stooping : pain in face, temple and ankle <; soreness in forehead ; palpitation ; pressing in left brain ; lameness of small of back.
Stretching : tension in anterior muscles of thigh.
Moving trunk : tearing in pit of stomach ; cutting under short ribs ; pressure over whole side, chest and abdomen.
After rising : prolapsus uteri in morning.
Stepping : makes pain in face, temple and eyeball <; pain in sacrum and lower foot.
Walking fast : contraction in head and chest ; backache ; cramp ; legs feel stiff ; oppression.
While walking : head is drawn to right ; pains in bladder and pelvis ; left arm heavy ; whole side rheumatic, thighs, knee, shin, foot ; itching of glans penis ; nausea, pains in ankle <; chills over back.
Walking over running water : vertigo.
When moving : stitch in back ; hips as if out of joint ; tension in front of right thigh.
Bending thumb : pains in joint.
Motion : changes constriction in chest to spasmodic asthma ; in bed, aching of pectoral muscles, < stitches behind hip joint ; of arm < pain.
Ascending stairs : spasmodic asthma following constriction in chest ; palpitation.
Cannot lift arm : tension in muscles near axilla.
Lifting arm : pain in right side of chest ; pain in cervical vertebra.
Opening jaw : tensive pain in temporal muscles ; pain in masticator muscles >.


Cured tetanus in a horse ; given because animal showed a spasmodic twitching.
Rheumatic and paralytic complaints.
θ Paralysis.
Great irritability and morbid liveliness.
Great loss of power, as if marrow in bones was stiff.
Very much fatigued, most in thighs.
Weariness with stiffness between shoulders.


Attacks of gaping with cramps in jaws, and apprehensive about it.
A backward drawing of head, > after gaping.
Sudden attacks of anxiety at night.
Heat, mostly in face at 3 A. M., disturbing sleep, followed by chilliness.
Falls asleep when reading.
While lying in bed, anxiety as if she never would get awake again.
Restless sleep, wakens often ; many dreams.


At night : sudden attacks of anxiety ; outward cutting in chest, < heat of forehead ; pain between shoulder blades ; sacrum as if beaten ; heat, sweat and thirst.
All night : pressing in sacrum as if broken, awakens her, < at 4 A. M. ; getting up lessens it.
After midnight : numbness of leg and finger awakens her.
Cannot sleep after 3 o’clock, heat prevents it.
In morning : in bed, heat on head ; sweat on forehead ; stiff between shoulders ; crawling in feet ; pressing in foot ; chill ; sweat ; misty before eyes, tension in them ; lids agglutinated, looseness after bellyache ; chilliness without heat.
After rising : uncomfortable ; thirsty ; bellyache ; stiff neck.
When getting up : uterus sinking down in vagina ; unable to move her arms, pain.
Morning : nausea, gulping up watery fluid ; cutting in abdomen.
Forenoon : stiff neck ; backache ; chill over back ; chill.
Afternoon : a kind of waking dream ; lively ; excitement ; burning in eyes ; milky leucorrhoea ; cough ; at 3 o’clock, crawls followed by warmth.
Evening : vertigo ; headache ; heat in head ; pain in eyes ; toothache ; pain in chest ; very sleepy ; hot ; mouth foul, etc., with thirst ; pinching below scrobiculum.
Evening in bed : itching.
Palpitation in evening in bed.
Day and night : diarrhoea.


Cold finger lessens toothache.
Cold applications lessen pain in hemorrhoids.
Cold water : thirst for.
Cold washing relieves stitches in uterus.
Covering neck, it is too warm ; uncovering, too cool.
Warm drink desired.
Heat in evening after entering a room.
In open air : vertigo, headache and heat.
Better in open air : forehead as if beaten inwardly ; muscles of neck as if beaten ; crawls and goose-flesh.
In open air : great serenity ; nausea and fainting ; pain in side of abdomen ; voluptuous itching on point of glans ; rattling in chest ; pain in elbow joint ; stitches in patella, in ligaments of knee ; pressing pain in foot ; great gaping and tiredness ; nausea while walking.
In bed : anxiety <.
Must uncover arms when skin is irritable.
Traveling through swamps in a hot climate : intermittent.


Repeated chilliness over affected part.
Early in morning in bed, chilliness without subsequent heat.
Chill in morning and forenoon, preceded by thirst.
Violent chill every afternoon at 3 o’clock.
Chills over back when walking up and down room.
Coldness, followed by heat same day ; recurring now in evening, then at noon, then in morning, with thirst in beginning of fever and vomiting of bile ; after traveling through swamps in a hot climate. θ Intermittent.
Cold hands and chilliness in back.
Flushes of heat, with sweat and anxiety.
Sweat only in morning ; on forehead.
Crawls up back, with restlessness extending to inner parts, causing trembling, with dry warm lips without thirst, later some heat.


Periodical vertigo ; throbbing and contracting in abdomen.
After every stool : shivering over face, with gooseflesh.
Every afternoon at 3 o’clock : loose cough ; violent chill.
Several mornings in succession : pain between scapula and nape of neck.
Two nights in succession : seminal emissions.
A day before catamenia : yellow discharge.


Right : abscess over mastoid process ; drawing in side of face ; contracted feeling in hypochondrium ; cutting in side ; contraction from region of stomach up to shoulder ; side of abdomen and leg feel as if beaten ; pressure in ovary ; beating of uterus against ovary and hip ; constriction of hip ; side of chest feels pressed together ; sharp stinging in side of chest, in arm ; swelling of throat ; wrist feels sprained ; transient warmth through arm ; fingers cold.
Left : burning on edge of tongue ; flying stitches here and there in side ; as if asleep in hypochondrium ; throbbing over groin ; crampy pain in os innominatum ; drawing and jerking in spermatic cord ; pustules on labium of vulva ; thumb feels sprained ; caries of ankle.
From right to left : head is drawn ; earache.
To right shoulder from stomach : contraction.
Within outward : pressing in abdomen and cutting in chest, with anxiety.
Without inward : crawlings with trembling.
Below upward : crawlings in back.
Nausea rises up in head.
Vertigo from occiput to front.


Weakness of whole body, as if marrow of bones was stiff ; vertigo, as if he was turned backward and around ; as if about to faint ; as if something was sticking in ear ; as if one had fatigued masseter muscles by chewing ; as if something was too short in right hypochondrium ; as if “asleep” in left hypochondrium ; as if diarrhoea would set in ; side of abdomen and lower limbs as if beaten ; as if something was boring outward in abdomen ; as if uterus was swelling ; as if uterus was falling over ; as if all tendons were stretched ; as if uterus was beating against right ovary and in right hip ; little finger as if dead ; sacrum as if lame ; chest light as if expiring with more ease ; cramp in chest as if from sudden violent cold ; as if whole right side of chest and belly was pressed together, front and back ; as if heart was constricted ; as if heart was swollen ; as if beaten violently all along back ; cervical vertebra as if dislocated ; small of back, laterally, as if beaten ; bones of upper arm as if beaten ; joint of thumb as if sprained ; hip joint as if exarticulated ; hip as if stiff or dislocated ; muscles of thigh as if lame ; tearing as if in bones ; as if marrow of bones was stiff ; anxiety as if she would never get awake again ; forehead as if beaten inwardly ; muscles of neck as if beaten.
A kind of motion through whole body, now a prickling now a stinging.
Hollow and empty feeling : in stomach.
A pushing pain like a concussion in region of heart.
Stitches : in tip of tongue ; in belly ; fleeting and dull in left side ; dull near navel ; in abdomen ; dull on left os innominatum ; in foreskin ; in prolapsed uterus ; a single stitch in epiglottis ; below and near sacrum ; in front of throat, right side ; dull near spine between scapula, left side ; in sternum ; a stitch right side of spine, penetrating chest ; from hand to elbow ; in right wrist ; dull in back of hand ; in thigh and crest of ilium.
Cutting : in stomach ; in belly ; in pit of stomach ; under short ribs, right side ; in abdomen ; in os pubis ; in abdomen before stool ; with irritation ; in both sides of chest ; along sternum ; in sternum ; in spine ; in vertebra ; in axilla ; thrusts in chest.
Darting : through eyeballs and temples ; through chest.
Shooting : in chest.
Stinging : in right shoulder joint ; on last rib, right side ; in lower limbs.
Boring : along ischiatic nerve.
Tearing : in abscess over right mastoid ; in pit of stomach ; in fingers ; in lower limbs ; in bones of lower limbs ; in thigh.
Spasmodic pinching : below scrobiculum.
Burning : in region of tympanum ; as from pepper on edge of tongue ; in pimples on vagina ; in female sexual parts ; pressure on sternum ; on neck.
Drawing : in facial muscles ; in upper teeth ; in abdomen ; in pelvis ; and jerking in left testicle and cord ; in neck ; between scapula ; cramplike down arms to fingers ; in limbs, with soreness.
Stiff pain like drawing between scapula and nape of neck.
Contractive pain : under shoulder joint.
Tensive pain : in temporal muscles ; in pit of stomach and abdomen ; in anterior muscles of thigh.
Pressing pains : in heels.
Pressure : in temples ; in forehead ; in right hypochondrium ; and cutting in abdomen from interior outward ; towards rectum ; spasmodic in abdomen ; in rectum ; in anus ; in right ovary ; in chest ; in upper part of chest ; on chest ; in sternum ; in sacrum ; in axilla ; rheumatic in back of hand ; in ball of left thumb ; in lower limbs ; in heels ; and drawing in hip joints.
Constriction : in chest ; of lungs ; in heart ; in right hip.
Contraction : from region of stomach to right shoulder ; in rectum ; above mons veneris ; of chest ; under joint of shoulder.
Contracting pressure : in hypochondrium ; on chest ; on ribs.
Cramplike drawing : down arm to fingers.
Cramp : in external ear ; cramplike pain in masticator muscles ; on crest of ilium towards spine ; in chest ; in hip ; in feet.
Aching : over eyes ; in pectoral muscles.
Pains : in bones of head ; now in right now in left ear ; acute in both cheeks ; in masseter muscles ; running from abdomen to sternum ; in right side of chest when lifting arm ; in spine, cervical portion and sacrum ; in elbow ; sore in knuckles ; in knees ; on inner side of ankle.
Indescribable pain : from navel to scrobiculum into sternum.
Pricking : in top of shoulder.
Throbbing : in temples ; behind ears ; over left groin ; periodic in abdomen ; above mons veneris ; in upper part of shoulder.
Swelling : in uterus ; in heart.
Tension : in muscles of face ; as if something was too short in right hypochondrium ; in front of throat, right side ; in muscles, near axilla ; in thigh.
Painful spasm : in pectoral muscles.
Painful sensitiveness of chest.
Spasmodic sensation : in chest.
Quivering : between brows ; in cervical muscles ; in top of shoulder.
Twitching : and jerking along back, like electric shocks.
Sprained feeling : in right wrist ; in joint of thumb.
Weakness : of lower arm.
Lameness : in sacrum ; in small of back ; of arms after exertion ; in anterior muscles of thigh.
Lightness : in chest.
Heaviness : in head ; in legs ; of arms and hands ; in feet.
Stiffness : painful in neck ; between shoulders and drawing between scapula and in nape ; in elbow joints ; from sitting awhile.
Tremulousness : and uneasiness in cervical muscles ; of feet.
Dryness : of lips ; of tongue ; of mouth ; on palate.
Roughness : on tongue ; on palate.
Numbness : in fingers.
“Gone-to-sleep” feeling : in left hypochondrium ; in leg on which she is resting ; little finger as if dead.
Heat : in ears and cheeks ; of forehead ; in face.
Coldness : of cheek ; of fingers.
Crawls : over face, before a meal ; over face, with urging in rectum ; in scrotum and thigh ; up back.
Tickling : in rectum and anus ; in genitals ; irritation in larynx.
Itching : tip of glans ; on male organs ; on scrotum ; pustules on labia ; on last rib, right side.


Spinal marrow and extensor muscles are principally affected.
Constricting sensation in varices.
Cracking in all joints.
Caries, ulcers very painful ; penetrate to marrow.
Caries and very painful ulcers, which affect bones and pierce them to marrow.
Caries of tubular bones, particularly if patient has longing for coffee and has a very touchy, sensitive mind.
Caries, with crumbling off of pieces of bone.
Rheumatic and paralytic complaints.


Great exertion of arms brought on a lameness.
Traumatic tetanus : the lady ran a pin into her foot ; two weeks after she was taken with tetanic pains, striking from the point injured back to the heel, then up the limb and up her back ; she had also darting spasmodic pains in her neck, and darting shooting pains from the nape of the neck to the jaws, both sides ; jaws stiff, not closed. Angust. [30], every thirty minutes. In an hour the pains abated, and she gradually recovered.
Rubbing : lessens itching on limbs.
Touch : causes itching on inner labia ; chest sensitive.
Pressure of arms crossed causes aching in pectoral muscles.
Pressure : < pain in spine.
Riding causes dull aching over eyes.
Scratching : relieves itching of female genitals after bleeding some.


Skin irritable, burns, has to uncover arms.
Itching, evening in bed, after rubbing painful ulcerations.
Itching of tip of glans penis ; so intense must rub it.
Pruritus, impetigo.
Flat ulcers eating into bones ; appear after friction.


Old woman : loose cough every afternoon at 3 o’clock.
A young girl : caries of left ankle.


Symptoms caused by Angust. : bellyache after warm milk ; relieved by Bryon.
Angust. was curative after Pulsat. helped inflammation of bowels.
Antidote : Coffea, not Camphor.
Belongs to family of Rutacea, which are general antidotes to mercury.
Has been given where Cinchon. failed to cure fever.
Hahnemann noticed the similarity of effect between Angus. vera and falsa, or spuria ; a very surprising observation, but confirmed by facts, even cures of tetanus.
Similar to Bellad. (aggravation in afternoon, 3 P. M. : easily startled, heat in female genitals) ; Bryon. and Rhus tox. (in rheumatism) ; Bryon., Cepa, Chamom. and Coffea (in toothache relieved by cold) ; Bellad., Cicut., Ignat. and Nux vomica (in trismus) ; Mercur., Phosphor., and Silic. (in caries of lower jaw) ; ascul. and Aloes (piles, backache). Antim crud., Ant. tart., Lilium, Natr. mur., Pulsat. and Sepia (in eruptions) ; Hyper. and Ledum (punctured wounds) ; Ranunculus bulb. (in pains in pectoral muscles).

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.