Case of Congestive Headache

Case of Congestive Headache which shows the need for asking additional and at times leading questions to differentiate between two closely similar remedies….

Only a few days ago I had prescribed a patient some powders of Glonoine, for a congestive headache, when just as she reached the door of my office, on her way out, she said “I forgot to tell you, I am so nervous when I walk downstairs. I am in a mortal dread of falling. I feel so dizzy. This symptom lad me to another study of her case. Ferrum 200 had a very gratifying result.

While I readily admit that we should strenuously avoid putting direct questions to patients, still it is sometimes almost impossible not to do so.

Not seldom we find symptoms indicating equally two remedies, some few additional details are then necessary for the differentiation and to obtain these, direct or almost direct questions have to be put.

Bender P
Dr. P. Bender, author of "The Physical Examination of the Patient"