Dewey gives the common homeopathy remedies for the treatment of Diarrhoea in an easy question-answer format. …

When is Aconite indicated in Diarrhoea?

When of inflammatory origin with watery, slimy and bloody stools; occurring in summer from cold drinks or checked perspiration also chipped spinach stools.

Give Diarrhoea of Aloes.

STools of Jelly-like mucus, a weak sphincter ani, with great prostration following; the patient loses confidence in his sphincter and passes stools when the thinks he is passing wind; tools are involuntary. There is a weight and fulness in. the pelvic region. This full feeling drives patient out of bed in morning o stool.

How is this compared with the Diarrhoea of Apocynum can?

Here we have a copious yellow or watery diarrhoea discharged with force, like a cork from bottle; stools escape while passing flatus, and after stool an all gone feeling in abdomen.

What drug has a stool expelled all that once, preceded by cutting about navel, followed by great relief?


Give diarrhoea of Apis.

Thin, watery, yellow diarrhoea worse in the morning, in debilitated children. the bowels move with every motion of the body as if the anus stopped open.

What other drug has the symptom of a sensation as if the anus stood open.

What other drug has the symptom of a sensation as if the anus stood open?

Phosphorus, which has green mucous stools worse in the morning, often undigested and painless. The stools pass as soon as they enter the rectum; contain white particles like rice or tallow.

Give Diarrhoea of Argentum nitricum.

Diarrhoea following great excitement, fright, etc. The stools are slimy and green with much flatulence, worse at night. The bowels move every time the patient drinks; the child appears to have but one one bowel extending from mouth to anus.

What other drugs have Diarrhoea from fright?

Gelsemium, Opium, Veratrum alb. and Pulsatilla.

What drugs have Diarrhoea after eating?

China and Arsenicum.

What is the Diarrhoea of Arnica?

The stools are foul, slimy, bloody and even purulent; there is great urging and straining.

Give in brief the indications for Arsenicum in Diarrhoea.

The stools are yellow, undigested, slimy or bloody; they are scanty and attended with great burning in the rectum, the burning being all out of proportion to the stools. these are the characteristics;

1. The small quantity.

2. The burning.

3. The offensive odor.

4. the great prostration following.

Compare Carbo veg. with Arsenicum.

Also a useful remedy for diarrhoea from chilling of the stomach, but has no restlessness.

How does Secale compare?

The Secale movements are copious and come in spurts, with no restlessness.

Give the stool of Mercurius.

The stools are slimy and bloody and accompanied by great tenesmus, which continues after stool, “a never get done feeling.”

Is Belladonna ever indicated in Diarrhoea?

When it arises from cold and is associated with tenesmus, with slimy and bloody discharges stools may be yellowish green, looking like chalk; summer complaint of children.

What is the stools of Chamomilla?

Hot, yellowish-green diarrhoea like chopped eggs, mixed with bile and causing soreness of the anus, and having sulphuretted- hydrogen odor; worse evenings and from dentition.

What other drug has a hot stool smelling like rotten eggs?


Name some remedies having greenish stools.

Borax, Calcarea phos., Magnes, carb. and Hepar.

Give the Diarrhoea of Hepar.

Greenish, slimy, undigested, white or sour; the whole child smells sour.

Name four prominent remedies for sour stools.

Magnes. carb., Calcarea carb., Hepar and Rheum

What are the symptoms calling for Rheum?

Sour stools, the whole body smells sour; stools are frequent, brown and frothy, attended with staining and crying.

How does Magnesia carb. differ here?

Both have sour, slimy stools. Magnesia is the deep acting remedy.

What is the Diarrhoea of Bryonia?

It is a morning diarrhoea, worse from motion, provoked by indulgence in vegetable foods or stewed fruit or by getting overheated it comes on after getting up and moving about; stools are pasty or dark green; involuntary discharge of this stool while sleeping at night.

What other drug has a morning diarrhoea which is worse after getting up and moving about?

Natrum sulph.

Mention some other drug which have early morning Diarrhoea.

Sulphur, Kali bichromicum, Aloes and Rumex.

What is the Diarrhoea of Sulphur?

The stools are changeable in color and may contain undigested] food. It occurs in. the morning and drives the patient out of bed; there is a great deal of abdominal uneasiness the odor of the stool clings to the patient for a long time, and there is much soreness at the anus.

How does the stool of Podophyllum compare?

It has a morning stools, with a great deal of soreness and fulness in the region of the liver, and it continues throughout the day.

How is Rumex distinguished?

It has a morning Diarrhoea associated with catarrhs.

What is the stool of Kali bich.?

It is a watery, gushing stool, with urging and tenesmus; he has not time to reach the close and stains the bed-clothes.

Mention three prominent drugs having undigested stools.

China, Podophyllum

What is the Diarrhoea of China?

Evacuations are watery and contain undigested food; the stools are debilitating and may be involuntary; worse after eating fruit; stools may be yellow, watery, brown and offensive; worse after eating;l is usually painless.

How is Phosphoric acid differentiated?

The Phosphoric acid diarrhoea does not exhaust; other wise it is similar to China. It is also painless.

Give Diarrhoea of Calcarea acetica.

It is exactly the same as that of Phosphoric acid with the addition of the general symptoms of Calcarea and sourness of stools.

What is the diarrhoea of Oleander?

Thin, undigested stools, the patient passing what he had eaten the day before, undigested. In children; every time they pass wind they soil the diapers.”

Give the Ferrum Diarrhoea.

Painless, undigested stool, apt to occur during a meal. It may occur quite periodically after midnight. Great hunger. Eating brings on diarrhoea

Give the characteristics of Podophyllum in diarrhoea.

A painless morning diarrhoea of watery, yellow stools, which are profuse and pour out like water from a hydrant, preceded by retching and vomiting followed by a sensation of great weakness in the abdomen, and especially in the rectum; the stools are worse after eating and drinking, and there is apt to be a natural stool later in the day.

Is it ever useful in the Diarrhoeas of dentition?

In greenish, watery stools, with grinding of the teeth, rolling of the head, with whining and moaning during sleep, it is an excellent remedy.

What is another indicating feature of Podophyllum in Diarrhoea?

Prolapsus of he rectum during stool.

What drug has profuse, watery, yellowish-green discharges whenever the patient eats or drinks, gushing out like water from hydrant?

Croton tig.

What other drug has a like symptom and what is its characteristic feature.?

Gratiola, and it is caused by excessive drinking of water, especially in summer.

What is the Diarrhoea of Elaterium?

Watery, frothy diarrhoeas with copious, forcible stools, preceded by violent cutting in. the abdomen, chilliness, prostration and colic,; olive green stools, but always gushing

Give four grand characteristics of he stool of Veratrum.

1. Pain in abdomen preceding stool.

2. Cold sweat accompanying.

3. Great prostration following.

4. Profuse, watery discharges.

What is the stool of Jatropha?

Violent, watery stool, preceded by much flatulence, with prostration and collapse. The excessive flatulence is the indicating feature. It is discharged with the stool.

When is Colocynth indicated in Diarrhoea?

Stools are preceded by griping in the abdomen and are provoked by the slightest food or drink. the stools are fluid, copious or papescent and the griping is relieved by bending double.

What is the Diarrhoea of Dioscorea?

Morning diarrhoea with colicky pains in the abdomen, which, however, are apt to fly to other parts of the body.

Mention a few not often used remedies which should be born in mind in cases of diarrhoea.

Oenothera biennis, Gnaphalium, Geranium mac., Paulinia sorbilis, Nuphar luteum, Kali bromatum and Opuntia.

Give the Stool of Iris versicolor.

Copious stools associated with vomiting;l worse at two or three o’clock in. morning; thee is no coldness or collapse; excoriated feeling about anus; stools watery, yellowish-green, mixed with bile.

Give Diarrhoea of Petroleum

Offensive, watery stools, containing undigested food, comes on in morning and lasts all day. Diarrhoea from cabbage or sauer kraut; there is also emaciation.

When in Pulsatilla indicated in diarrhoea?

Greenish stools, yellowish and changeable, occurring often after fright or after taking mixed food the night before; eating ice cream, immediately after a meal.

What is the Diarrhoea of Ipecac?

Green, yellow, liquid stools covered with mucus and blood or fermented and looking like molasses, associates with colic.

What remedy has suddenly appearing diarrhoea from fright or excitement?


What are the characteristics of the diarrhoea of Leptandra?

Black, pitch-like stools, with colic at the umbilicus.

When is Lachesis indicated in Diarrhoea?

Horribly offensive Diarrhoea, preceded by sopor; the offensiveness of the stool indicates it in low forms of disease; constant urging in. the rectum and a sensation as of little hammers there; the sphincter is unduly irritable.

What are the Stools of Nitric acid?

Offensive, greenish, and contain lumps of casein; slimy and associated with tenesmus and soreness about anus. there may be pasty and sour stools, particularly in scrofulous children.

What drug is indicated in Diarrhoea from drinking cocoa or Chocolate?

Lithium carb.

When Nux vomica indicated in Diarrhoeas?

When they occur after a debauch and are worse in the morning; they are papescent, scanty and watery, and accompanied by urging.

What are the symptoms calling for Rhus tox?

A bloody, slimy Diarrhoea, or an involuntary stool of cadaverous odor in typhoid fever.

Give five drugs which have especially offensive stools

Carbo veg., silicea, Psorinum, sulphur and Podophyllum.

What is the Diarrhoea of Ferrum phos.?

Undigested, copious and sudden, may be watery or greenish mucus; Diarrhoea during dentition.

Give indications for Natrum phos. in diarrhoea.

Sour smelling, greenish stools; mucus with painful straining, excoriating parts as they pass.

What is the characteristic of the Stools of Hyoscyamus?

They are involuntary in low delirious conditions.

What is the stool of chelidonium?

It is a bright yellow or clayey diarrhoea.

How does Mercurius differ?

It has the hepatic soreness and tongue taking the imprints of the teeth, but it also has slimy tools, with a great deal of tenesmus-a never-get-done feeling.

What is the Diarrhoea of Calcarea phosphorica?

Diarrhoea in teething, scrofulous and rachitic children; the stools are green, slimy and undigested; it is a noisy, offensive, watery and spluttering diarrhoea;cholera infantum, with a great deal; of offensive flatus.

What is the Diarrhoea of Carbo vegetabilis?

Thin, watery, morning diarrhoea, accompanied by straining and urging to stool, which is due to flatulence;the discharges are offensive and burn the parts.

Give the Diarrhoea of Phosphoric acid.

It is a watery, painless, oftentimes undigested, diarrhoea, preceded by rumbling in the bowels, and despite the frequency of the stool the patient does not seem weakened by it; the keynote are absence of pain and absence of exhaustion.

Give also he Diarrhoea of Euphorbia corolata.

Diarrhoea with vomiting, purging, and cold sweat over the body.

What is the Diarrhoea of Thuja?

Chronic diarrhoea traceable to vaccination, forcibly expelled like water from bunghole; thirst with same gurgling sound on drinking, worse in the morning after breakfast, from coffee and onions, with rapid emaciation and exhaustion.

Give the Diarrhoea of Natrum muriaticum.

It is a diarrhoea which is watery wand accompanied with great weakness of the abdominal muscles, and is sometimes involuntary.

What is the Diarrhoea of Dulcamara?

Yellow, watery diarrhoea in damp weather, or in summer, when the weather suddenly cools mucous, green or changeable stools of sour odor. Diarrhoea from repelled eruptions.

What are the stool symptoms of Colchicum?

Abdomen is distended enormously, with urging to stool and passage of jelly-like mucus; thee are also dysenteric symptoms, with spasms of the sphincter ani.

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