Argentum Metallicum

Argentum Metallicum homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe….


Metallic silver.

Preparation: the pure precipitated metal for trituration (Hahnemann used the leaf silver).


He is all the time in a kind of intoxication; he knows not how to define it.

Increased cheerfulness and disposition to talk the whole day (after three hours), (reaction).

When pleased, excessively merry, but cries a long time about a trifle.



Confusion of the head at 10 A.M. (3D trit)..

Head cloudy, as if benumbed (1st trit)..

Sense of obscuration in the head, as if there were smoke in the brain.

Dulness in the head.

The head feels dull and hollow; his whole brain aches, accompanied by chilliness.

Dizzy stupefaction of the head (1st trit)..

He began to feel a tingling and turning in his head, as if he were tipsy.

He felt suddenly giddy, and as if a mist before his eyes.

Attacks of vertigo; he cannot well control his senses; also, when sitting or reflecting (after half an hour).

Very dizzy on coming in from a walk, with slight shivering through the skin (1st trit)..

Stinging burning pain in the head.

Slight pressure on the head causes a feeling of soreness.

Violent shooting and tearing pain in the head. (Early in the morning, stitching headache, with redness of one eye).

Pressive headache in the forehead, over the eyebrows (after two hours).

Pressing pain in the forehead, with stupor, and drawing pressure in the occiput.

Intermittent boring pain in the left side of the forehead the whole day; the pain increases in the evening, after lying down (after seven hours) A transient pain deep in the right frontal eminence, extending obliquely to the right temporal region (5th dil.), Drawing pains in right frontal eminence (1st trit)..

A transient tearing pain deep in the right frontal eminence, extending toward the right temple (5th dil)..

Drawing pain in the left frontal eminence (3D trit)..

A short painful drawing in the left frontal eminence (6th dil)..

Pressive tearing in the left frontal eminence (after six hours).

Pressive tearing under the left frontal eminence; the globe of the eye feeling, at the same time, compressed.

Pressive pain in the temporal bones, externally.

Pressive tearing pain in the region of the right and left temporal bone, increased by contact.

Spasmodic twitching and subsultus of the right temporal muscle, the occipitofrontalis muscle of the right side, the muscles on the side of the neck near the cricoid cartilage, and towards the nape of the neck; this subsultus repelled the hand, and was accompanied by a quivering pain.

Pinching pressure in the right temple, with sharp rhythmical stitches from without inwards (after five days).

Painful drawing in the left temple (4th dil). A short drawing pain in the left temple (3D trit)..

Painful drawing in the left temple when sitting (3D trit).

Excessive pain in the left temple, both pressive and drawing (after five hours).

Tearing in the left temple.

Tearing, apparently in the left temporal bone and over the left mastoid process.

Pressive pain in the parietal bones, externally.

Drawing throbbing headache deep in the right half of the brain, during rest (2s trit)..

Drawing deep in the right half of the brain, which gradually increased to violent tearings, and extends toward the forehead and occiput; evenings, in bed (4th dil)..

Sensation in the head both of pressure and trembling, over the right ear, extends backward (after four hours).

Drawing pain from the occipital bone as far as the middle of the frontal bone, obliquely across the right temporal bone, externally.

A left-side headache, as if in the brain-substance, at first only slight drawing, but gradually becoming more violent and tearing, and at its culmination was raging as though a nerve were being torn into; this lasted twenty-five to thirty seconds, and ended suddenly at its greatest severity, at 8 P.M., when going across the room (5th dil).

Pressive pain in the left parietal bone, externally.

Cutting stitches, apparently in the skull or on the surface of the brain, close in front of the left ear; forwards.

Painful drawing in the left occipital region, between the protuberance and the mastoid process (2d trit). Slight thrill of shivering over the right side of the scalp.


(The upper and lower eyelids are very red and thick; the eyes, however, do not suppurate).

A single violent vertical stitch through the skin and cartilage of the left upper lid (afternoon), (5th dil)..

Frequent fine stitches, with itching, which provokes scratching, in the left canthi, and the itching also often in the skin of the left ear (6th dil)..

Frequent sticking in the canthi (3D trit). A short but severe sticking in the left internal canthus, as if with a coarse needle, at 3 P.M. (5th dil). Violent itching in the corners of the eyes.


Increased warmth in the concha of the left ear, and itching which provokes scratching (6th dil)..

In the folds of the external ear, a sensation as if a many- footed insect were crawling, without itching (4th dil)..

Violent itching of the external ear; he scratches until the parts bled.

A passive tearing over the left ear, in a small place (after twelve hours).

Repeated violent stitches in the fossa behind the right lobule, penetrating into the head (3D trit)..

A drawing pain from the fossa behind the right lobule as far as the skin of the cheek, extending down to the lower jaw, as if the pain were in the periosteum.

Two successive unusually severe stitches in the fossa behind the lobule or the left ear, from without inward (4th dil)..

Frequent itching in the folds of the concha; it causes scratching, which was always followed by a burning sore pain, afternoons till evenings (6th dil). A corroding itching in the fossa of the right auricle, causes scratching (3D trit)..

A painful drawing in the fossa behind the right lobule, close to the cartilage, extending downward in a crescent form, during rest (2D trit)..

A sensitive drawing in the fossa, just behind the lobule of the left ear, recurring at short intervals (6th dil). (repeated the next day).

Corrosive itching of the lobules of both ears, early in the morning, after rising (after twelve hours).

Itching on the inner surface of the lobule of the left ear, causes scratching (1st trit)..

Sensation in the right ear as if it were stopped up.

Painful drawing within the left ear (3D trit)..

Cutting stitches from the left internal ear as far as the brain.


The nose is obstructed, in the forepart of both nostrils; sensation as of biting in the left nostril.

Fluent coryza; the nose is constantly full of mucus.

Violent fluent coryza, without sneezing (after ten hours).

Excessive fluent coryza, with frequent sneezing, for two days.

When blowing the nose, violent bleeding (immediately after dinner, and again in three hours).

Irritation in the nose, as if a cold would come on (after one hour).

A throbbing in the left nostril (fore part), tension in the external skin of the nose as though the nasal were compressed, with tickling pricking in the left nostril, that occasioned several violent sneezings (4th dil). Tingling and itching in the nose, followed by bleeding.


Sensation of heat, without redness in the face (1st trit)..

Fine drawing pain in the muscles of the face, especially in the region of the cheek-bones.

Perceptible throbbing over the whole of the left cheek, as though the muscles would be raised from the mucous membrane, with a feeling as though the left cheek were larger, with a slight chilly burning in the skin, and redness of both cheeks; lasts six to eight minutes (4th dil)..

Painful, gnawing pressure on the bones of the right side of the face; most severe on the zygoma (after one hour).

Fine, painful stitches in the right malar bone.

Drawing tearing in the right zygoma, Tearing in the left zygoma.

Swelling of the upper lip, close under the nose.

Cutting stitches under the right half of the lower jaw, apparently in the gland, from without inwards.


The lower row of teeth sticks to the upper, as though the enamel were covered with a sticky cement (3D trit). A sensitive aching in the last hollow lower left molars (3d trit). A feeling as though the enamel of the teeth was covered with a sticky cement (2WD trit)..

An incisor tooth being pressed forward was painful (after five hours).

The gums are painful, especially when touched.

A little blister on the tongue, sore and burning.

Feeling of dryness of the tongue, which however, is moist.

Dryness of the tongue, and hard palate (6th dil). Dryness of the middle of the tongue and hard palate (5th dil). A burning on the tip of the tongue, as though he had chewed some aromatic substance, afternoon (3D trit)..

Dryness of the mouth and tongue (quarter of an hour), (4th dil).

Great dryness of the mouth (quarter of an hour), (4th dil).

Dryness in the mouth (1st trit. and 4th dil)..

Dry sensation in the mouth (quarter of an hour), (5th dil).

Sticky, tough saliva on the palate (causes scratching).

The saliva accumulates in his mouth, with a shaking chill.

Much flow of saliva during the afternoon nap, causing spitting; with so much dryness of the mouth that the tongue stuck to the palate (for ten minutes), (4th dil)..

His speech is impeded on account of much viscid saliva accumulating in his mouth.


The region of the submaxillary gland is swollen; this makes the neck stiff, and produces a tension in the parts when moved; deglutition at the same time is difficult, as if there were internal swelling of the throat he is obliged to force every mouthful of food down his throat (after forty-eight hours).

Violent pulsation of the carotids, especially on the left side (4th dil).

Viscid, gray, jelly-like mucus in the throat, which can be easily hawked up; early in the morning.

Slight drawing, hardly sensitive, pains in the left parotid gland (4th dil).

Drawing pain in the right submaxillary and parotid glands (1st trit).

When masticating, sense of cutting towards the parotid gland, as after taking something very acid; it seems to be felt in the Eustachian tube.

Boring and grinding pain in the throat.

Roughness and rawness of the throat, continuing the whole day.

His throat feels raw and sore.

Soreness and rawness in the throat, during expiration and deglutition.

When coughing, raw and sore in the throat, not in the windpipe; nor when swallowing.

Sense as of scraping in the velum pendulum palati, as if a rough body were glued to it; it was not a painful, but a disagreeable sensation, and was more felt during empty deglutition than when swallowing a morsel, but it was felt constantly, and forced him to swallow the saliva; in a few hours this feeling descends deeper into the throat.

When yawning, painful tension in the fauces, as from swelling.

Itching crawling in the pharyngeal orifice of the right Eustachian tube, which extends to the tympanum, followed by the same in the left ear (2WD trit). Feeling of nausea in the throat, followed immediately by heat all over, mostly about the head, with redness of the face, without thirst (after half an hour).


Very great appetite (after forty hours).

Excessive appetite, continues even when the stomach feels full.

Sensation of hunger (4th dil).

Excessive, almost painful sensation of hunger in the stomach, recurring in paroxysms (5th dil)..

Excessive, gnawing hunger the whole day, which cannot be satisfied by eating; afterwards, for several days, this hunger could only be allayed for a short time by eating.

Sensation of hunger, as from great emptiness in the stomach, mornings (4th dil)..

Hunger, morning after waking (1st trit)..

During the afternoon nap, a sensation of hunger, with attacks of nausea (3D trit)..

Sensation of hunger in the stomach (an hour after taking it), with slight nausea (6th dil)..

Sense of hunger, with drawing-in if the stomach, through the day (3D trit)..

Sensation of hunger with nausea, (painless) contraction of the pharynx, and inclination to swallow the saliva (lasts several minutes), (3D trit).

Sensation of hunger, forenoons, with nausea as from emptiness in the stomach, and scraping irritation in the bronchial tubes, causing a dry cough (2D trit)..

Appetite entirely gone; he loathes food when merely thinking of it. Woke at 7.30 A.M., with hunger and great weakness in the shoulders (6th dil).

Indifference to food; he is satiated immediately.

No appetite, early in the morning.

(Great desire for wine).

Sensation like heartburn (after one and a half hours).

Hiccough, when smoking tobacco as usual (after one and a quarter hours).

Almost continual qualmishness and nausea.

Retching, by which a bitter, acrid, badly smelling liquid is brought up from the stomach into the mouth, leaving behind a continual sense of rawness, roughness, and burning in the throat (heartburn), (after eight hours).

Two vomitings in the afternoon, during stool.

Pinching, transversely, across the stomach, and in the left hypochondrium.

When standing or reading, he suddenly felt a burning sensation in the pit of the stomach, a sense as a dull compression of the brain from all sides, and an approaching vertigo, with nausea, and inclination to vomit, in the region of the sternum, as after turning quickly round in a circle; at the same time, a sudden heat in the whole body, but more in the face, and momentary sweat on the chest and in the face.

Pressure at the pit of the stomach.


A transient stitch within the abdomen, between the right hypochondrium and the epigastrium, followed by hunger and loud rumbling in the bowels (3D trit).

Sharp stitches, from within outwards, in the abdominal muscles, near the last true rib; they terminate in a fine pinching, and abate little by rubbing (after sixty hours).

Bruised pain in the flank, over the left hip, and on the whole left side of the pelvis (2WD trit)..

(With uterine weakness).

Distension and fullness in the upper abdomen, with a hungry feeling (5th dil)..

At night, a pressive, painful distension of the abdomen; it passed off without emission of flatulence.

Tympanic distension of the whole right side of the bowels, with bruised pain on hard pressure; slowly disappears after passage of wind (4th dil)..

Rumbling and fermenting in the bowels, as though fluid were poured from one intestine into another (4th dil)..

Rumbling in the abdomen during the night, and emission of flatulence.

Loud rumbling in the left side of the abdomen, like the croaking of frogs (after three-quarters of an hour).

In the morning, sense of burning, like heartburn, in the abdomen, stomach, and as far as the chest.

Contractive pain in the belly, after the morning stool; it seems owing to a cold, when sitting.

Contraction and tension of the abdominal muscles, when walking, so that he has to walk stooping.

Bellyache, as in diarrhoea.

Cutting, internally, transversely across the abdomen A painful drawing, frequently through the day, on the posterior portion of the pelvis, left side, externally during rest (4th dil).

Pain, as if sprained, on the posterior surface of the outer rim, left side of the pelvis (at the gluteus maximus), renewed at every step, afternoons, after a long walk (second day), (4th dil)..

Drawing stinging pain in the right side of the pelvis, toward the back part, during rest (2D trit). Boring pain on the right side of the hypogastrium, just over the groin (after thirty-four hour).

After beginning to eat, an excessive pressure extending from the hypogastrium downwards, towards the pubis region; worse during an inspiration, and alleviated by rising from one’s seat.

Painful urging in the hypogastrium, during a soft evacuation.

A momentary, violent stitch from before backward, in the hypogastrium (4th dil)..

Cutting stitches on both sides, in the region of the abdominal ring (after three and a half hours).

A painful, though transient in the left iliac region, along the course of the psoas muscle, noticed when walking, and at rest (6th dil)..

A drawing tensive pain, in the right inguinal region, along the psoas muscle, disappeared in rest (5th dil)..

Sensation in the bend of the left groin as if the tendon of the psoas muscle were strained; on pressure, it feels painful, as if bruised.

Tension and drawing in the groin, below the abdominal ring, extending to the left thigh.

Stool and Anus.

A sensation in the rectum as though a living worm were boring through the anus, and by its windings rubbed around the rectum; lasted ten minutes; returned while sitting and standing after a meal (4th dil).

Frequent and always successful desire for stool in the lower part of the rectum, with expulsion of a small quantity of soft stool, continuing for several days (after two and a half hours).

Sensation as though a small worm forced its way through the sphincter ani (3D trit).. A feeling as if many small, living thread worms hung out of the anus, which on stooping caused an itching, but no need to scratch (4th dil)..

Feeling in the anus as though small, longish bubbles if air were escaping.

A severe itching in the anus and along the fossa between the nates, causing scratching, at 8 P. m., walking; lasts five minutes (4th dil)..

Stool after dinner very dry, and like sand, but passed without trouble (after eight hours).

A brownish-yellow, pasty, almost diarrhoeic evacuation, with ineffectual pressure at the end of the stool (2D trit).

Pasty stool (one-quarter of an hour), (4th dil)..

Three pasty stools during the day, the last one almost diarrhoeic, preceded by pinching and urging (4th dil)..

Straining in the hypogastrium during a rather soft evacuation, and even afterwards (after seventy-two hours).

More force than usual required to evacuate the bowels (6th dil)..

It occasioned effort to finish a stool or passage of urine, so that the back part of the pelvis, especially the left side, sometimes pained as if sprained (5th dil)..

Stool hard, insufficient, with straining (3D trit).

Urinary Organs.

Slight burning when urinating, as though the urine were acrid (though it was normal), (3D trit)..

A transient stitch in the urethra from behind forwards (4th dil)..

Frequent desire to urinate, and copious emission of urine, for several hours (after two hours).

Frequent micturition (after six hours).

Sexual Organs.

A painful, transient drawing through the right inguinal ring down to the testicles, at 4 P.M. during rest, with a pasty stool (4th dil)..

Repeated tearing pains along the course of the spermatic cord, extending into the testicles, during rest at 4 P.M. after a short walk (2D trit)..

Crushed pain in the testicles, evening in bed (2D trit)..

Crushed pain in the right testicle, even the pressure of the clothes increases the pain on walking (2D trit)..

A repeated, grabbing pain deep in the substance of the right testicle, when at rest, with a certain fear and anxiety (3D trit)..

Pain in the left testicle, as after a contusion (after forty-nine hours).

Sexual desire somewhat diminished (6th dil)..

Emission of semen almost every night.

Emission at night (3D trit)..

Pollutions at night, without lewd dreams.

An incomplete emission during sleep (4th dil)..(Secale S.).

Respiratory Apparatus.

Laughing produces mucus in larynx, and excites cough.

When going upstairs, or stooping, mucus gets into the air- passages, which is expelled by a single fit of coughing.

On quietly inspiring, two tones (as from a bassoon, a low and a high) sounded at the same time from low down in the throat (just before going to sleep evening), (4th dil)..

When eating fruit, it seemed to him repeatedly as if a little piece stuck in the larynx; it feels as if in the upper part and in front something lay in a little spot almost as if chilling, and somewhat pressing, which sensation constantly irritates him to cough, without being removed by doing so (1st trit)..

In the throat (larynx), a remarkable shattering kind of a crack or crash, with almost a metallic reverberation (like that heard from the ice breaking up in the spring), (3D trit)..

Rawness and soreness in the upper part of the larynx, when coughing, not when swallowing.

A dull cutting, which becomes a stitch, in the air- passages, from below upwards, occasioning two or three fits of cough; it continues even after the cough; the cough produces a kind of watery expectoration, which, however, does not relieve the irritation to cough (after twenty-four hours).

It seems like a raw spot in the windpipe, in the region of the suprasternal fossa; worse when speaking, talking, or singing.

Pain in the cricoid cartilage, caused by a draught of air, with a feeling of a stopper in the throat, and on pressing on it a bruised pain.

Cough from laughing.

(Cough in the morning).

Irritating, hacking cough, without expectoration; early in the morning after rising (after forty-eight hours).

Several attacks of a short, rattling cough by day, not in the night, nor in the open air, with white, thickish, easy expectoration, looking like boiled starch, but not transparent, without taste or smell.


Mucus in the chest, and cough, with expectoration (after twenty-six hours).

Spasmodic aching and tension in some of the ribs.

Drawing, stinging pain, as in an ulcer, in the lowest rib near the spine (2D trit)..

Violent cutting in both sides, in the region of the lowest ribs, from within outwards; the pain is severe only during a deep inspiration; when moving the trunk without taking an inspiration, he feels no aggravation of the pain, but feels it as soon as he inspires (after ten hours).

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.