Alcoholis, 3ij; 60

Liquor potassae 3j; 4 M

Aquae q.s.ad 3viij; 240

R Menthol gr.x; 6

Phenol., gr.xx; 1 2 M

Adipis benzoat, 3j; 30

For internal use, the following are often indicated: Apis, Arsenicum, Rhus toe., Antipyrin, Ledum, Nat. mur., Copaiva, and Urtica urens. See also Aconite, Antim crud., Bovista, Bryonia, Calcarea carb., Chinin. sulph., Chloral, Cocca, Cocculus indicus ind., Colchicum, Dulcamara, Hepar., Hypericum, Kreos, Lachesis, Nat. phos., Opium, Rumex, Sul., and Terebinth.

Frederick Dearborn
Dr Frederick Myers DEARBORN (1876-1960)
American homeopath, he directed several hospitals in New York.
Professor of dermatology.
Served as Lieut. Colonel during the 1st World War.
See his book online: American homeopathy in the world war