Matthiola Graeca

Matthiola Graeca signs and symptoms of the homeopathy medicine from the Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by J.H. Clarke. Find out for which conditions and symptoms Matthiola Graeca is used…

      Matthiola Graera. Stock Gilliflower. *N. O. Cruciferae. Tincture of fresh plant.


Abscesses. Cancer.


Cooper has studied this remedy, with which he has cured abscesses in hollow viscera and one case of cancer of stomach, abscesses in glands of neck discharging twenty-five years. He considers a leading indication for it “concentrated juices,” which should be compared with the action of its relative Crucifer, *Thlaspi bursa pastoris, which has cured obstruction of bile duct from inspissated bile. Cooper relates a case which seems to indicate that Morphia causes neuralgia and that *Matt. antidotes Morphia. A man had neuralgia of *right arm from working in a damp house. *Morphia was given. Then neuralgia of the *left arm came on with numbness and paralysis. *Lobel. *acet. gave some relief. One dose of *Matt. g. O completely cured. When the man came under Cooper’s care he was spending ten shillings a week on Morphia.


*Compare: Cheir. ch., Thlasp. b. p., and Cruciferae generally.

John Henry Clarke
John Henry Clarke MD (1853 – November 24, 1931 was a prominent English classical homeopath. Dr. Clarke was a busy practitioner. As a physician he not only had his own clinic in Piccadilly, London, but he also was a consultant at the London Homeopathic Hospital and researched into new remedies — nosodes. For many years, he was the editor of The Homeopathic World. He wrote many books, his best known were Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica and Repertory of Materia Medica