LACHESIS signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine LACHESIS …


This has a powerful action upon the cerebro-spinal system, especially centering upon the pneumogastric nerve; has a special affinity for the outlets of the body, throat and rectum, also affects the genito-urinary organs, and intestinal tract.


Very unhappy and distressed after sleeping.

Very distressed aggravation after sleeping, as if the child was dying, (in croup.)-F.

W Fright from seeing snakes.

Thinks she is dead (in typhoid,) and that preparations are made for the funeral, or that she is nearly dead, and wishes some one would help her off.-J.B.BELL.

Eyes feel as though they had been taken out and squeezed and then put back; worse after sleep.N.MARTIN.

Digestive Organs.-Throat greatly swollen internally and externally; discharge from the nose and of mouth of an intensely fetid and excoriating fluid; fauces covered with diphtheritic membrane; pulse quick and small; extremities mottled and livid, swallowing almost impossible.-E.M.HALE.

Pain on swallowing going up into the ear, the course of the pain is along the parotid gland externally.

Deglutition painful, with regurgitation through the nose.

Diseases of the throat that commence on the left side.

Cannot put out the tongue but with difficulty; trying it, the tongue trembles.

The throat is so sensitive she cannot bear the least touch of the finger.

Organic lesions of the stomach or bowels, with vomiting of bilious matter.

Diarrhoea in warm weather, aggravated by acid fruits, worse at night and after sleep.

Excessive offensive stools, the child always awakes in distress.

Hemorrhage from the bowels in typhoid fever. Flakes of decomposed blood, having the appearance and form of perfectly charred wheat straw, in longer or shorter flat pieces, with portions more or less ground up, I regard as a never failing key- note, given high.

Sensation in the anus and rectum as if several little hammers were beating there.-Dr. EGGERT.-R.G. PERKINS, M.D.

A tormenting constant urging in the rectum, without a stool; wanting to pass a stool, but the constant pain is increased by urging, and the patient is obliged to desist.-DR. BOYCE.

Dark almost black urine.-RAUE.

Frothy urine.

Feeling of a ball rolling in the bladder, or abdomen, or both.-RAUE.

Generative Organs of Women.-Especially suited to women at the climacteric period, with frequent uterine hemorrhage, and hot flushes accompanied with burning vertex-headaches and pains in the back.

There is no doubt, but this remedy in the 30th and 200th attenuation, is the best remedy in the Materia Medica for the climacteric period, when there are frequent hot flushes, the predominant symptom, with hemorrhages, &c., &c.

She cannot bear any pressure, not even the clothes, upon the uterine region; she wishes frequently to lift them, not that the abdomen is so very tender, but that the clothes cause an uneasiness.

Left ovary swollen, with tensive pressing, stitching pains; inability to lie on the right side, on account of a sensation as if something were rolling over to that side.

Pain in the left ovarian region, increasing more and more until relieved by a discharge of blood.

Pains in the uterine region, increase at times more and more, till relieved by a flow of blood from the vagina; after a few hours or days, the same again, and so on.

Catamenia at the regular time, but too short and feeble.

Is of great service in the fainting tendency of nervous women. In vesicular rashes, in pemphigus and eczema of the hands; but most of all in the flushes that occur at the critical age, with head symptoms of insomnia.-BAYES.

Respiratory Organs.-When anything touches the larynx, the latter is not only sensitive, but it is as though it would suffocate him; it also increased the throatache behind.-SMITH.

Larynx and throat painful when touched, and on bending the head backwards.

During the heat as if from ebullition of the blood, he is compelled to loosen his neck covering; it seems to impede the circulation of the blood, with a feeling of suffocation.-SMITH.

Pressure upon the larynx causes cough.

On touching the throat there comes a dry, hacking cough; also in the morning, after sleep, at night, and from tobacco smoke.-SMITH.

Spasmodic cough, worse in the evening and at night, with tickling in the throat.

William Burt
William H. Burt, MD
Characteristic materia medica Published 1873
Physiological materia medica, containing all that is known of the physiological action of our remedies; together with their characteristic indications and pharmacology. Published 1881