Ears chapter from Dr. Oscar Eugene Boericke’s clinical homeopathic repertory, based on the Materia Medica by William Boericke, published in 1927….

Auditory nerveAuricleCerumenDeafnessEustachian tubesExternal auditory canal
HypersensitiveLabyrinthMastoid processMembrana tympaniOssiclesTympanum
PainTinnitus aurium



Torpor — Chenop.

AURICLE (external ear)


Burning, as if frost-bitten — Agaricus, Causticum, Sanguinaria

EruptionsAnt c., Baryta c., Calcarea c., Calcarea s., Graphites, Lycopodium, Mez., Petrol., Rhus t., Tellur.

Acne — Calcarea s.
Eczema aroundArsenicum, Arundo, Bovista, Chrysarob., Clem., Croton tiglium, Graphites, Hepar, Kali muriaticum, Mez., Oleand., Petrol., Psorinum, Rhus t., Sanicula, Scrophul., Tellur.
ErysipelasApis, Belladonna, Rhus t., Rhus v.
Fissures — Calcarea c., Graphites
Frostbites — Agaricus, Apis., Belladonna, Rhus t.
Intertrigo — Petrol.
Herpes — Cistus, Graphites, Psorinum, Rhus t., Sepia, Tellur.
Moist, oozing — Antim crud., Calcarea c., Graphites, Hepar, Mez., Petrol., Psorinum, Sanicula
Pustules — Arsenicum, Hepar, Psorinum
Scabs, scurfs — Chrysar., Hepar, Psorinum

Glands, swollen, painful, aroundBaryta c., Belladonna, Calcarea c., Caps., Graphites, Iodium, Mercurius

ItchingAgaricus, Arsenicum, Hepar, Nat. p., Sul iod., Tuberculinum



Eruption on — Barayta carbonica
Ulceration of ring hole — Stann.

Numbness — Magnesia carb., Platina, Verbasc.

Pain, tearing, with tophi — Berv. v.



Raw, sore — Graphites, Petrol., Sul.
SwollenAconite, Agaricus, Anacardium, Apis., Belladonna, Cinchona, Graphites, Hepar, Kali bich., Medusa, Mercurius, Pulsatilla, Rhus t., Scrophul., Sul.

Sensitive to touch — Arnica, Belladonna, Bryonia, Caps., Cinchona, Ferrum p., Hepar, Psorinum, Sanicula, Sepia

CERUMEN — Carbo vegetabilis, Causticum, Conium, Elaps, Graphites, Lachesis, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Spongia

DEAFNESS, hardness of hearing — Agaricus, Agraph., Ambra., Am c., Arnica, Arsenicum iod., Baryta c., Baryta mur., Belladonna, Calcarea c., Calcarea fl., Calend, Carbo animalis, Carbon. s., Causticum, Cheiranth., Chenop., China s., Cinchona, Conium, Digitalis, Dulcamara, Elaps, Ferrum p., Ferrum picr., Graphites, Hepar, Hydrastis, Hydrobr. ac., Iodium, Kali ars., Kali carb., Kali muriaticum, Lobelia infl., Lycopodium, Mang. ac., Mercurius d., Mercurius s., Mez., Natrum carb., Nat. sal., Acid nitricum, Petrol., Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Psor, Puls, Rham c., Acidum salicylicum, Sanguinaria n., Sepia, Silicea, Tellur., Thiosin., Verbasc., Viola od.



Mercury, abuse of — Hepar, Acid nitricum
Adenoids and hypertrophied tonsilsAgraph., Aurum, Barayta carbonica, Calcarea p., Mercurius, Acid nitricum, Staphysagria
Alternate with sensibility of ear — Silicea
Apoplexy — Arnica, Belladonna, Causticum, Hyoscyamus, Rhus
Bone conduction, deficient, or absent — Chenop.
Catarrh (eustachian, middle ear) — Arsenicum iod., Asar, Calcareas, Causticum, Gelsemium, Graph, Hepar, Hydrastis, Iodium, Kali bich., Kali muriaticum, Kali sulph., Mang. ac., Menthol, Mercurius d., Mercurius s., Petrol., Pulsatilla, Rosa d., Sanguinaria, Sepia, Silicea, Thiosin.
Cerebral — Chenop., Acid Muriaticum
Cold exposure — Aconite, Kali muriaticum, Visc. a.
Concussion — Arnica, China s.
Damp weather — Mang. ac.
Discharge suppressed or eczema — Lobelia infl.
Eruption of scalp, suppressed — Mez.
Human voice, difficult to hear — Calcarea c., Chenop., Ignatia, Phosphorus, Silicea, Sul.
Infectious diseases — Arnica, Baptisia, Gelsemium, Hepar, Lycopodium, Petrol., Phosphorus, Pulsatilla
Nervous exhaustion, and nervous originAmbra., Anacardium, Aurum, Belladonna, Causticum, China s., Cinchona, Gelsemium, Ignatia, Lachesis, Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Platina, Tabacum, Val.
Nutritional disturbance, in growing children — Calcarea c., Mercurius i. r.
Old age — Kali muriaticum, Mercurius d., Phosphorus
Rheumatico-gouty diathesisFerrum picr., Hamamelis, Kali iod., Ledum, Silicea, Sul., Visc. a.
Sclerotic condition of conducting media — Ferrum picr., Thiosin.
Scrofulous diathesisAethiops, Calcarea c., Mercurius, Mez., Silicea, Sul.
Sounds, low toned — Chenop.
Syphilis — Kreosotum
Working in water — Calcarea c.



Before menses — Ferrum picr., Kreosotum



Noise, riding in cars, from — Calendula, Graphites, Acid nitricum



Catarrh or closure — Alfal., Alumina, Baryta m., Calcareas, Caps., Causticum, Ferrum iod., Ferrum p., Gelsemium, Graphites, Hepar, Hydrastis, Iodium, Kali bich., Kali chlor., Kali muriaticum, Lachesis, Lobelia cer., Menthol, Mercurius d., Mercurius, Acid nitricum, Penthor., Petrol., Phytolacca, Pulsatilla, Rosa d., Sanguinaria n., Silicea, Visc. a.

Inflamed, subacute, great pain — Belladonna, Caps.

Tickling inducing swallowing, cough — Gelsemium, Nux v., Silicea



Boils, pimples — Belladonna, Calcarea picr., Hepar, Mercurius s., Picr. ac., Silicea, Sul.

Burning — Arsenicum, Arundo, Caps., Sanguinaria, Strych.

Digging and scratching Into — Cina, Psorinum

Dryness — Calcarea picr., Carbo vegetabilis, Ferrum picr., Graphites, Nux v., Petrol., Verbasc.

Exostoses — Calcarea fl., Hekla, Kali iod.

Feels, as if distended by air — Mez., Pulsatilla

FissuresGraphites, Petrol.

Inflammation and painAconite, Apis, Arsenicum iod., Belladonna, Borax, Brachygl., Calcarea picr., Chamomilla, Ferrum p., Hepar, Kali bich., Kali muriaticum, Mercurius s., Acid nitricum, Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Rhus t., Tellur.

ItchingAlumina, Anacardium, Calcarea c., Causticum, Elaps, Hepar, Kali bich., Kali carb., Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Sabad., Sepia, Silicea, Sul., Tellur., Viola od.

Polypoid excrescences, granulations — Alumina, Calcarea c., Calcarea iod., Calcarea p., Formica, Kali bich., Kali iod., Kali muriaticum, Mercurius s., Acid nitricum, Phosphorus, Sanguinaria, Silicea, Staphysagria, Teucrium, Thuja.

Scales, epithelial, exfoliated, with scurfy accumulation — Calcarea picr.

Sensation as if


Drop of water in left ear — Aconite
Heat emanated fromAethusa, Causticum
Obstructed — Aethusa, Anacardium, Asarum europaeum, Carbon. s., Chamomilla, Crot., Gloninum, Mercurius, Acid nitricum, Pulsatilla, Verbasc.
Open too much — Mez.

Sensitive to air, touch — Arsenicum, Belladonna, Borax, Caps., Chamomilla, Ferrum p., Hepar, Mercurius, Mez., Nux v., Petrol., Tellur.



To noises, sounds, voices — Aconite, Anhal., Asarum europaeum, Aurum, Belladonna, Borax, Chenop., Cim., Cinchona, Coffea, Ferrum p., Ignatia, Iodium, Lachesis, Magnesia muriatica, Natrum carb., Acid nitricum, Nux moschata, Nux v., Opium, Petrol., Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Plant., Pulsatilla, Sanguinaria, Sepia, Silicea, Spigelia, Terebintha, Theridion



Bloody, serous effusion, in — Chenop.

Inflamed (otitis interna) — Aurum, Kali iod., Mercurius i. r.



CariesAurum, Caps., Acidum fluoricum, Acid nitricum, Silicea

Inflammation (mastoiditis)Am. picr., Asafoetida, Aurum, Belladonna, Benz. ac., Cantharis, Caps., Hepar, Kali muriaticum, Magnesium phos., Menthol, Onosm., Oniscus., Tellur.



Calcareous deposits — Calcarea fl.

Inflammation (myringitis) (See Otitis.) — Aconite, Atrop., Belladonna, Bryonia, Cinchona, Hepar

Perforated — Aurum, Calcarea c., Caps., Kali bich., Mercurius, Silicea, Tellur., Tuberculinum

Thickened — Arsenicum iod., Mercurius d., Thiosin.

Thin, white, scaly deposit — Graphites

Ulceration — Kali bich.



Caries — Asafoetida, Aurum, Calcarea c., Caps., Acidum fluoricum, Hepar, Iodium, Silicea, Syphilinum

Petrous bone, tender to touchCaps., Onosm.

Sclerosis, also petrous portion of temporal bone — Calcarea fl.

TYMPANUM (middle ear)

Inflammation (otitis)



AcuteAconite, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Ferrum p., Gelsemium, Hepar, Kali muriaticum, Mercurius, Pulsatilla, Rhus t., Silicea
Chronic (See Eustachian Tubes.) — Agaricus, Arsenicum, Baryta m., Calcarea c., Causticum, Cinchona, Graphites, Hydrastis, Iodium, Jabor., Kali bich., Kali iod., Kali muriaticum, Mercurius d., Acid nitricum, Phosphorus, Sanguinaria, Teucrium



Acute (otitis media suppurative, acute)Aconite, Arsenicum, Arsenicum iod., Belladonna, Borax, Bovista, Calcarea s., Caps., Chamomilla, Ferrum p., Gelsemium, Guaiac., Hepar, Kali bich., Kali muriaticum, Mercurius s., Mercurius v., Myrist., Plant., Pulsatilla, Silicea, Thiosin.
ChronicAethiops., Alumina, Arsenicum iod., Aurum, Baryta m., Calcarea c., Calcarea fl., Calcarea iod., Caps., Causticum, Chenop., Elaps., Hepar, Hydrastis, Iodium, Kali bich., Kali iod., Kali muriaticum, Kali phos., Kali sulph., Kino, Lapis alb., Lycopodium, Mercurius s., Mercurius v., Naja, Acid nitricum, Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Silicea, Sul., Tellur., Thuja., Viola od.

DISCHARGE (otorrhoea)


Bloody — Arsenicum, Ferrum p., Hepar, Kali iod., Mercurius s., Mercurius, Psorinum, Rhus t., Shook. ch.

Excoriating, thinAlumina, Arsenicum, Arsenicum iod., Calcarea iod., Calcarea p., Cistus, Iodium, Mercurius, Syphilinum, Tellur.

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