In spite of this the patient could enjoy his meals, sit up in his armchair each day, take an interest in life in general and see his friends. Then came one morning when he did not want his breakfast; looked a bad colour; pulse very intermittent. However, he was able to take a drink of tea and listened to a message sent him, by telephone, from a friend. An hour later he went peacefully to sleep for the last time.


I began with Coffea in the 6th centesimal potency and it held her for some time; then I had to go up to the 12th potency which was all that was needed as although I see her quite frequently, I never hear a word about sleeplessness. Naturally I conclude it has worked well! What a blessing Coffea would be to many people if only they knew more about it.


Could I discover which remedy was indicated ? I was told that the pains came on before the period was due; they were so bad that the girl could not go to work, could neither eat anything nor sleep; she cried with the pain and rolled about the floor in agony. On further questioning I learned that the pains were left-sided and began to get better once the flow was established. My mind flashed back to the case of which I had read of being cured with Lachesis.


AN UNWANTED BABY. On being assure that I was alone she proceeded with “Oh, then do give me some advice.”: By that time I was beginning to wonder what was the matter that required such great secrecy, and replied that I was very willing to help in any way I could if she would tell me what was her trouble.